Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: PAC Powder Eyeshadow - No. S13C

Hey adorable!

     After sharing about PAC Liquid Eyeliner review, now i want to share a quick review of its powder eyeshadow! Yippie~ I also got this from PAC talkshow at BBMeetUp ago. Say now more, let's check this one out!

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Blog Label: Green Label
Brand : PAC
Name : PAC Powder Eyeshadow - No. S13C
Content: 1.5gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : about IDR 80k (around USD8).
Price based on Indonesia store.

     First let's see the packaging first!
Well, the packaging is simple and still look quite elegant with dominant black-white dove color, the same with it's eyeliner and all of their product. 

 Here's what inside, one cute powder eyeshadow. Anyway it also comes in stacks which is more affordable. But if you buy it one buy one you can also put them together as stack because the bottom part is design that way. 

Well, this one is still sealed, just open the seal if you want to use it. And the right one is the powder eyeshadow, the texture is very soft and easy to use.

     Now let's see the swatch, on my hand first~
The color is golden-white. I personally like this color since it has a lot of benefit other than be an eyeshadow! 

You see the left part? It's blended, pretty much perfect for highlight! I'm so happy to tell you that this eyeshadow color could be very useful for highlight!

Here's on my eyes, maybe the color isn't that visible on the picture, but trust, me the actual color payoff is quite amazing even without primer. Both on the hand and on my eyes aren't using primer!


      So lucky i got this color! Loving it! Hihihi, i love how it can makes my eye looks pretty with the light color. The texture is soft and the particle is very small, so in my opinion it's so easy to apply without making so much mess. The color payoff is also amazing, even without primer the color is already pop out, i'm quite amaze, because normally light eyeshadow color is hard to pop out. And, this is also good as highlight! It's shimmery but not too much, so perfect if you want to have that glowing skin look!

+pretty light color
+good color payoff
+quite easy to apply
+the packaging is small easy to bring anywhere and if you have more than one, you can stack it up
+can be use as highlight
+nice shimmer

-nothing yet

     In conclusion i love this eyeshadow powder! At first i was afraid that eyeshadow powder gonna make a mess, but this one is fine so far, so what's not to like? Psst, it's also available in many colors, it wouldn't hurt to wish that i could get it all! Hehehe.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Here are two eye makeup using this powder eyeshadow, what do you think??? :)

      If you would like to get one (or all of the color), you can get it at any PAC counter (like Mall Kelapa Gading or Kota Kasablanka), or at dept store or online!

online store:

That's all, see you guys on my next post!


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