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Review: Sariayu Duo Lip Color Trend Warna Krakatau (All 12 Shades!)

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     Welcome back to my blog! Well, today i'm going to share a local product review and if you're a lippy lover, you're gonna love this one. It's Sariayu Trend Warna Krakatau Duo Lip Color review and swatches, which i'm going to swatch all 12 of them! So let's check on below :)

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sariayu duo lip color review
This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Brand : Sariayu
Name : Sariayu Duo Lip Color
Content: 6.50gr x 5.50gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 99k (or about USD 9)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     Well, once again Sariayu never fail me. In Sariayu newest collection: Trend Warna Krakatau, they have this duo lip color with 12 shades, from DLC K-01 to DLC K-12. Each contain matte and glossy side! So, it's not juts a lipstick matte like normally local product has, but this one is a liquid matte, which still a rare product from Indonesian brand. Anyway, Sariayu Trend Warna Krakatau is Sariayu 30th collection that inspired by Indonesian culture and riches. I always love how Sariayu can mix traditional and modern element to create a really adorable makeup! If you want to know more about the new collection, read HERE (the post is in Bahasa Indonesia). Say no more, here goes the review!

     Like always, first let's check the packaging!
sariayu duo lip color review

sariayu duo lip color

sariayu duo lip color

sariayu duo lip color

     Well, the packaging is actually cute and elegant in modern-traditional way. Buuuttt, well there's always a but hahhaa. Unfortunately the design is printed on the plastic seal, which by the way if you not carefully when open the seal or the seal is fully torn, all you get is almost a plain packaging. Which is a bad thing, because you see, they printed the "glossy" and "matte" info on the plastic as well. Once you open all of the plastic seal, you will find it a bit annoying to check which one is matte and which one is glossy. So, my suggestion is; use cutter to cut the middle seal only and leave the other side of the seal be.
     Here's a picture how to properly open the seal:

sariayu duo lip color

     And this is when you open it:
sariayu duo lip color
The brushes of each side is the same.

     First let's check the swatch on my hand:
sariayu duo lip color swatch
 Left pic: matte
Right pic: matte + glossy

     12 pretty colors! Well, i know all the colors are still "safe" to use and no black, blue, green or weird other lips color. But they have from dark to light color, so you can choose what suit you the most quite easily! The texture is creamy and easy to apply. Most of them are really pigmented. Even the glossy parts are pigmented! Too bad i haven't got a chance to take a pic for the glossy swatch only. I'll update later when i have time.

      Here's on my lips:
sariayu duo lip color swatch
 Matte swatch.
sariayu duo lip color swatch
Matte + Glossy swatch.

A little color hints:
DLC K-01 - Dark Red
DLC K-02 - Red with a bit hint of purplish
DLC K-03 - Orange red
DLC K-04 - Pinkish red
DLC K-05 - Pink almost fuchsia in a more darker way
DLC K-06 - Coral pink
DLC K-07 - Brownish nude
DLC K-08 - Pinkish nude
DLC K-09 - Orange
DLC K-10 - Nude coral
DLC K-11 - Pale pink
DLC K-12 - Light purple

How they look on me:
sariayu duo lip color swatch

sariayu duo lip color swatch
Matte + Glossy.

     Pretty colors!! I love most the colors. My fave are DLC K-07 and DCL K-08, totally perfect for daily! Plus i love the red DLC K-01! Anyway, it doesn't fully dry like kiss proof dry, but it's still good if only for light eating and drinking. Plus, it buildable, so you can re-apply without thick or weird feeling.


      I loveeee this lippy!! I love most all the colors, i love the creamy yet light texture, i love how pigmented they are, i love the cute looking packaging and i love that these are a local products! Well, i use it almost everytime i go out now, and so far i love it. It stays quite long, even though it stains and not kiss proof, but it dries quite nicely. It doesn't dry your lips too much, and yes i will not lie, matte lipstick will dry your lips, but i found this lippy doesn't really dry your lips badly. It's still fine and comfy.
     The only things that bug me is the packaging, even though it's cute, i hate how they only printed the design on plastic seal. I mean, we can lose those seal anytime and what's left is an almost empty tube. Meh, but other than that i really like this lippy so much. I love the matte side and also the glossy side. I even love when i put them together, because they still feel comfy and nice, not too thick on the lips.

+ has a lot of shades
+ i love most of the shades <3
+ staying power are good (up to 4-5hrs or more without drink or food)
+ no crack and doesn't really flakes
+ doesn't dry the lips too much
+ buildable even after a few swipes
+ the packaging modern and traditionally cute
+ you can choose whether you want matte or glossy or both!
+ matte and glossy both are really pigmented
+ the texture are nice for both matte and glossy
+ has UV filter
+ has natural moisturized
+ affordable
+ made in indonesia

- they should've printed the pattern and the design
- not kissproof and still stain

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

      The lippy are totally worth buying and having! I really like it, for a local brand and affordable price, Sariayu really do a good job! I'm so proud! I always have two or three of this lippy at my bag now! Loving it!
     For more info about this products and other Krakatau collection, just check here:


      Anyway, you can find this on nearest Sariayu store or counter! That's all my review for now! I hope you find this post useful, see you on my next post guys!! :)


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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