Sunday, March 16, 2014

International Women's Day Surprise Gift Box From Vanity Trove

Adorable! Im back!

     Today i want to share my gift box from Vanity Trove! Few days ago, I shared my thought about International Women's Day (IWD) on VT page and got this surprise box from vanity trove consist of three full size product.

im a woman and proud! happy international woman's day! Im proud that i was born as a woman: as a woman, we may look weak and weird at times, but we're all actually a super woman! Why? we take care of our man, we cook, we can get money of our own, we're smart, we deliver babies to this world and so many other great things! Sometimes we do all of them in the same time without even complaining! sorry boys, doesnt mean we underestimated you, but we have our weaknesses and so are you, rather than pointed them at each other, we better respect each other. We are women, we are capable of doing something great, we need to be respected and treated equally. But we're also loveable! ♥♥ 

     Some people who share the thoughts about got this surprise box and gladly, im one of them! Few days after the announcement, the box finally arrived to my house! Wohooo another VT box! (i love the box and it can be use for many things after).
     Well, this box is kinda different with the one i got back then (i bought a beauty box for IDR 180k, read me un-boxing the box HERE). The first one i have was a bit greenish and look a bit vintage for me, but this one is cuter (at least i think it's way more adorable, since it contains my fave color at the moment)!
Here it goes!
It arrived with the same paper bag as before with VT sticker to hold the paper bag's lid.

 Just pulled the sticker to open the paper bag.

The box wrapped nicely with bubble wrap and VT sticker to keep the bubble wrap in place.

TADAAAAAAAAA! As you can see, this box is white and pink! So cute!! I like this one better rather than the one i had before. 

Unlike the tagline on the other box i had, in the side of the box has this tagline "beautiful surprise" and also has their website address stated.

Same like the other box, you can pull the ribbon in the bottom of this box to pull out the inside box. 

Here are what inside the box! Surpriseeee~

I got 3 full size of Vaseline healthy white range. Well, to tell you the truth i was expecting something more surprising (because i surely can but this easily in the nearest mini market), but im still happy because i love vaseline and it's the brand i use recently (even thought im not using the healthy white range), so it's lovely, i dont have to buy it again when mine is running out and i can try this healthy white range as well!

First, it's Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum 

 Second, it's Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair

Third, it's Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair


     I cant wait to try them as well, since lately i feel my skin is getting darker and darker, and i surely need something to make it bright again (my mom keeps complaining why i turn darker, blah). So i hope this Vaseline range could help me! What i need to remember is to put them everyday, well, i have this lazy behavior that i keep on forgetting to take care of my skin, so yeah, i need a reminder maybe hehhee.

Thanks to Vanity Trove for the cute little surprise! Im lovin' em :)

That's all for now! I hope you enjoy reading this!
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I love you adorable angels!


  1. the box packaging is nice, but it's rather strange indeed because it only contains Vaseline :S Hope your skin will get brighter.


    1. hahhaa yeah, but cant complain much since it's a gift hahhaa, but at least im happy with the box packaging :3
      thanks for visiting :)

  2. isinya kurang mengejutkan hahaha tapi lumayanlah. sama aku juga termasuk males dan suka lupaan pake lotion

    1. hihihi iya, kotaknya doang yg cakep, isinya ngga surprise amat, smoga sm aku kepake deh, sayang kalo lupa melulu hehhee
      thanks uda mampir :D