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Estee Lauder Beauty Event Report at Taman Anggrek (Feb, 21st)

Hello my adorable angels!

     Right now i want to share my experience when i attended a beauty event held by Estee Lauder! Wohoo, it was fun for sure!

     I got my invitation from cc Lidia (dont forget to visit her blog by clicking her name, she has an amazing giveaway going on!) and i also asked my friend, Ochi, to join the event too (the generous cc Lidia gave her the invitation too!)
Anyway it was my first time to join a event with invitation like that and i was so exciting. So they have this makeup demo with their MUA from Korea, the name is William Kim and he was so friendly and nice. He cant speak indonesian (and i didnt hear him talk in english as well, idk) so he had this super friendly interpreter, Mayang. 
     At first i was scared of the idea of meeting new people, i mean its kinda hard for me sometimes to break the ice and i need the other person to come talk to me first (most of the time), im just being shy at first, but once you know me, hahaha im very talkative :D
     So when i greeted ce Lidia, she responded really nice and warm, i was glad that i didnt have to look awkward. I even tried to be confident and asked her to take photos with me. Well it was going nice i supposed hehehe, at least i didnt freak out or stay in awkward silence.

 me and my bestie, Ochi
 ce Lidia and I

(sorry about my bare face, i was only able to put on my lipstick, because i was late, traffic jam suck)

 From left to right: Mas Erfan (Estee Lauder PR) - Mayang (mr.Kim's intepreter) - Mr. William Kim - Mba Sophia (MC)

 Mas Erfan, Mayang, Mr Kim and the makeup demo model (i dont know here name >_<)
Makeup supply for the demo

Skip it.
     Anyway, on the makeup demo, Mr. Kim showed us how to apply foundie, eyeshadow and lipstick, in the right way and how to make it doesnt look too much. Oh, before he started with the makeup, he said that as indonesian girl, who live in tropical island and exposed to the sun most of the time, we better use a moisturizer or sunblock or any face lotion to protect our skin of getting dry and fry up by the heat.We better use it whether we want to put on makeup or not, because it simply to protect our face, and the other benefits are the makeup will stick better to our face and of course it will make our face look a bit glow-y (and dewy if you put it a bit more, just like korean girls do).

     Then he explained that we should not put too much foundie on middle area of the face (like eyes,lips and nose), but put some foundie or whatever it is on your palm and use it little by little on the side areas, but instead of putting the foundie on your middle area, use whatever left on the brush or your finger and blend it with the side areas well. For the eyes area, you might want to use your ring finger (some says, it is the most weak of all fingers) to blend foundie or concealer, since you might not want to give pressure to that area way too much or else the elasticity of the eyes area might be reduced by the pressure, trust me, you wont have that wrinkle so soon right?

     And about applying the powder, loose or compact; he said dont apply it by swap it way to tense, but take some of the powder with brush (if its loose powder) and before apply it to your face tap the handle on your hand so the excess will fall off and apply it in your face by tap rolling it smoothly. And if it's pressed powder and you use the sponge, tap the sponge's one side to its other side like your going to fold it, so the powder will spread evenly on the sponge then after that, use it on your face by tapping it smoothly. Doing it this way will make the powder application doesnt look too thick.

     When fixing the eyebrow, dont make it too thick, or else you're going to scare people and look grumpy. Instead, make it look light in the inner eyebrow, then thicker and sharp in the outer eyebrow. You can start by shave your eyebrow (or just use concealer later like i do most of the time), brush it, then draw a line (whatever style you want your eyebrow to look like, straight like korean eyebrow or sexier eyebrow look like anastasia beverly hills do), and then fill in from the middle to outer eyebrow with your fave eyebrow pincil or gel or shade, whatever. Also fill the inner eyebrow by brushing the eyebrow so the color will blend well and it will appear lighter that the rest of the eyebrow part.

     Mr. Kim also said that when applying eyeshadow better tap it or swipe it in one direction rather than swipe it without direction or swipe it back and forth. The color will emerge better and less excess is going to fall under your eyes. Then he said, to make your eyes look bigger you might want to put lighter shade in your inner eyes part and darker shade on outer part (around outer v).

 Mr. Kim gave us a NO sign related to apply eyeshadow by swipe it back and forth

     Also Mr.Kim shared few tips on how to put eyeliner in easier way: which is using a small mirror and put it on a table (shorter that your eyes), then look down and apply your eyeliner, this way you can see the line better without have to close one of your eyes and pull the corner of the eyes with your finger (thats what i do most of the time ahhahaa). And he said instead of draw on straight line one at the time, better draw it little by little, you can start it from the middle of the upper eyelash, draw small short line repeatedly and carefully to both side until it become on nice line. With this technique you can avoid the super thick line as a result, because if it's not quite the same yet with the other eye, you can fix it better with adding another small short line.

     Then Mr. Kim also said that when using mascara, you might want to start from the root to give it more natural look, thick in the root and light in the upper area. First by using your mascara horizontally and apply it in zigzag motion, then also use the tip of your mascara bristle and apply it normally after that. After putting your mascara, you can close your eyes while hold the eyelashes with your finger and wait about 15sec or so. It will naturally curl your eyelashes without have to use eyelashes curler (im so happy to find out that it's not only me who curl the eyelashes this way, since my friends stared at me in a weird way when i showed them how i curl my eyelashes with my finger by holding it for a quite moment, because i dont like using eyelashes curler, so knowing that Mr. Kim and probably other MUA did the same, makes me kind of relieve hahhaha)

     Now to the blush part, Mr.Kim said applying blush have the same way like when you use powder with brush. First swipe the brush in the pressed blush and tap it a few times on your hand so the excess will fall off, then tap rolling it on your cheek area, then after that to make it more evenly, swipe it from your cheek area up to near your near ear area (but dont swipe it back and forth, instead swipe it only in one direction sideways cheek to near upper ear).

     Then for the lips area, in korea, most boy always melt for a cute girl, which is why dont put too much lipstick for daily, but if you want to give a sexy look, full lips is always a perfect option. Anyway he said, instead of put the lipstick all over you lips directly without brush, you might want to use the brush, and put it little by little on your middle areas of the lips and not fully draw the lips with your lipstick.

And tadaaa you're done with the look!
Phew sorry it was very long, i need almost two days to remember all of the tips, but i want to share it to you guys, because i found it was very helpful to create a nice light makeup look that doesnt look TOO MUCH.

     After the makeup demo, while waiting Mr. Kim to finish the other side of the model's face (he only did it once side first to show us the different), me and my friend tried this skin checker device, which can show you what skin tone you actually have so you will not choosing the wrong foundation shade ever again.
here's the special skin tone device

my friend was trying the device

me! hahhaa sorry about the annoying expressions

     so, for checking the skin, we need to check three part of the face; forehead, cheek and chin. After that the results will come out and the attendant will tell you about the skin tone. Mine has this light, brown and a bit bronze tone (at least that was what i remember), he said that my foundie shade should be about number 2-3. My friend got 3-4. Well at least now i know what shade i should choose when i want to buy foundie next time, since my foundie now is number 4 (from MakeOver) and it is to dark. If i use it i will look a bit tanned, but sometimes i like it, but usually i mix it with my another foundie with lighter shade (Sariayu - Kuning Langsat). Then after the check i got two samples! Well i dont know if the samples is random or not, because me and my friend got the same shade, 1W2 Sand 36. I havent try it though. 
And theeen, Makeover timeee!! 
     Yaaayy i actually got this opportunity to get a makeover from him (i asked a lot of question, thanks for Mayang who was translating every question and answer hahaha)
Happy face hahhaa, i normally doesnt look this happy to get a makeover, but he was so nice that even though we didnt understand each other, we talk quite a lot, again, thanks to Mayang as the intepreter <3

     First he shaved my eyebrow, i actually kinda didnt want it at first, because im way to lazy to continue the routine of shaving/plucking eyebrow.. hahhaha but then i said yes anyway, i mean i want to know how the professional shave my eyebrow hahaha. Well, he only shaved a bit on my under eyebrow part, he said my eyebrow already looks good that he didnt want to do much of it, he even rejected to fill my eyebrow with eyebrow pencil or something, he said he will leave it like that, he likes my eyebrow already (see, wondering why i was so happy meeting him? he always gave me a lot of compliments from the beginning to the end of the makeover *blush*)

after he applied moisturizer, foundie and powder to my bare face

     Once again, he reminded me to put on moisturizer anytime and anywhere so my skin would be protected from heat and burning sun in Indonesia (thanks Mr. Kim i'll try to remember it). And he also explained again to me how to apply the foundie and powder (he was so nice sharing this over again only because i wanted to know more). But i already shared all the tips above, that were mix from what i saw and heard on his demo and also while he gave me a makeover, it's already all. 
      When he asked what kind of makeup i want to get, i said i want him to do korean makeup look, guess what he said? He evicted me while laughing and saying something in korean (Mayang said he told me that i should just go if i want to get a korean makeup look, because my bare face is already look like korean look, so he doesnt need to do anything else) Hahhahaa, i was flattered of course!
Then i should explained to him that i wanted to get a natural makeup look hahaha *blush*

     Then he choose the eyeshadow colors for me, it was light-dark brown and light gold. He also trip when he tried to take this eyeshadow palette in the Estee Lauder counter, hahhaa me and mayang freaked, but then he laughed and said that he was just kidding and did that on purpose, yeah sure hahaha (he also said he already asked this palette but they forgot to put it on the makeup table near him, so he should take it by himself to be quick)

      He also reminded me again how to apply the eyeshadow and reminded dont swipe it back and forth. He used a darker brown for my outer v, light brown on my crease and light gold on my eyelid. It looked pretty and natural, i like it!

     Well, he also told me again how to put on the eyeliner in easier way, like i already stated above.

      While he applied mascara, he also reminded me again to apply it from the root area, swipe it from the root to make it look thicker and longer. 

 Here, how he held my eyelashes with his finger to curl it. It was about 10-15 sec or so, i dont really remember.

      My lipstick shade was somehow still there (after a few hours), so he said my lipstick color was already good, but he will put on something even better. He choose light pink shade and applied it fully on my lips, not only in the middle of the lips. But i didnt ask why.

Me again, hahhaaa

And tadaaaa! Done!

     See, it looked natural right? My friend even said that i didnt look like wearing makeup hahahhaa (no makeup- makeup look success hahhaa)
 Her turns! My friend with her bare face ready to get make over!

 She was choosing the makeup look, she choose the smokey look at last 

 Me, interfere the makeover by taking selfies hahahhaa

Even Mayang could not resist not to take a glance at camera hahhaa

     Yay! We were done with the makeover from Mr. Kim! Smokey look for Ochi and natural look for me! We were soooo pretttyyy right hahhahahhaa *kidding*

Thats it! Mwahahhaa, here are some other pic!
 Me and Mr. Kim right after the makeover.
Thanks for all the compliment, Mr. Kim, you're really kind!

 Me, Ochi and Mayang :3

Ochi, Me, Mas Erfan and Ce Lidia

Me and Mas Erfan

 Mr. Kim, Ochi and I 
Last but not least, i got goodie bag!

    What inside: purple-pink floral makeup pouch, advance time zone cream (sample and real size), eyeshadow pure color palette, sumptuous extreme mascara, pure color lip gloss, pure color lipstick, and advance night repair serum. 

     Too bad that they only give the sample size of the serum hahhahaha, really interested for long-term usage of the serum, since it's quite pricey if i buy it with my own money, but im afraid that it doesnt have any effect on me. Well, i have to be happy and use all of the sample serum i got (maybe it could last for a month?)
I havent try anything else, except the serum (it's my third day of using it, nothing different yet, going to update later on when the serum is already run out). 

     So the goodie bag is quite wow right, hahhaa, and i cant wait to try the stuff soon! 
     That's all, im sorry if it's reallyyyyyy a long post, but i want to make sure that i share the tips with you guys and i really hope you will find this event report helpful.

Thanks for reading, adorable!



  1. Looks like fun! I always wanted to try those skintone devices. I Heard they have those at Sephora too!, They seem very useful.
    Glad I found your blog!, Following :)
    Check my blog if you like, I would appreciate it ^.^

    1. Hey! yes you should probably try it too! At least it makes easiest to choose foundie/powder shade closer to your natural shade hehehe.
      Thanks for following, i did follow your gfc too and i read your posts! Lovely!