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Review: Sulamit Loose Powder

Hi everyone!

     Today i want to review another Sulamit Cosmetics product i've been trying for a couple of weeks! If you happen to check on my blog recently, you gotta notice that i already review the BB Cream, eyeliner and lipstick! Well, now here goes the Sulamit Loose Powder review!

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Brand : Sulamit
Name : Sulamit Loose Powder
Content: 30gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 43k (or about USD 4)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     As i quote from my last blogpost about Sulamit:
     So before i started, since this brand is also kinda new to me, i will tell you a little about it! So Sulamit itself got the name from a girl named Sulam/Sulamit that lived on King Solomon era. It was told that King Solomon fell in love with this girl, not only because she was pretty as hell, but also because her inner beauty. So Sulamit got their vision to help Indonesian women to be pretty from the outside and also from the inside. Plus, being pretty doesn't always mean having a light and white skin, but all of the girl can be pretty with whoever she is, and Sulamit tries to give Indonesian women that.
     Sulamit cosmetic has a lot of products, from Loose Powder, Lipstick, Two Way Cake, BB Cream, Blush On, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, and also skin care products, plus eyelashes! So it's quite complete. Me, i have tried the eyeliner, lipstick, loose powder and bb cream!
     Oh oh! One more thing, there might be some news about Sulamit product being dangerous, but i have asked Sulamit and they confirmed that it was a mistake and they actually already have all of their product registered at BPOM Indonesia. So it's safe for sure to use!

     Here goes the packaging!

     Just like the lipstick and BB Cream, Sulamit Loose Powder also has this cute pink box.

Well, unfortunately, the inside packaging is quite so so, with this transparent body and pale pink cap.
It got two shades, 01 Divine Natural dan 02 Sincerity Pink.

The puff. Quite soft and nice to use.

It also sealed.

They got quite some holes, so the powder can easily come out.

     Here's the swatch on my hand:
Just like you might have notice, 01 Divine Natural is more yellowish and 02 Sincerity Pink is of course pinkish and lighter. Both blend quite good because they have quite a small particle. Here goes the swatch on my face:

Because it's a loose powder, of course it has sheer coverage. But no.01 totally suit my skin! I looveee it! It also feel smooth and nice on the face, and make your skin way less oily. The pink one is also nice, but i wouldn't use on my full face, but i use for highlight my cheek or to set my under eye after i put on concealer.


      Well, for a loose powder, i said it's quite good! The particle is quite small and easy to blend. It doesn't make your face looks cakey. It also nice for makeup finishing. Your makeup stays matte and stays longer! Plus, it has two shades than you can choose, if you're more into yellow tone you can choose 01 and if you're more into pink tone, you can choose 02. Either way both are good for me, depends on how i use it. 01 really good to make lighter bb cream match my skin. 02 also good for highlight and for under eye finishing.

+ good for makeup finishing
+ two shades
+ matte but not cakey
+ easy to blend using brush or puff
+ affordable
+ 01 totally match my yellow-ish skin tone

- i wish it came in a smaller size

Overall Rating: 4/5

      Well i quite like the loose powder and it's worth to try!

Here's a bit picture using Sulamit Cosmetic (BB Cream, Loose Powder, Eyeliner and Lipstick):
sulamit bb cream

sulamit bb cream
For blush on i also used Sulamit lipstick and it looks really natural and pretty :)
I also used Sulamit Loose Powder 01 for all of my face to mattifying it, plus to make the BB Cream that's way to light finally match my skin better and i used Sulamit loose Powder 02 for my under eye to make it lighter.

     If you want to try it, you can find Sulamit cosmetics at:
sulamit eyeliner liquid pen
     Plus, i also heard some store at Ambasador Mall also sell Sulamit Cosmetics.

     If you're outside Jabodetabek area, you can try to contact Sulamit Cosmetic if you want to buy their product:

     That's it for now. I hope you like this review, i'll see you guys on my next post!


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