Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review: Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte

Aloha everybody!

     I'm here to give another lipstick review! Well, today's brand is from a Indonesian local brand as well and it's totally almost on everyone wishlist recently. Yup it's Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte. Is this lipstick as good as the hype? Let's check bellow!

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purbasari lipstick color matte

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Brand : Purbasari
Name : Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte
Content: 4gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : around IDR 30k (or about USD 3)
Price based on stores in Indonesia. Some sell this lipstick bellow IDR 30k, some sell this product more than IDR 30k. Depends on your luck, i got some for IDR 25k and the other for IDR 32k.

     Now let's check the packaging.
purbasari lipstick color matte

purbasari lipstick color matte

purbasari lipstick color matte

purbasari lipstick color matte

     The box is boring as hell, hahaha. I mean it doesn't look sophisticated and looks cheap, sorry to say. They totally need to redesign the box, ASAP. Plus, it's way too big for a skinny lipstick inside.

purbasari lipstick color matte

purbasari lipstick color matte

purbasari lipstick color matte

     What inside the box. The packaging is also so so and feels kinda fragile, especially when i twisted the lipstick. Anyway some say the lipstick easy broken, aaaaannnnddd i just check mine, one is down (no.86). It's weird though, because it's the only color i never bring outside before and yet it's broken. Pfftt. The others thankfully are still intact.
     I have 4 colors, all of them are neutral colors. Purbasari has quite another few colors but almost all of them is kinda dark and not that playful. Me, i like all the colors i choose, because lately i'm mad with those nude and neutral colors lippy hahahhaa. So i got my self no: 81, 83, 86 and 90.

purbasari lipstick color matte

purbasari lipstick color matte

     First let's check the swatch on my hand:
purbasari lipstick color matte
     If you notice, no.81 and no.90 is actually very very alike. The difference is, no.81 is a little bit darker than no.90. Well, i guess no.81 is more into brown like terracotta kinda like, while no.90 is more like coral. But on my lips, both are really alike to one another.  Then, no.83 is like marsala and no. 86 is like red terracotta i guess.

Here's how they look on my lips:
purbasari lipstick color matte
      The texture is creamy enough and glides smoothly on my lips. It's also pigmented that i don't need lot's of swipes. It's kinda feel a bit thick at first though, but still quite comfy on the lips. It doesn't dry your lips too much, so it's a good thing for a matte lipstick. It's not totally kiss proof, but still good for eating and drinking without leaving too much mess.


    Well, even though the packaging is so ordinary and one lipstick broken without any reason, i still find this lipstick still good. Especially for the price. I love how it feels smooth when apply and stays smooth after that. It also doesn't dry my lips too much. Plus, it's still good when re-apply, doesn't crack whatsoever. I also love the colors that i choose, so no regrets here hahhaa. Oh, but some say that the color is too dark or too old, i hope they'll launch more colorful color soon.

+ has quite a few shades
+ i love the shades i choose <3
+ staying power are good (up to 4-5hrs or more without drink or food)
+ no crack and doesn't really flakes
+ doesn't dry the lips too much
+ pigmentation is good
+ buildable even after a few swipes
+ it has nice smooth texture
+ affordable
+ made in indonesia

- packaging need some work
- i hate that it's broken without any reason :\

Overall Rating: 4/5
      For it's price, the lipstick are worth buying and having. If you want to try it you can get it on guardian, at least that's where i bought them. The price is getting higher now, about IDR 32k, so it depends on your luck, because when it on sale you can get it for only IDR 25k. Oh i heard they also have it on AEON mall for 25k, but idk hahhaha.

     That's all my review for now, i hope you enjoy it and find it useful. If you have any question don't be shy to ask me! See you guys for now :)


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