Monday, March 24, 2014

Mardi Grass Makeup Look

Adorable angels, im baackk!

     I just want to share my abstract makeup that i made for Mardi Gras few weeks ago. Well i know it's super late, but better than nothing! Hahaha. At first i have no plan to do this makeup, since in Indonesia we dont really celebrate it. But then one of MUA on my instagram have this mardi gras makeup contest. And then i got interested.

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     So actually i was kinda late knowing the contest, that i made it few hours before the closing time and too bad i didnt make it (i was 15 mins late), but at least i had some fun playing with makeup! Well i didnt really have any reference or a concrete idea about what my makeup look going to turn out, it just happened, thats why it was kinda abstract hahhahaa. But i also made it colorful! Since Mardi Gras is a carnival after all, carnival would be boring without pretty colors right? Hehehe
     I dont have a tutorial for this look, as i said it just happened, but i have some picture while doing the makeup!
Here it goes!

well to tell you the truth, i had no idea what i was going to make, and i had no idea what i draw with my black liner -.-
And these are some pics after i colored the abstract drawing that i made hahhaa

Quite colorful eh? I used my Sariayu Eyeshadow Palette to colored the mask and it turned out pretty much shimmery. Well I know it looks super weird and not that pretty hahhaa, but i had fun messing with my face!

Product Used:
- Makeover Corrective Base Makeup - 02 Greenish
- Makeover Foundation - 04 Amber Rose
- Sariayu Foundation - Kuning Langsat
- Missha Under Eye Brightener - Natural Beige
- Sariayu Loose Powder - Kuning langsat
- Viva Pencil Eyeliner - Black
- MUA Secret Fashion Gel Liner - Black Fashion Mogul 

- Viva Eye Base Gel
- Sariayu 25 Eyeshadow Palette
- MUA Secret Fashion Gel Liner - Black Fashion Mogul
- BazaGalaxDor Eyeliner Pencil - No. 19
- Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara
- Martha Tilaar False Eyelashes - A521
- Contact Lens Exoticon Ice No.1 - Brown

- NYX Lipstick - LSS 628 tea rose
- Maybelline Color Sensational - CB41 Coral Pink

Thats it my makeup look with Mardi Gras theme~
I hope you enjoy this simple post!



  1. Wehheeee kedjee sekali , kalo ada mask party gitu bisa diterapkan hehehe

    Artsy bgt dear....

    1. hahhaha thanks! Bisa2, cuma pasti gatel deh muka pengen ku garuk hahhaa

      thanks uda stopping by :*

  2. Kyaaaaa~ it is wonderful! XD
    sorry to hear that you couldn't make it to join the contest :(
    but still, it's super wonderful~ :D

  3. thaaaankkss! Iya hahha telat bbrp menit doang..Heheh jadi malu, karya2 lenongan mu lebih kece kok, hihihi xD

    thanks ya uda mampir :*

  4. wow! keren banget makeup nya. it looks pretty!


  5. Auzola, I nominate you for Liebster award ya :))