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Review: Bulgari Man Wood Neroli Eau de Parfum


     So sorry i haven't really been around my blog nor social media lately. But today i'm bringing you Bulgari Man Wood Neroli Eau de Parfum review! Well, i've been super lazy, I guess my way of coping the death of my Mom is by being lazy for the time being lol. Plus my baby Isa is lately making me suuupppperrrrr tired! You see, he won't eat (like almost a week, but phew he starting to eat again now), he also got this tummy ache and diarrhea, plus he's super cranky for the last few weeks and i'm totally emotionally drained (thankfully all better now!). So yes, my brain can't function well to actually update my blog or any other social media i own. 

     Anyway, forget my babbling. Like i mention before, today i'll review the new Bulgari Parfums. Yup, this one is for man, sorry ladies, but no worries, after this review publish, i'll also review the new Bulgari for woman, which is Bulgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight! But now, let's check on this Bulgari Man review first!

Blog Label: red
Brand : Bulgari
Name : Bulgari Man Wood Neroli Eau de Parfum 
Content: 100ml
Made In : Italy
Price : IDR k (around USD )
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     A tribute to Bulgari's Italian roots, Bulgari Man Wood Neroli Fragrance represents a new chapter in the narrative that all began with Man Wood Essence, creating a new connection between man and nature.

      The perfumer behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. He created a scent that uses every part of the bitter orange tree, BVLGARI MAN WOOD NEROLI Eau de Parfum is a metaphor for man himself, and his essential qualities. The roots of the tree are his anchor, his unconscious. The trunk - his physical body: branches, leaves and fruit symbolize his aura, or innate radiance.  

Top notes: Fresh & Energezing - Bergamot Essence & Neroli Essence.
Middle notes: Woody & Elegant - Orange Blossom, Cedarwood, Virginia Essence. 
Base note: Magnetic & Sensual - Amber Woody Accord, Ambergris Accord, White Musk.

     So, i tried this perfume to my husband, brother and my dad. I also tried it for my self (at home), so i can get a better perspective in reviewing this men fragrance. But, my dad already claimed this perfume, so Ichi will just stick with his old fragrance, lol.

     Here goes the packaging!

     The packaging dressed in an olive green color box with a touch of platinum gold, very nature alike yet still sophisticated. The bottle itself  is simple but looks real cool. It has this gradation color effect, making it looks so beautiful.

     The perfume is also easy to use, as it has no cap. You can simply twist the sprayer (ON if the sprayer faced to the front and OFF if you twist it to the left). Let's also not forget the wood like pattern embossed on the top of the sprayer with Bulgari writings circling it. I really ship the bottle.

     As for the scent, I guess i already mentioned a few times how i mostly love the scent made by Alberto Morillas, and this one doesn't fail me either. At first spray, you'll definitely feel fresh and energize, it really brightens the day. Then it'll become warmer as time goes by, warm, but you can smell the fresh sweet citrus scent (from the orange blossom i supposed). But not that sweet, it's more like fresh, with a itsy bitsy hint of sweet citrus, very subtle. Later on it'll still fresh, but more warm & woody, very nice overall.

     I think it quite capture the sophisticated, yet still has this 'nature' feeling. Like you can smells amazingly using this at a party, but still blend with nature yet you choose to use this perfume to go hiking/camping or anything nature related activity. I personally really like the scent. My brother and Ichi also said the same thing. The scent is refreshing. As for the longevity i'll update soon when i already use it more than 6hr.

     If you're looking for a fresh, woody scent, i think you might like this one. So don't hesitate to give the scent a try if you're out to dept store or something. If you like it, put it on your shopping bag, lol.

Rating 4.5/5 


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     That's all for now, i hope you enjoy this review. Please do share when you try and love this perfume! Anyway, stay tuned for my Bulgari Rose Goldea Blossom Eau de Parfum review (Published! READ HERE!).

 See you for now.



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