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Review: Bulgari Omnia Choose Your Treat

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     The one you've been waiting for, I'm back with fragrance review! Well, I think most of you have already know this fragrance line: it's Bulgari Omnia! Which consist of quite many fragrances up until now (the last launching was Omnia Pink Sapphire). Now, Omnia back with a new campaign, consist of their 4 most wanted Omnia fragrances, called #ChooseYourTreat. Who's excited? I am excited! Let's just check em out!

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Name : Bulgari Omnia #ChooseYourTreat

  • Omnia Crystalline
  • Omnia Coral
  • Omnia Pink Sapphire
  • Omnia Amethyste
Content: 65ml.each
Made In : Italy
Price :  IDR 1.385k (around 130 USD ) each
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     As I mentioned before, Bulgari Omnia Fragrance is not a new thing, in fact there are been several fragrances from Bulgari Omnia collection through out the years. Omnia Fragrance collection inspired by vibrant gems, nature's splendid and precious creations. I've tried two of Omnia fragrances before, the Omnia Paraiba and Omnia Pink Sapphire. Happy to tell you guys, that I tried another three of Omnia collection; Crystalline, Coral and their best seller, Amethyste.

     The new campaign Choose Your Treat consist of the four Omnia Fragrance (Crystalline, Coral, Amethyste and Pink Sapphire), inspired by Italian's love of dolce and Italy's famed gelaterie and pasticcerie. With the Omnia brights bonbonlike bottles wrapped in a new beautiful boxes fit for a kaleidoscopic confectionery, Bulgari presented the limited time only; perfumery and pasticceria meld into a whimsical world of pleasure. Proving that the most delightful treat and irresistible eye-candy in town is undoubtedly an Omnia scent. Cute for your nose and eyes!

     I personally really enjoy this cute campaign of Bulgari Omnia. I mean, who can resist a really cute packaging? Especially when I went to their booth (i visited the pop up booth at Kota Kasablanka few weeks back), it's uber cute with candy like color and all. The booth was set up to capture all the joy and exuberance of the most charming confectionery. It melt my heart with joy. I don't know how many time I have to mention this, but I'm a sucker for packaging, especially the cute adorable ones.

     Well, let's move on how i perceived the scent of each Omnia.

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     Anyway, they picked the best seller of Omnia fragrance I guess, which consist of the fresh Omnia Crystalline (white bottle with cream box), fruity Omnia Coral (red coral bottle with coral box), sparkling Omnia Pink Sapphire (pink bottle with pink box), and floral Omnia Amethyste (purple bottle with purple box). Each Omnia scent comes in a 65ml bottle housed in an absolutely chic and playful limited edition box. Hear me out, this is limited edition, don't miss it.

     The bottle itself inspired by gem (like of course, thus the names). Formed by two rings flowing into each other, each flacon is meant to be displayed like a jewel. The shape mimics the symbol for infinity, representing the powerful feeling of abundance and the limitless feeling of freedom. Nothing is different about the bottle for this campaign, just like the regular Omnia.

     Look at the box, aren't they cute? With colorful tube boxes, totally reminded me of premium candy boxes. The only things bugging me is, why Crystalline has those cream color box, instead of white/silver like the bottle? I think it'll look more perfect if the matched the bottle with the box, just like the other three. Other that that I'm in love with the whole new limited packaging.


Omnia Crystalline

Top notes: bamboo, nashi pear.
Heart notes: lotus blossom.
Base notes: balsa wood.

     Created from the glowing clarity and purity of crystal, Omnia Crystalline is a luminous Eau de Toilette capturing the transparency of lotus flowers, the fruity freshness of nashi and the creaminess of balsa wood

     The scent somehow does feel clear and pure. It's a strong floral scent, really fresh, feminine and graceful. I mean I can totally imagine myself using a nice night gown, feeling radiant and pretty, with this Omnia Crystalline scent. I also feels a lil bit of warm smell from this scent. I like it, especially if this mixed with a princess-y gown. 

Omnia Coral

Top notes: goji berries, sparkling citrus allure.
Heart notes: hibiscus flower, fresh floral fruity scent.
Base notes: pomegranate, sweet tart aroma.

     Inspired by the shimmering hues of precious red coral, Omnia Coral is a radiant floral-fruity Eau de Toilette of tropical hibiscus and juicy pomegranate, reminiscent of summer, the sun, resplendent nature and far-off oceans.

     I guess this is one of the strongest scent compared to the other three. Mix of freshness of floral and a hint of sweetness from the fruit. Not too sweet though, in fact the scent feels really refreshing and kinda making me longing for traveling. Now my heart scream: Please someone let me be on a long (preferably near the beach/ocean) vacation! Like pleaseeeee.

     Back to my senses, idk, I guess this one is super nice to use if you're traveling somehow, maybe the scent feels a bit exotic in my nose. I like this one as well, even at first I don't really feel attracted to the scent. But I somehow grow to like it as well and in fact it actually smells nice. If you like a fresh scent with a bit of sweetness (not too sweet), this one is for you!

Omnia Pink Sapphire

Top notes: Fizzy pink pomelo and fusing pink pepper.
Heart notes: Solar frangipani and wild tiare flower.
Base notes: Vibrant wood & white musks.

     Omnia Pink Sapphire opened with the fusing and fizzy of sparkling citrus and pink pepper notes, inviting you to delight in unencumbered joy. The pink elixir then whisks your imagination to the faraway lands of Tahiti and Polynesia, home to the delicate velvety frangipani and wild tiara flower, the creamy floral heart of the fragrance. It wraps up with elegant white musks and deep anchor of multifaceted vibrant wood.

     The fragrance is fresh and fun, with a hint of feminine side, yet still powerful and high energy. Totally a rocking fragrance for someone with a young heart. This scent makes you feel energetic, but still cute. It also has a really strong scent, almost like the coral ones.

Omnia Amethyste

Top notes: pink grapefruit.
Heart notes: iris and bulgarian rose.
Base notes: heliotrope and woody notes.

     Inspired by the shimmering hues of the amethyst gemstone, this floral Eau de Toilette captures the myriad scents of iris and rose gardens caressed with morning dew.

     The scent is strong, like the other three. I quite like this fresh floral scent Omnia Amethyste has. The scent is simple, yet elegant and still playful, very floral-y, no hint of sweetness in it. But since i'm not a biggest sweet scent fans, I think this EDT smells really lovely. No wonder this became one of the best seller, it surely has a nice scent. But, if you prefer into more a sweet scent, this is not really for you, I guess.


     Well it's kinda hard to choose which Omnia I like best, because each can be perfect for different occasions. But if I have to choose, I kinda love the Crystalline and also Amethyste. But the again, I kinda like em all! Lol. Especially because the limited edition packaging is super duper cute. Can't resist.

     Really guys, go grab em (which ever you like best) FAST! I mean this is limited edition, and you'll regret if you miss this cute packaging. Well, if you're interested, you can find them at the nearest dept store. Better try em by yourself, by then you can choose the perfect one for you!

     That's all my review for now, i hope you enjoy it, especially because the packaging is pleasing the eyes so much! See you guys on my next post!


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