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Experience: De Hair Laser Treatment - Half Face

Heyya pretty ladieess (and dude)~

     Last month i got a chance to try half face laser treatment by De Hair from Kawaii Beauty Japan. It's not the same as IPL treatment that i reviewed few months ago. But does it really work? Is it worth it? Check out my mini review below!

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     There were three treatments offered by Kawaii Beauty Japan for me to try; half face, bikini line and underarm. Because i already using IPL for my underarm and i still have a few more treatment after, i finally choose half face treatment. At first i was a bit afraid that the mustache will grow faster and thicker hahhaa, but i took my chances.
     Just so you know, i do have those little mustache around my lips that sometimes look annoying when i took close up picture of my lips. It wasn't that much when i was in highschool, but then when i got into university, suddenly the hair all around my body grown even thicker (especially on my legs and arms, and i hate it). Then i noticed that little mustache is also thicker than before (thanks hormone).

     A little information about De Hair that i quote from their website:
"We use the very latest and most effective laser hair removal technology, made in USA. Our Laser Diode shatters the myth of no-pain, no-gain. The system’s patented technology and IN Motion™ protocol safely and gently heats the targeted area. Pulses of energy gradually heat the follicles in the skin’s sub dermal layer. An additional cooling mechanism further ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable throughout your treatment. Most people find the laser comfortable. While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients describe it as soothing and like a, “Hot stone massage"."
"Most conventional laser hair removal technologies utilize massive amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. De-hair Laser Hair Removal, on the other hand, is a unique technology that delivers low heat levels at a fast delivery. By utilizing low heat, laser diode decreases the pain and minimizes the risk of side effects. This is why no numbing cream is necessary. Using carefully controlled pulses of laser light, the diode laser system selectively and gradually heats the hair follicles within the dermal layer of the skin."

"The heat is limited to just the area of the follicle and eventually damages the cells that would otherwise reproduce new hair. Surrounding tissue remains healthy. Our laser is suitable for all skin types including tanned skin. Best of all, the high speed of delivery creates a short treatment; 5 to 15 minutes on a small body part and 20 to 30 minutes on the average man’s back."
     So, in the end, they claimed it's pretty safe and fast. How i feel about the treatment? Check below!

     I went to De Hair at Mall of Indonesia because it's closer to my house than the Gandaria City one. The place is quite small, but tidy and clean. Right when i arrived they asked what kind of treatment i want and then i need to fill a few paper regarding the treatment.

Here's the pricelist:

The treatment room:

Let the treatment begin!

     Because my treatment is half face, first beauty therapist shave my check, jaw, chin and around mouth area. Don't worry, she use a new shaver for every client. After shaving, she put on some thick cold gel around the area and start the laser process.

     It's fast and really resemble the IPL treatment. And it doesn't hurt, much. Except on the dark area, like my beautymark/mole there. It's gonna feel a bit sting. On the other area i didn't feel a thing, only warm feeling. The result?

Picture right before the treatment: notice the mustache? hahaha. 

Right after: clean as baby's bump!

3 weeks after: Well, i should say that the mustache is coming back. 

     I only took the picture of my mustache because it's easier to notice than hair on my jaw or chin. But as you can see, the hair is coming back. Not yet as much, but still coming back. Well, the beauty therapist said that the hair will fall out in like week 4, but i don't know yet. If something good happen i surely will update but if it stays the same, then here goes my conclusions:

     I think this laser treatment thingy is not worth it if you only do it once. Surely waste of money and the result will not be visible. But if you want to do it a few times like suggested, i'm sure the result are gonna be worth the time and money.
     I will not give a full review like pro and cons, because it's only one time experience, so i have no right to judge whether it actually works or no. But like i said before, if you want to try this laser treatment, make sure you choose the package treatment. The beauty therapist said that the result might really visible in like after 4-5 treatment. So do as the suggested :)

UPDATE (26/3/16):
    Well, i should say after a few weeks the mustache is back to normal (um or even more hairy? idk), so like i stated before, if you really want to try this, better committed for a few treatments. One time treatment doesn't give you any result.

     Oh, one more thing, make sure you don't use any beauty skin care from doctor, because the therapist make sure i didn't use such a thing before she start the treatment. Maybe it has side effect if used together with skincare from doctor. But other skincare are fine, even using makeup while/after the treatment are fine.

For more information you can check their website at:

     That's my small review for De Hair Laser Treatment experience. If you have any questions you want to ask about this treatment, don't be shy to email or chat me (i'm available on my fb page, twitter, ig, line, etc). I will reply as soon as i can :)

See you guys for now!


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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