Sunday, March 9, 2014

Makeup Class by Makeover Indonesia with Lizzy Parra at Kota Kasablanka (February 22, 2014)

Adorable angels, im baack!

     Okay so now i want to share my experience in a makeup class that i attended weeks ago at Kota Kasablanka Mall, specifically at Churreria Restaurant beside MakeOver counter. Of course, it was held by MakeOver Indonesia with MUA Lizzie Parra as the tutor. The price was IDR 200k.

The theme was kinda late to be decided, about a day or two before the makeup class, Lizzie Parra finally choose the theme, it was the 50s makeup look!

     So to tell you guys the truth, i never attend any makeup class before, since i prefer to practice on my own. But that day i was curious about this makeup class and my mom said i can join it, so ended up attend the class. I arrived at about 10.00, some people were already there. First i got to sign the attendance paper first, and then the PR (public relation) of Makeover gave me this goodie bag (yay! but kinda disappointed when i opened it, it was only one lipstick and one voucher, the paper bag was too big only for that two items, but oh well, better than nothing right).

     So it was raining heavily that day, some people stuck in traffic or something, and the makeup class was a bit delayed, but no worries about that as i had a chance to meet new people. I met a new friend, named Ayu, she said she only been to a makeup class twice with this, and both held by Makeover, except the other one was with MUA Aurelia. At first i was afraid meeting new people (like i told you in before post, i might freak out or acting weird like a socially impaired girl), but i said to my self, "come on, you like making new friend, not all people will approach first, sometimes you have to make the first move". So then i greeted her after asking her whether i could sit beside her or no. Apparently she was my age (judging by the same year we got to college) and she loves makeup too, even though she's not a beauty blogger.

     The seat could be for four people, but it seems that everyone came there with a friend/s, so no one as lonely as i was (im not alone, my bf was there too, but he was sitting quite far in the back, but you know what i mean).
     Oh, there were too many people (in my opinion), about 20 perhaps, i didnt really count, but yeah i was kinda too much i guess. Anyway the lighting was kinda bad too, it was a bit dark and seriously, not really comfy to put on makeup (especially for beginners), since it might confused you like: 'is my makeup enough? is the eyeshadow colors pop out? do my contour is too much?', yeah something like that. The makeup supply looked awesome at first, but well, let me elaborate later.

I already have few complains, im so sorry but i guess i will complain a bit much.

     Anyway when Lizzy went to the front with the model and started the makeup class, another lady came up and asked us whether she could sit with us or no. Of course we said yes, because it was an empty seat. Well we talked about the makeup class before i finally asked her name and her name is Yurista (yay got two new friends).

      Before it starts, Lizzie told us that in this makeup class we get accompanied by some of Makeover's attendants, which we should call "miss" if we need some help, because Lizzie couldnt see us one by one all the time, since she was going to demonstrated the makeup in the front. And after that some of the 'Miss' approached us offering a eyebrow shaver or a wet tissue to clean up our face. Then after we have this bare face (before face) the PR gave an introduction, so did Lizzie and then the demo was begin.
my bare sleepy face (i couldnt sleep the other night)

 Ayu - me - Yurista with bare faces

 The PR (sorry i forgot the name) gave us an opening

 The PR also introduced Lizzie Parra

Lizzie Parra gave an opening plus gave an introduction for her models, her name is Azalia ( i remembered is simply because she has the same name like my last name)

     First Lizzie told us to apply Makeover serum as base and moisturizer. Then told us to apply the face primer from Makeover, green for reddish skin and purple for a dull skin (i applied the green one since my skin a bit reddish because of acne problem). After that she demonstrated how to put the foundie, she used brush, but she said that we can use hand or brush. But i didnt see how she put on the foundie long enough since i have to catch up (means i have to put on my foundie too or else i might get left behind). I mixed no.2 and no.3 of Makeover foundie to get my shade, even though actually im not so sure it was close to my shade or no, since like i told you, lighting problem, but Ayu and Yurista said it match my skin.
my face with foundie ~

     Well, when i was still trying to put on my foundie all over my face, Lizzie already moved on how to contour the face (seriously it was too fast, Ayu and Yurista havent done yet too). Contouring was the hardest thing i did there, why?? because i couldnt really see if the contour was already dark enough or the highlight was already shown enough, because of the freaky lighting. When i thought i havent put enough of the contour, then on of the 'Miss' came to check on us and said i put way too dark. Suddenly it confused me, well i always hate doing makeup in minimum lighting (thats why i put on two big lamps on my room plus one small table lamp). Anyway i managed to applied it somehow. And i couldnt really see what Lizzie was doing or listen to what she said completely while putting on the makeup (my suggestion is: letting the participant watch the demo first before let they start to do it, like demo on how to put foundie, then after that let the participant try to put on the foundie and so on).

     After that we draw our eyebrow (didnt really see how she did it too) and the eye makeup, and then the lips and then the cheek yada yada. Lets just say it was like when i put on makeup by myself at home alone, only i wasnt alone. Oh in the middle of putting the makeup, one other lady (which was late because of the rain i guess) with a 'Miss' came to our seat, the 'Miss' said she can sit with us, since there were only three of us and the seat is for four people (i mention that right). Her name is Rizna and three of us trying to explain to her what to apply so she could catch up.

     Anyway, sorry to say that i dont really learn much of the techniques, but it was fun doing makeup with some friends. And the makeup supply was, well.... arent enough. The brush was already ugly (thank god i bring my own brushes), some of the makeup that were supposed to be used arent there or just one product, so you have to share and wait (i mean the demo keep on walking and we were waiting for each other to be done with the applying something), and sometimes one of the 'Miss' took the product because the other table simply dont have the product and need it too, which we havent done on using yet sometimes. And oh, the false eyelashes was horrible, too long and way too fake (maybe thats what they can get with the budget, but i bought a really cheap false lashes with a better condition than that), i mean its okay for a weird or massive makeup look, but doesnt really fit for a 50s makeup in my opinion, so i ended up not wearng those lashes.
i guess it doesnt fit for a 50s look right ?

So it was kinda messed up for me.

     Lizzie sometimes bring the model to the back so we could see, but still i couldnt see and know the technique clearly, so it was just the same like i saw a pic on google and tried to remake the look. Not really learn much, i think i learned more from MUA William Kim at Estee Lauder event rather than on the makeup class. A bit disappointed, but oh well, it was a new experience for me. Too bad though, i quite admire Lizzie's makeup and i was interesting on learning with an expert, but oh well.

Here are some pics after we were done with the look!
Ayu and I 

 Ayu - me - Yursita

 Ayu - me - Yurista - Rizna

 Ayu and I 


 I look like im going to attend a Chinese new year party instead of going on a date in the 50s

do i look sexy enough with this cat eyeliner and red lips? *kisses*

     After the makeup look was done, Lizzie had to pick one ladies with the best makeup (i was 100% sure it wasnt me) while we enjoyed our snack from Churreria. And while we at it too, the PR said that one lady with the best tweet (also can post on instagram) will get an eyeshadow palette for free. Well, i was glad, because at the time she said that i was editing pictures of that day to post it on my instagram, and my instagram is connected with my twitter, so i can try my luck.

I said the truth there, i only leave out the complaining, and yeah i will come again i guess if there's going to be another makeup class (lets just say i still have this tiny little faith that i actually learn something next time)

     And amazingly i won the best tweet, wow i was so happy! I mean i wanted to buy that palette and now i get it for free.Buuuuuuttttttt, after the class was done and i was with my bf at the car, i opened the goodie bag to see the prize i just won, and then i got a bit disappointed,  the expiry date is on 10/14. Bah, few months ahead. And not to be grumpy, i know i won it for free, but please have a respect, you company must not think of us as a personal trash can right? I mean it's like you try to dispose the 'soon to be expire' product by giving it to us, it's not nice. Why dont you gave us new product instead? With this way surely it will kinda make the company looks bad doesnt it, for giving the almost expire stuff? I speak the truth because, come on, we're not a trash can. Im so happy i get it, i smiled and hug my bf after i got it and i was really thankful, but this kinda pissed me off a bit (since few weeks before i bought an almost expired stuff too from Makeover, i should be more careful next time, you guys too!).

And I hope they didnt do it on purpose.

But yeah, im happy getting a new toy even though it gonna ended up on my trash can in a few months.

     Anyway we got this photo session too with Lizzie Parra while waiting our certificate. She was nice and kind! That was it, my experience attending a makeup class. But dont worry, im still curious with this kinda makeup class, and probably im going to attend it again next time (from Makeover or else). Because even i dont get much of the knowledge, im still happy to spend sometimes doing makeup with other people and of course, making new friends! As i always say, it always nice to make new friends :)

 Ayu - me - Yurista - Rizna : enjoying our snack from Churreria

Lizzy Parra and I

Yurista - me - Lizzie Parra - Rizna - Ayu

Me and my sweet boyfriend who waited all day (he even fell asleep on his car, poor him) i loveee him!

 Yay! Certificate and goodie bag!

Inside my goodie bag: A photo, lipstick, voucher and a eyeshadow palette that i won!

As conclusion:
Good things:
- learning makeup together
- make new friends
- see a bit how professional do the makeup
- goodie bag
- fun times
- new experience
- place to learn how to socialize
- exciting

Bad things:
- too many people
- cant see how the professional do the makeup clearly
- learned way too few technique
- bad lighting
- almost expired prize
- low stock on makeup supply

     Anyway still, Thanks Makeover for the makeup class and thanks for Lizzie Parra as the tutor. I hope Makeover can held a better and more organized makeup class in the future (and giving a fresh product).
Sorry for the complains, but i tried to be truthful here.

Thats it guys, i hope you enjoy what i write, my complains, my opening story and else!
If you have any makeup class experience or any thought, just leave comment! I will sure read and reply it!

See ya on next post sweetie pie!


p.s im still sad and wounded *ignoreit*


  1. aku pernah ikutan juga beauty class maover beberapa bulan lalu.. dan yup, lizzie terlalu cepat ngajarinnya.. tau2 uda counturing, pke eyshadow, lipstick dll... padahal masih banyak peserta lain yg belum selesai ngaplikasiin make upnya..

    but, is fun~~ meeting with new ppl and experince the new things is fun~~

    nice review ^0^

    1. iya emang agak cepet, mungkin krn waktunya d batesin juga kali ya? Tapi aku cukup ketinggalan, mo ambil2 pic pas lagi makeup aja susaaah, ngga kepikiran lagi hehhee, tapi iya fun :3

      Makasih uda mampiir :D

  2. aduh... ingin coba ikutan workshop make up kaya gini tapi belum sempet2 aja. tapi kayanya emang harus selektif milih workshop nya deh, secara kan kita juga bayar.
    anyway,I am glad that you won the best tweet and seems like u had a fun day with your new friend!

    nice post ya!

    1. Hahhaha mungkin karena cuma 200rb kali ya makanya jadi ngga wah2 banget, hehehe, tapi yg female daily kl g salah ya kmaren juga 200rb n lebih terlihat comfy dr picture2 nya. Yah tapi lumayan buat pengalaman n senang2 hahhaha

      Thanks ya uda mampir <3

  3. Hai Ola, aku yang menang best make up dan kecewa mayan karena hadiahnya udah mau expired :( tadi kita ketemu di eventnya Lancome, nice to meet you :)

    Mampir2 ke ^^

    1. Hey dear! Iyah tadi kita ketemu di event lancome, hehhee :D
      Iya too bad hadiahnya sudah mau expire, agak nyebelin sebenarnya, yaah tapi gmn lagi, sudah free hehe ;)

      Sipp, aku mampir dan langsung follow! :D