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Travel: Escape to Bali - Holiday Inn Express Kuta

Haiii hooo~

     I know i haven't update my blog in a quite sometimes. Things were pretty hectic and my laziness level is very high nowadays hahaha. Well, today i want to rest a bit from my makeup or beauty post and i would like to share my traveling post a.k.a staying at Bali experience!

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     Well, this was my first time traveling to Bali alone (or without my mom, because usually i'm with her). I got this free trip by winning Redwin blogging competition. Well, it was an alone trip, so it was kinda confusing at first, since i don't really like to travel alone especially when i got no drivers hahaha. Unfortunately Redwin only offers one ticket, hotel and allowance around IDR 800k, which later i spend on paying half of my friend's ticket.
     Thank God, Ochi was available and could accompany me on that trip, even though she was broke like me, but she's really care about me, so she said she'll come with me hahaha. Let's cut to the chase, i'm not sharing my experience at Bali this time, but i want to focus more to the hotel where i stayed. I don't have many pictures, so i used picture from google and the sources are stated.

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express
Class: 3 star
Location: Kuta, Bali - Indonesia (Jl. Ciung Wanara No. 17, Br. Tegal, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia)
Price: start from around IDR 400k ++ (USD 40 ++)
Highlight: Free Wifi, Pool, Gym, Non-smoking Room, Free Breakfast, Meeting Room, Laundry Service, Extra Pillow, Safe Deposit Box, Hot Water, International TV Channel, etc.

     My first impression about Holiday Inn Express Kuta is: nice. It does one of the smallest hotel i've ever been before, but it was clean and looking nice. I love how the attendant are all very humble and helpful. I supposed to check in at 2pm, but we were looking real tired that they offered a faster check in around 12pm right after we went back to the hotel after lunch.  So it was really great!

     They also very informative and even offer me to be a member for free. They explain all the benefit, like free late checkout (normally 12pm, but you can late check out up to 2pm) and extra breakfast hahahaha. So, i can choose two extra breakfast (1 room get 2 extras) from the extra menu. TIPS: don't be afraid to sign up as member and try the chicken sandwich if they offer you extra breakfast, it's good!



     Then we got to our room at level 5th, which later unfortunately they kinda forgot to send the luggage up to our room because the reception was quite busy at that time. But i don't mind it as they immediately apologize. Anyway the room was nice, it's small but really clean, already got the AC on, doesn't smell, and comfy. I like it. The bed is nice and so does the pillow, you also get extra pillow!

     Well, I'm quite picky when it comes to the bathroom, but this small hotel surely take care of the bathroom real well, the shower is all clean, even though on the second day i need to call help because the shower was lack of water, but they repaired it quickly. Hot water running well, and the bathroom has almost what i basically need.
     Then it also got this small gym, but quite okay for traveler i guess, you can still do basic weight lifting and they also got treadmill. Next to what i love most about my stay, the pool! It's small, but it's on a rooftop and on my stays at the hotel, the pool was empppttyyyyy almost all the time, so it was like a private pool to me and ochi hahahhaa. Even though you can't really swim late at night, i was up there to spend sometimes sitting at the pool lounge chairs and stared at the stars. It was really nice and calming.


     That's the facility, then the breakfast. The restaurant is small, but they have a few variants, from rice, noodles, vegetable, sausage, bread, soup, even yogurt and fruit, etc. The taste? Hmm, i should say it's not that great, but not bad either, it's okay. But i love my extra breakfast, i picked chicken sandwich like i mention before, it taste so daaammn nice!

     What i hate? It's kinda far from the beach, about 15-20 minutes walk. And at night (around 7 or 8) the streets are quite creepy and empty. Usually i stayed at Hard Rock or another hotel that's right in front of the beach when i came to Kuta, so this kinda a downer for me. Hehe. I hate that long walk from hotel to the beach or vice versa.

+ clean
+ free wifi (and it's quite fast!)
+ comfy room
+ humble attendant
+ nice pool
+ non smoking room
+ free late checkout (member only)
+ free extra breakfast (member only)
+ quite affordable for a nice hotel in Kuta
+ international tv channels

- i still can hear noise from outside room quite clearly (but it's not that too disturbing though)
- need quite a walk to get to the beach

Rating: 3.5/5
I'd give 4 if only it doesn't need a long walk to the beach hahaha. Sure i'd come back if i need an affordable yet comfy hotel.

      Well that's all my post for now, i hope you find this information useful! See you on my next post!


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