Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Piggy Paint - #123 Groovy Grape

Hey all!

     I'm just going to share a quick review while i'm waiting for my Sunshine to pick me up to BBMeetUp. Anyway this review is about Piggy Paint nail olish that i got from BBMeetUp. Anyway i go the color groovy grape!

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Blog Label: Yellow Label
Brand : Piggy Paint
Name : Groovy Grape #123
Content: 15ml
Made In : USA
Price : about IDR 130k (around USD13), i kinda forgot the exact price.
Price based on Indonesia store.

     Piggy paint is the first non-toxic nail polish created by a loving mum for her 2 daughters so little girls can use nail polish safely. Made in the USA with natural non-toxic ingredient and water based. Piggy paint is non-flammable and contain no formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, bihenyl A acetone and ethyl acetate. So it's very safe, even for little kids and pregnant women. Plus Pggy Paint is hypoallergenic and has so many range of colors!

     First let's see the packaging first okay~

 The packaging is quite simple with transparent bottle and a cute piggy paint logo in the front of it. 

The brush is small, so it'll be easy to apply on kid's nail! Or small nails like mine hehe.

     Now let's see the swatch:
 The color is electric purple and looks so adorable. I applied one coat and the color is already pretty. Anyway pardon my baby nails hahhaa.


      I like it!! I hate to use nailpolish because mostly the brush is too big, but this one is perfect and the color pay off is nice! It doesn't look too sticky like other nail polish, maybe because it's water base. It doesn't smell as bad as normal nail polish also. Easy to use and safe for all person, even kids and pregnant woman! Plus, it's halal too! So you don't have to clean it off every time you want to pray or shalat! Very convenient right? Hahaha

+easy to apply
+small brush
+comes with so many colors
+doesn't smell strong
+easy to remove even without nail polish remover
+you still can pray (shalat) while using it

-quite easy to peel when not using any top coat

     In conclusion this nail polish is nice! It makes me want to do my nail over and over again because it's so east to apply and safe! Plus perfect for my small baby nails! Loving this! Go grab it for you little one, or even for yourself!

Overall Rating: 4/5
     That's all, if you want to get this nail polish you can find it at Books&Beyond (Jakarta, Bandung, Bali), Sogo (PS +PIM), Debenhams (Sency), Kiddy Cut group, Toys Kingdom (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung), Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia,  Mum n Joe, Kiddy World, Toddie Baby Spa , and online shop like Blibli, Luxola, Lazada, KlikToday, Bimbi, or contact them at:
IG: piggy_paint_indonesia

See you adorable, i'm off to the bazaar!


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