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Event Report: Clinique Dramatically You Event and Makeup Competition (August 31, 2014)

Hey hooo~

    How are yaa? Im surely lazy and pretty much sick, and i got twice hiccups in one day, what a day. Anyway i manage to get my lazy butt to sit and my 'bakpao' fingers to type! So here's another event report from me. It's Clinique Dramatically You event that i attended last week. :)

     So i knew this event from twitter. They had this makeup challenge on twitter, all i have to do is simply, take a picture before and after using makeup. The theme is "dramatically you", so you have to put on dramatic makeup! Hahaha.

     Because i was curious about the prize and the "real competition", i joined the twitter makeup challenge! Well, makeup look that i post was dramatic eye makeup with soft nude lipstick. Here it goes :)
     Well, like a day after i post this, i got a tweet from Clinique that i got a gift from them and also can join the makeup competition. At first i was like gonna just let it go, because my bf and i wanted to visit his bestfriend at first. But he said that we should just go, claim the prize, and join the makeup competition if i want to (thanks Sunshine for the support). So yeah i ended up going to Plaza Senayan and joined the event.
     When i came, there were like 4 persons who join the competition already. Turned out, it was an open makeup contest, so anyone can join. When i arrived, the PR, Mario, came right at me and asked me to join the makeup competition. Well, so i did.

     So i sat on the high chair with no table. Ugh i hate it, because im quite messy while doing makeup, so table in front of me is actually something so important. But oh well, they asked me to sat there. So this was me before putting any makeup!
     Well it's not really comfy to do makeup without table in front of me, really..did i mention it before?? haha

Cleaning up my dirty face, put on some moisturizer and stuff, syalala~

I used Clinique newest cc cream and also foundation (i forgot which foundie type though)

Dab dab dab dab.. concealer can be tricky.

So i decided to create a cut crease smokey eyes with black, white and silver colors.

Seriously, cut crease is very tricky, mostly since i rarely practice cut crease.

Lippie time! I prefer nude to complete my look, because i need people to pay attention to my mesmerizing eyes hahhaha. Darker lips could draw the attention.

Added some more mascara, because my eyelash is annoying.

Sorry for the face, i just want to show you that finally i used the chair as my table. I prefer to standing and have table. Hahhaa seriously, i really need table, because i prefer something that i need to stay in my reach.

Well, this is Ms. Atika, she's Clinique professional MUA, she helped to fix my complexion!

Done! Yippie, time to put the brush back to the case~~ And yep, i brought my own brushes.

Done babyyyy~

Me and my bf, he took the whole pictures of me doing my makeup.

Thanks sun~

Sooooo, time to choose the winner! There were 12 participant in the end of the contest.

Well, all the participant look awesome with their dramatic look!

Well, the judges said it's quite hard to find the winner. Hahaha, they said our "dramatically you" looks are all great and nice!

Well, in the end they had to choose three of the candidate! Hehehe, there are three winners and i was one of them! Surprise! Anyway the other two are Jean and Vani, they're beauty blogger too!

Turned out i was the third winner! Yippeeee~ I got lipstick and eyeliner. Lucky :)
Ms. Lina as the brand manager of Clinique gave us our prize! Yay!

 Picture time! Left to right: Ms. Lina son - Ms. Lina (brand manager of Clinique) - me - Jean - Vani - Ms Atika (Clinique MUA) - MC (im sorry i didnt ask the name >_<)

 Me, Jean, and Vani. Well, i guess im always the shortest one hahhaa.

     And these are my prize! I also got another small gift! (Everyone who joined the event got this small gift hehehe). Small gifts i got are Even Better Powder Makeup sample, Even Better Essence Lotion sample, and Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer sample. And as my prize of winning the makeup contest, i got Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm and Cream Shaper For Eyes. Yay!

Thats a wrap! Hope you enjoy this post :)
Thanks Clinique for the nice event!


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