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Review: PAC Lipstick Matte - Indian Red

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     While i'm still at it, i also gonna share a new review of PAC Lipstick Matte, Indian Red Color. I got this new baby from PAC talkshow at BBMeetUp. It's just a quick review because i'm so tired, so here goes!

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Blog Label: Yellow Label
Brand : PAC
Name : PAC Lipstick Matte - Indian Red
Content: 4gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : about IDR 110k (around USD11).
Price based on Indonesia store.

     First let's see the packaging first!
Well, the packaging is simple and still look quite elegant with dominant black-white dove color, just the same with it's eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc.

Here's what inside, lipstick in a black dove packaging. Looks pretty elegant in my eyes. 

     Here's the swatch!
The color is like coral red. Pretty but not that bold. 

Well, the cam doesn't really do justice, the actual color i more red than this, but yeah it's almost like coral only darker (pretty much like the swatch on my hand). Oh, it doesn't really end up matte and dry like i expected, i guess it's more like semi-matte. Eh, but i correct it a bit, it does turn out matte after 10-15mins after (or maybe i put it too much that's why it takes time). It doesn't really dry up like liquid matte, but it does matte. In this picture the lips is looking so glossy because the cam flash. I'll update another picture soon! Anyway i tried to update the picture but because i'm using flash (my room's lighting is very bad), the picture ended up the same. The thing is, the liptsick is actually matte but doesn't really look as dry as liquid matte one.


      Well, for a matte lipstick, i should say this one is good, doesn't dry up the lips. In fact it moisturise the lip at first because the lipstick texture is so soft and creamy. Easy to apply as the lipstick glides perfectly well on my lips. The one thing that bugged me is they claimed it to be matte, but i took quite a long time before it actually turn out matte. But actually it doesn't really matter because i overall like this lippy. Oh, the staying power is quite good, about 3-5hours or so i guess (without eating and too much drinking). It's easily gone if you're eating too much or too much pucker your lips up (like i always did, bad habit). Well, even though it's moisturise at first, when it turn matte it'll dry lips a little, but not too much compare to most lipstick matte i've tried.

+doesn't dry the lips
+easy to apply
+creamy texture
+moisturise lips
+cute dark coral color
+staying power is not bad
+only dry up a bit when it turns matte

-take a quite sometimes before turns matte (at least in my lips)

     In conclusion i like it other than i actually hope it'll ended up in totally matte finish fastly though, because i like to pucker up my lips so much that semi matte tends to wash out easily, but it's okay hahaha. Oh most of it, i like how the color turns out after few hours, really nice in me. Now i wish i can try another darker color hahahhaa, like dark red or dark pink!

Overall Rating: 4/5 

     If you would like to get one (or all of the color), you can get it at any PAC counter (like Mall Kelapa Gading or Kota Kasablanka), or at dept store or online!

online store:

That's all, see you soon~

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