Sunday, March 23, 2014

300 Movie: Artemisia Makeup Inspired (with quick tutorial)

Hey adorable angels~

     I actually wanted to post this last week, but other things make this post delayed for a while.
     Well, weeks ago i watched '300 rise of an empire' movie with my boyfriend, i love the first 300 movie, other than the smokin' sexy Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, i also really like the story~ So i didnt want to miss this movie as well, basically the story happened in the same time as the first movie setting, only if the first 300 focus on the Spartans and this second movie focus is on Greek, mostly their war leader, Themistocles. If you havent see the movie, go watch it! It's cool, but it contains some sexy scene (mostly got cut in Indonesian theater) and violence (lots of blood, body parts and people got killed), so dont bring children, please.
Source: google

Here's the trailer:
Source: youtube
     But one thing that caught my eyes most of the time was Artemisia. You see that dark looking lady on the trailer? Yeah, thats her. She's so pretty and cool. Here's some picture of her that found on google.

Source: google 
This is Artemisia. See, see, she looks awesome right?
     Since the first time i saw her, i really like her character, which is very well played by Eva Green. So dark and mysterious,hahaha i should admit that when i was in high school i was really interested on the dark side, like gothic things, skeleton, vampire and yaddaa yadaa.. (dont get me wrong, im still afraid with scary looking ghost, indonesian ghost mostly). So when i saw this Artemisia, lets just say my dark side take over once more hahahha.
     Then after i went home and done with the movie, i just thought, "hmmm why not make Artemisia makeup look? It's been a quite long time i didnt do a dark makeup lady look". Based on that thought, late at night i prepare my makeup thingy and started doing this look!
     Of course i need to make my chubby face looks a bit thinner (since you see, Artemisia's face is so thin). But i dont apply too much makeup, since it was already night and way too much makeup gonna make me feel sleepy, thanks to my dark circles, i dont need to fake my tired annoyed face hahhaa.
So here it goes!
     Well i look so tanned with flash, anyway i know i look nowhere near the beautiful Artemisia, but yeah, i tried at least the make up look a bit the same hahhaa. I have a quick tutorial for this, well it's really easy and simple!
1. Apply eyeshadow base
2. Put some light brown as base all over your eyelid
3. Draw line with your eyeliner pencil and make it winged
4. Fill the lid with black eyeshadow and the make it look thicker with applying black gel liner (or just one of them it's okay too, whatever you think enough)
5. Apply black liner on your waterline and also below the waterline, then connect the down line with upper winged line.
6. Apply mascara for upper and bellow lashes, then add natural false lashes.

It's really easy right?
Here's some other picture of my makeup inspired by Artemisia!

Product Used:
-Makeover Corrective Base Makeup - 02 Greenish
-Sariayu Foundation - Kuning Langsat
-Sariayu Loose Powder - Kuning langsat
-Makeover Face Contour Kit

-Viva Eye Base Gel
-The Balm Nude 'tude - Black Serious
-MUA Secret Fashion Gel Liner - Black Fashion Mogul
-Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara
-D'eyesee False Lashes - 4092

Maybelline Color Sensational - B42 Buff
NYX Lipstick - LSS 628 tea rose

Thats is! Thanks for reading!



  1. Suka bangettt..
    Make up nya mirip! Look so fierce and sexy!

    1. thaaankkks! hihihi iya, artemisia makeup nya kece :D

  2. Kereeeeeeeeen.. mirip abis makeupnya.. ya ampuun..

    1. hihihi thaaaanks! Senang dibilang mirip makeup nya hehhe

  3. itu palette VS-nya bikin ngiri sumpah </3 ..
    btw nice tutorial ! :D

    1. hihihi beli aja, aku jual tu cuma satu, soalnya uda punya (nyokap beliin lagi) bagus loohh,isinya lengkap hahahhaha *racun*

  4. awww keren banget!
    aku jg suka bgt sm makeupnya, spanjang film cm bs menatap iri dan pengen huahahha XD

    1. hihihihi thanks! kl ce rini mah aturan lbh mudah kl recreate ini, kan mukanya uda tiruuss hehe :D

    2. tapi aku ga biasa main shading2an., sdgkan dia itu kliatan jelas shadingnya jd kliatan ky tirus banget gt XD

  5. Hello Ola ^_^
    Senang bisa bertemu denganmu :)

    Sorry ak ud coba follow blogmu dr hp. Tp karena koneksi internet jelek sering kputus. Semoga km mngerti.
    Ak follow km ketika udah pindah rmh yaa :)

    Aku suka mitologi Yunani. Artemis ini saudara kmbrnya Apollo. Love your eyemakeup & style :D Apalagi shadingnya cakep bgt :D

    P.s: aku suka style km wktu event Lancome. Keren. Oiaa sorry tissuemu kbawa sama ak haha >_<

    1. heyaa, hehehe gapapa kok, santai aja, bisa follow kapan aja^^
      and nice to meet you too!

      Makasih uda stopping by n muji2 hahhaha :D
      hihihi gpp, tisue doang :P