Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coca-Cola Lip Smacker Collection

Bonjour mon ami~

     Im back with another post hahaha, finally (i should doing my thesis right now, but im not really in the mood, so here it goes). Right now i want to share about my Lip Smacker Coca-Cola edition! Actually i have this stuff since Jan, but i havent really try them up until a month ago, so now i want to share this rocking lip balm with you guys!

     Anyway Lip Smacker is a product by Jess A. Bell Sr.. As i quote from the lipsmacker.com, he introduced Lip Smacker in 1973 as a strawberry treat for your lips and the world's first ever, totally original lip product was born. He believed that flavor would make moisturizing chapped lips much more fun and desirable!

Brand : Lip Smacker
Name : Coca-Cola Lip Smacker; Flavoured Lip Gloss Collection
Content : 6pcs - 24.0g / 0.84oz
Made In : USA
Price : +/-$20
            IDR +/- 240

     Anyway, you also can buy each of the product separately, but im not sure which flavored available in Indonesia. The reason why i bought all of them together in one package is because i guess it's so much more cheaper buying all of them at once and also the packaging is super cute, i cant resist ;)

Let start with the cute packaging!

The packaging is consist of a cute rectangle tin with a cute polar bear and also a penguin on top. 

Here's the front of the tag

The back view of the tag, it says the product made in US while the tin made in China. Also it stated the product last in 24month after you open and use the product. You can also check on their website www.coke.lipsmacker.com

 Inside the tag, consist of how to use the product and also the ingredients

How to use: simply apply the product generously to lips as often as you like. It's for external use only (in case you want to eat it because it smells nice hahaha) and recommended for ages 6 and up, so dont give it to your child below 6.

 The direction in some other language.

 Here are the ingredients, so before you buy it, first make sure you're not allergic to any of this stuff.

The back view of the tag. 

And here's what inside, tadaaaaaaaa

 6 adorable lip balm with 3 different coca-cola flavored and also 3 different fanta flavored. 

1. Coca-cola Original Flavored
 This one is my fave, i love the smell, exactly like real coca-cola. 

 Here's what inside, brown balm, but when you apply it, it doesnt colored the lips. 

2. Coca-cola Vanilla Flavored
It also smell nice, smell like normal coke, but mix with a vanilla scents 

The balm is white but slightly a bit yellow-ish

3.  Coca-cola Cherry Flavored
Also smells like normal coke mix with strong cherry flavored

The balm is a bit dark reddish

4. Fanta Strawberry Flavored
 It also smells nice, like a strawberry bubble gum

The balm is pink colored, it looks so cute

5. Fanta Grape Flavored
 The grape scents is quite strong and it also smells like a grape bubble gum 

 The color of the balm is purple 

6. Fanta Orange Flavored
This orange fanta has a nice orange scents like a vitamin c or something. 

The balm color is light orange.

     Tadaaaa! So that's each of the products! Each of the product has this nice smell and also cute color. Im a sucker for cute things ;)
     Anyway i havent try all of them, in fact, i only tried the Original Coke one, and i should say it's nice! I love the smell and when i use it, it doesnt colored my lips, but it change my pale lips too. I have this pale lips color, but when i use the balm, it somehow makes my lips a bit rosy, but it doesnt leave colors like lipgloss or lipstick. Just make my lips look healthier.
     Also, the balm is good for chapped lips, i tend to have a chapped lips but when i use it, the chapped lips gone and leave my lips soft and smooth. So this lip balm is moisturized my lips well. It stays quite a long time, perhaps more than 2hrs, but i usually eat something or lick my lips, so i should re-apply it.
     My conclusion after trying this lip balm is, i love it! It becomes my favorite lip balm too (the other favorite lipbalm is from Nivea). Oh, i actually i wish the Sprite flavored is included in the collection, but oh well, guess i will buy it later then.

+ nice smell
+ cute packaging
+ last long for each balm
+ moisturized my lips well
+ make my lips a bit rosy without colored it
+ quite affordable (only about IDR 40 each)

- none at the moment

 Overall Rating: 4.5/5
I recommend this Lip Smacker for you guys who loves to use lip balm, and of course, love Coke/Fanta!

That's my quick review about this Coca-cola Lip Smacker Collection, i hope you find this useful! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wah udah sering liat Lip Smacker ini tp belom pernah beli krna kirain mahal LOL Ternyata murah juga ya~
    Ini bikin bibir jd sticky ga ci? Terus ada rasanya kah kl kejilat? *berharap rasa cola atau fanta*

    1. Iya, harganya normal lah hahaha
      trus sticky nya y normal kl menurut ku, ky lipbalm2 lain, ngga parah2 amat lah dan sayangnya kl d jilat g berasa haahaha, wangi nya doang yg enyak :3

  2. lucu lucuuuu ,kak,aku nominasiin di liebster blog award nih ,buka link post ku yaa ^^

    1. thanks!
      hahhaha dapet nominasi liebster lagi xP
      sip deh, nanti ku jawab juga pertanyaan2 mu :))

  3. aihhh lucu bgt ak dr dulu udah pgn cobaa :9
    pgn yg colaa~

    1. ayoo di cobaa, hihihihi, cuma 40rb-an, trnyata yg ku tulis 24rb itu pas ingetnya di guardian lagi diskon, moga2 masih diskon tapinya hahhaa xD