Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review: Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick

Hey guys!

      I'm back with a new lipstick review! Well, i gotta make this a quick review since i got so many things to do. But i'm dying to review this lipstick because it's another cool affordable lipstick that i tried recently. So here goes my review of Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick!

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Blog Label: green
Brand : Wardah
Name :Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick
Content: 2.5gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : around IDR 47k (or about USD 4.5)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

    If you live in Indonesia, you must know this brand, because Wardah is a brand that's quite affordable but have such a good quality. Plus, it's Halal, so most of muslim women love it so much. Anyway, recently Wardah got this new matte lipstick called Intense Matte Lipstick and it has 12 shades! Btw i just tried 8 them so far, but let's just get started with the review already!

     Let's check on the packaging:

     The box is suuuupeeerr cute and really catchy. The reason why i like this lipstick on the very first place is because of the box. Unfortunately the lipstick packaging is just plain simple silver lipstick tube kinda like. I was hoping it'll be more cheerful like the box.

     First let's check the swatch on my hand:

     Here goes on my lips:

01 Socialite Peach - nude coral peach.
02 Blushing Nude - light pink
05 Easy Brown - nude brown
06 Blooming Pink - pink maybe like soft fuchsia
08 Retro Red - red with a hint of pink
09 Vibrant Red - dark red with a hint of brown
10 Miss Terracotta - brown with a hint of pink
11 Choco Town - brown with a hint of plum

     Because i kinda make this review in kinda hurry and i haven't do any makeup since weeks ago, so i don't really have the full face version just yet. But i will try to update it soon. Anyway, most of the colors are great and i love most of the pigmentation, plus the texture is really nice. My favorite is no.6 a.k.a Blooming Pink because it's just nice to put on everyday, even without full makeup on it's really pretty. I love most of the shades though, the ones that i kinda less like are no.1 and no.2, simply because the shades doesn't do well on my complexion, they're just too light and pale for me. Keep in mine the colors might be different due to different skin tone and natural lip color, that's why it might appear different what's on my lips and what's on my hand.


    I love it so far! It has a nice smooth texture that glides smoothly on my lips. It turns matte fast enough and doesn't really stain when dried. It last quite long (more than 6hours without eating and only drink). Oh even though it last long, it doesn't really crack my lips, it dries my lips a little like most of matte lipstick, but it's not a biggie and still tolerable. Plus I love most of the shades and my favorite is Blooming Pink no.6!
     Even though most of them are great on the pigmentation, some of the colors need a few swipes to make it pop and cover the whole natural lip color. But i guess it's fine and still okay. So far for the price it's all good. Oh i also love the new box, it's really chic and catchy, i just don't really like the plain simple silver packaging inside though, i hope they'll change it hahhaa.

+ has 12 shades(even though i just try 8)
+ i love most of the colors
+ staying power are good (up to 6-7 hrs or more without eating)
+ no crack and doesn't really flakes
+ doesn't dry the lips too much
+ most of the pigmentation are great
+ light on the lips
+ buildable even after a few swipes
+ it has nice smooth creamy texture that glides smoothly
+ affordable
+ made in indonesia
+ i love the box

- dont really like the inside packaging, too plain hahhaa

Overall Rating: 4/5

     I love this! Well, you totally need to get yours fast because they're easily out of stock! Anyway that's all my review for now. See you guys on my next post!


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