Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte NEW Color Swatch - no.91,92,93,94,95

Hey guys!!

     I'm back with a new review! Actually it's not a new review, since i just expand the swatch and the review mostly stay the same hehehe. Yep, it's the one and only, Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte, that recently launched their new colors! Yay! Say no more let's check below!

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Blog Label: green
Brand : Purbasari
Name : Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte
Content: 4gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : around IDR 30k (or about USD 3)
Price based on stores in Indonesia. Some sell this lipstick bellow IDR 30k, some sell this product more than IDR 30k. I got it at Guardian for IDR 37k.
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     First the packaging.

     The packaging is exactly the same with the old shades, so i will not say much about it, you can just read the older review for details. But yes, they still need to redesign the packaging like seriously, because duh, we love a pretty packaging hehe.

     Lucky me, i got all the new colors (i guess) from no.91 all the way to no.95! Great news for you, the shades are even prettier than before and has more pink! You see, the older color range is pretty much dark or bold or nude, that's why im quite happy with the new colors that has some light colorful shades. So the shades are 91 Opal, 92 Rose, 93 Beryl, 94 Azotic, and 95 Amber. Now shall we check on the swatch~

     First let's check the swatch on my hand:

     Well, all the colors actually looks a bit darker than the picture above, maybe it's because the lighting that the colors seem to be lighter. But i'll explain a little below about how the colors look from my eyes.

This is the swatch on my lips.

91 Opal: the color is pretty dark like berry wine color.
92 Rose: it's pink! no need to say more, the name is perfect, it is like a pink rose.
93 Beryl: it looks like dark red terracotta in my eye, a bit like maroon.
94 Azotic: it's pink fuchsia with a shade of purple.
95 Amber: it's pink like the rose, only a bit darker.

     I haven't take any full face picture yet of me using this lipstick, because i'm so excited to show the swatch ASAP. So i'll update the full face version later okay :)

UPDATE: this is the swatch on my lips!

     Anyway I love most of the new colors! But my favorite is no.95! It's pink, but not too light, so it doesn't make me look pale even though im not using another makeup. Plus, I'm into lighter shade recently, nude or pink, something like that, even though i actually always love dark and bold color i'm just not in the mood to use it daily hehe.

     92 Rose is actually pretty, but i need other makeup so it'll looks not as pale. 91 Opal and 93 Beryl are so pretty for dark colors and totally nice to use when im on the bold mood. My least favorite is 94 Azotic, idk why, i never really like this kinda color for a lipstick, maybe because it makes me looks pale and doesn't suit my skin tone.


    Well, basically the texture and stuff  are just like the older shades. The best thing about the new shades are they're all really pretty and i'm in love with no.95. I like most of them though and i said they're worth the money overall. For details of the review you can check my older review because i still feel the same way about this new lipstick just like the old ones.

+ has quite a few shades
+ i love the new shades
+ staying power are good (up to 4-5hrs or more without drink or food)
+ no crack and doesn't really flakes
+ doesn't dry the lips too much
+ pigmentation is good
+ buildable even after a few swipes
+ it has nice smooth texture
+ affordable
+ made in indonesia

- packaging need some work

Overall Rating: 4/5


      Still good and i love the new colors! So if you want to get it, i suggest you grab it fast before they out of stock! I got this new shades at Guardian and at they still have a LOT at Guardian Mall Kelapa Gading, just so you know ;)

     Anyway that's all my review and new swatches for now. See you guys on my next post!



  1. Olaaa! I think I'm going to buy shade 95 and 91.. They are so pretty <3
    Thanks for the review <3

    1. they are pretty dilll!! Go buy ASAP mumpung masih banyak stok di guardian hahahhaa xD

  2. Uuuwwoooowww~

    Shadenya menggoda buat dibelik! Tapi, udah ah. Mau insap beli purbasari. Shade baru ini warnanya ga begitu gw suka. Banyakan pink nya. Yang gelap pun warnanya paling beti-beti lah sama lipstik yang laen >.<

    1. hahahhaa emang sih lipstik rata2 warnanya itu2 aja, tapi yah wanita ya kalo beda merek belom punya rasanya gak asik hahahhaa, tapi luckily gw suka warna yang no 91 sama 95 hihihi xD

  3. Yang 95 bagus yaaa. Tapi Lipstick ini sering patah di aku gatau kenapa. 😞

    1. iyaaa, 95 cakeepp hehehe..punya ku yang dulu juga ada yang patah gaje gitu, tapi sukurnya yang baru ini bagus semua walaupun sempat jatoh kemarin hahaha

  4. 91 sama 93 nyaaaa *.* *nunggu di depan toko kosmetik langganan*

    1. hahaha semoga cepat masuk di toko langganan mu yaaa ;D