Friday, April 15, 2016

Review: Covermark Soft < ES > Pact

Hey guys!

     Today i want to share about a cake foundation that i tried recently. It's from Japan and the brand just recently launch in Indonesia! I already tried this brand before but different product from what i'm going to review now. Curious about this product? Let's check out below!

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Brand : Covermark
Name : Covermark Soft <ES> Pact - Shade OB3
Content: 12gr
Made In : Japan
Price : IDR 290k (or about USD 29)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.
  •  P20
  •  PB20
  •  N10
  •  N20
  •  N30
  •  O20
  •  O40
  •  O50
  •  OB20
  •  OB30
  •  I20
 But if i don't mistaken they only have 8 shades here in Indonesia.

     If you like to visit my blog, maybe you'd notice that i already review another Covermark product about two years ago, Covermark Moisture Veil LX, which i found really good and i used it until it almost empty. You can read the review HERE. Now i'm going to review the Covermark Soft <ES> Pact, which is more like cake foundation (creamy but still feels a bit powdery) and it's different from the Moisture Veil LX which more like a two way cake (compact powder).
     A little about this product that i'm going to review today:

"Transforming foundation cream. This Creamy foundation changes into powder once applied onto skin, effectively covering dark spots, freckles and dullness to provides a silky, moist feeling that lasts all day."
  1. Quickly and easily covers blemishes.
  2. Water-resistant.
  3. Stays on for hours.
  4. Contains six types of oriental plant extracts which keep skin moist for a long time.
  5. Blocks UV rays and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage. (SPF35 PA+++)
  6. Fragrance free.
How to Use:
After applying a makeup base, dab an adequate amount of foundation onto a sponge and spread evenly. Reapply on areas where more coverage is needed.

      From what it stated, this product is surely a good one, but let's see how this product works on me!

     What i love the most from Covermark Moisture Veil LX is the sophisticated packaging, now let's see this Soft <ES> Pact packaging:

     The box actually looks like the Moisture Veil LX's one. The difference is this one have the color pink! My favorite hehehe. It's satin pink and looking really pretty on my eyes. Anyway this is the refill one, that's why it's so small. You can buy the case separately if needed.


      What inside, unlike the box, the refill container is actually just a plain round, pink container. I prefer like this if i need to bring it on my pouch though, because it's small and doesn't take too much space. Anyway, if you want to put it on the case, you can simple click"push" and place what inside to the case. Here's the case:

     If you buy the case, you will get the puff but not the foundation, because they sell the case and the refill separately. So if you only buy the case and not the refill, you will be leaving only with plain case and no foundation. So make sure you buy both of them or just the refill, because the foundation is what you need hehehe.

     Here's the swatch on my hand:

     The texture is actually creamy but somehow powdery. I found it kinda hard to blend with finger, even though it still can, but take more time. So better use sponge. I used dry sponge, since they didn't mention about using a damp sponge. All i know, if you have a Moisture Veil LX, it's a big no no to use a damp sponge since it can harden the product, maybe it's the same with this Soft <ES> Pact, so i didn't use the damp sponge directly to the product. 

     I guess it's true when they said that the product change into product once applied to the face, because i do feel that way. That's why it's harder to blend with finger. The finishing result is matte and only with one layer, this Soft <ES> Pact can cover redness and my acne! I'm a happy girl! Hahahaha. Just make sure you already moisturize your face before using it, because it's like powder once use, so you need extra moisture. Especially when you having a kinda dry skin like mine now (i'm using anti acne product that makes the acne and skin around it became dry).
     Anyway for a nice result, don't layer it too much, it can be a bit cakey since it became powdery once set on skin. So just put a nice amount of it and it'll set nicely on your skin. Once again, don't forget to moisturize your skin first, because i find it not that good for my drying-acne skin if i don't use moisturizer in advance.


      For a creamy-powdery foundation, i should say i like it! I'm quite impress how easily it is to cover my redness and acne with this foundation! Even though it kinda hard to blend with finger, but it can easily blend with puff because somehow this creamy foundation turns into powdery like once you put it on your skin! I've been using it for a few times, once at home in front of my DIY rightlight which kinda hot, but it doesn't melt and stays just fine. But like i told you, don't layer it too much as it can become cakey, just put a nice perfect amount on your face. I found it still good also for my oily T zone, as i use it for more than 4 hours and still don't need a touch up. I haven't try it longer (i mean like more than 8hr or the whole day), but i surely update when i do it later.

+ great coverage
+ can cover redness, pimple, even big pores easily
+ matte finish
+ lot of shade to choose
+ texture is just fine
+ stay quite long (up to 4-5 hours without touch up)
+ so far it still nice for my oily T zone
+ looks thick but still feels comfy and light on the face
+ Shade OB3 is so nice for my skin

- kinda hard to blend with finger
- kinda tricky when used on dry-acne skin

Overall Rating: 4/5
      It's just become one of my favorite foundation if i need a great coverage. Because you see, one layer and it can cover my acne, redness and my big pores. Even though it's a bit tricky to use, but i guess i'll love it anyway. And oh, the price is actually quite cheap for a cream foundation like this, i have from another brands as well and they're like as twice as expensive.

One of my makeup look using Covermark Soft <ES> Pact. No edit, fresh from the cam.

    If you curious or you want to buy one yourself, you can get it at Covermark counter at Seibu Grand Indonesia, or check their facebook here!

     So far i love both of my Covermark product and i totally hope i can try another Covermark products hahahhaa. That's all my review for now, i hope you enjoy it. See you on my next post guys!


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


  1. Gokillll, coveragenya bagooosss bangat. Noda hitam juga ketutup ya La. Nice. Harganya juga terjangkau ini. Btw, wangi ga???

    1. iya cakeeepppp, tapi kalau kulit lagi kering emang agak PR makenya hahhaha..ngga berasa wangi sih pas di pakai, tapi kalau gw endus2 pan nya ada wangi enak gitu, kaya bedak bayi kali ya tapi ngga jreng, subtle banget <3