Sunday, August 21, 2016

Review: Molto Eau de Parfum

Hey adorbs!

     Just like i promised earlier in my last post about fragrance (check here), i'm going to review another fragrance for women! And yes, you didn't read it wrong, it is a fragrance by Molto, yup the liquid fabric softener ones. Hahaha, curious much eh? Let's just read the review below!

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Blog Label: red
Brand : Molto
Name : Molto Eau de Parfum
Content: 100ml
Made In : Indonesia (under Unilever Company instruction)
Price : IDR 520k (around USD 50)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     So i can't hardly believe it myself when i first heard it. Hahahaha. If you live in Indonesia, you'll know that Molto is one of the famous liquid fabric softener, which i like since i was a little kids! I love the smell up until now. That's why i'm actually totally curious when i first saw it on Sephora Indonesia's instagram account. I was like 'wut?!'.

     Lucky me, i have a chance to try the fragrance my self and own one! You guys who love Molto's fabric softener scent are totally gonna in love with this fragrance and will wanting to get it by your self hahaha. Well, before i tell my side of the review, i will tell you a little about this new product by Molto.

     Molto Eau de Parfum inspired by the famous elegance of perfumery in France. For this past decades, a lot of famous fragrances born in France. Now Molto also create their own parfum inspired by France to indulge your scents that last all day.

    Molto colaborate with perfumer, Alina, from parfum house in Swiss - Firmenich, to capture the essence of France. Using a modern process which fusing the essence of French's flowers, like rose, muguet, jasmine and geranium, creating the scent of the elegant French perfumery.

     The star of Molto Eau de Parfum campaign is Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL), one of the famous actress in Indonesia. Here's the video campaign if you want to see:

     I personally think the video campaign is very pretty. Looks totally relaxing and makes me want to visit France hahahha. Anyway now let's see how i feel about this eau de parfum!

     Let's start with the packaging:

     The outer packaging is an elegant box with navy color combined with purple and gold design. The thick glass bottle is exclusively designed for Molto with a transparent plastic cap that looks simple but overall giving classy and elegant look.

Top Note - contain fruity scent from blackcurrant, pear, berry, bergamot, and green apple, which giving the fresh sweet scent when first applied.

Middle Note - contain all the elegant, classic and feminine floral scent from carnation, geranium, peony, jasmine, red rose, violet and muguet combined.

Bottom Note - last but not least, a little of sweet scent from white musk, amber, vanilla and oak moss. 

     The combination giving a last all day elegant scent. I really love the scent. It might a have a little sweet scent (that usually i don't like in fragrance), but combining with all the fruity and floral scent, it actually became a really nice combination and perfect for my liking! It's not too much and perfect for any occasion. Yes it's kinda smell like the fabric softener ones, but actually different because it smells better in my opinion.
      The scent is fresh, but also sweet and elegant, giving me thoughts of a really nice field somewhere in France hahaha. Plus, it does last all day! The first time i tried this was on my wrist, at night, then the next day, almost the same hour, the scent actually still stays! Im pretty much amazed. But then again it's an Eau de Parfum, surely is last longer than eau de toilette and really nice for someone who didn't have time to spray fragrance every few hours hahaha. Plus, you don't need much while using EDP, only need to spray it on your wrist or throat.

Rating: 4.5/5
     It's a must try because it's actually pretty cheap for eau de parfum with this good quality. Especially if you love all the Molto fabric softener scent, this is a must have because it smells even better and last even longer and the scent stays even without the clothes on ;)

     Molto Eau de Parfum is available exclusively at Sephora in Indonesia (Sephora at Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia, Kelapa Gading Mall, Kota Kasablanka, Cetral Park Mall and Bali Discovery Mall). So grab yours asap! Anyway that's all my review for now, see you guys on my next post!



  1. Wah, molto baru nih. Cuus ke Indomaret ah buat beli. Penasaran dengan wanginya.

    1. hahaha yg softenernya ada 3 yang baru bisa dicari di indomaret, tapi kalo parfumnya ke sephora ya nyarinya, di indomaret gak ada :P

  2. dari pertama kali liat iklannya, aku pikir molto ngeluarin wangi baru utk pelembut pakaiannya, yg setara ama wangi parfum ..ternyata beneran parfum yaaaa... sumpah ini bikin penasaran :D.. hrs bgt beli pokoknyaaa.. ^o^