Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Event Report: Revlon "Amazing Makeup Like Emma Stone" at Sogo Plaza Senayan - April 12, 2014

Hi adorable angels!

Im back with new event report! Yay!
So last saturday i attended Revlon event "Amazing Makeup Like Emma Stone at Sogo Plaza Senayan.

     I got the invitation from Cosmo-girl ID, i filled the form and sent my picture with my revlon product and few days after they called me that i got the invitation! If im not mistaken they have about 50 invitations for the best 50 pics entry.
     So this event was mostly consist of Makeup Demo by Lizzie Parra and the launching of their newest product, Revlon ColorBurst Balm. Interesting aint it, right? Also, there were question-answer session, lucky drawn, and else!

Newest product of Revlon: Revlon Colorburst Balm: 22 colors available, matte and glossy
     The makeup demo consist of Day Makeup and Night Makeup like sophisticated Emma Stone:

     Well, they also have the dress code for the event! How fun! The dress code was burnt orange or shocking peach! I wore my peach dress that i got from my mom just the day before the event, lucky! I mixed the dress with dark jeans by number61, boots by Bertini, brown handbag by Gobelini Firenze, and some accessories, watch from Bonia, unbranded earcuff, necklace and also bracelets!

     I rarely want to dress up because it just not practice and i easily get tired when i dress up, but yesterday i was in the mood to dress up, yeah it does hurt my feet because of the heels.

     I came around 4.15, i was a bit late to be the first 20 participant who gonna get a bonus, because i was a bit sick and need to fill up my tummy, anyway thats okay, i do believe when im not lucky it means it isnt my time yet to redeem my lucky point because something bigger gonna come soon, hahhaa.
     You see, each number from 1-50 entered on that jar and the lucky winner got a merchandise from Revlon

     When i registered, i got three coupon in one small paper, one for goodie bag redeem, one the lucky number for lucky drawn (mine is 33), and the last one was for photo booth redeem. And plus i got voucher IDR 100k for every IDR 250k revlon product purchase at the event (i used it after event to buy me a kajal pencil and two colorburst balm, hahhaa, i havent take a pic though). 

 The goodie bag!

     Anyway it was already crowded and they only have this one chair, which actually only fits 4person, but the participant manage to make it able to sit for 8 person, i should say im quite annoyed by this, why? I mean come on not all people can stand hours only to watch a makeup demo, at least afford more chair! Event last event from Estee Lauder could have more seat and they only have a few participants. Thank god i could sit from the event start to the end. Even 30mins since i registered, i had to stand (thankfully my bf is around me, so i can complain to him), so while standing weirdly i decided to take some pic. I wanted to try samples and look for the product at first, because i planned on buying something but i didnt know what, but the crowd made me think twice. So i was just taking pictures.

 see that's the chair im talking about, imagine how tiring sitting like that, you can only place half of your ass there -.-


Super crowded right? I dont really like crowd actually, i makes me dizzy, so thank god i can sit nicely after

     Well one other things that's bugging me was the event was late, it supposed to start at 5, but they start about 30mins later, i wonder how tired to be those people who were standing and wore heels! Because of the event kinda late so many people who spend their time shopping the revlon product or redeemed their photo booth coupon, but i didnt want to go a bit from my chair since i know if i move i will not be able to sit anymore and i dont want to spend hours standing, since i told my bf already if i have to stand, perhaps im gonna just see the event a bit and move around to check on purse or shoes, so once again thank god i could sit.
So the MC told us to just take a picture at the photo booth or see the product before the event start. 

 AND FINALLY! The event was starting! 

After the MC gave an introduction, this Lady, who i forgot the name was and who she was, also gave an introduction about the newest Revlon Colorburst.

Then our MUA, Lizzie Parra, finally came up stage. 

And this lady told us everything about Revlon products all the way in the makeup demo session, i didnt remember her name too and who she was, but perhaps she's revlon PR(?) idk

 The first model: Day Look

 The second model: Night Look

Well, my sweet boyfriend, waiting for me (hahaha in the back, he was the point of me taking this picture)

     Anyway i got some knowledge from this makeup demo that i would love to share with you guys:
- make sure you clean up your hand perfectly well before applying any makeup, dirty hands can cause bacteria transferred easily from your dirty hand to makeup and to your face, causing pimples, dullness and else.
- be sure to prepare your skin, well, makeup last longer in a hydrated and moisturized skin, so make sure you put on some prime or serum before applying makeup.
- you dont have to put way too much foundie to cover flaws, instead of put thick foundie, you rather learn how to put your foundie evenly, because no matter how much the foundie, if you can apply it evenly, you wont hide that flaws
- if you cant/wont shave your eyebrow, you can use up concealer to hide the excess hair (i did that and it works quite fine on daily basis, but you still can see the hair, it's not gonna be as perfect as the shaved eyebrow)
- to maintain the lipstick, you have to use the lip liner first all over your lips, not only on your lips line, before applying the lipstick. And you might want to apply it more than just once. 
- to make your lips doesnt look so thick after applying lipstick, you can choose the matte one, glossy lipstick/lipgloss might leave you lips looking thicker
- you can use darker compact powder to shading your face on daily basis, to make it looks more natural.
- for lighter effect, you can use brush to applying compact powder, with powder brush you wont put too much of it on your face

I guess thats what i can remember for now, i hope the tips help!

     Anyway, after the makeup demo, they drawn another lucky winners to get the merchandise, choosing the best outfit and announcing who shop the most to get the Amazing Spiderman ticket. Well, my partner frowned a bit when he heard that i didnt win the best dress (which i was not surprise of course), he thought i was the one who supposed to win the best outfit hahhaa, dont mind him, he just being a good boyfriend who always thought his girlfriend is so perfect ;)
So here are some pics of me and him :)

I love you Sunshineeee :*

     And this what i got from the event, a super nice goodie bag!

     Here are they~ Tadaaaaa, quite a lot huh? The goodie bag consist of cupcakes, makeup bag, and revlon products! Plus my photo with my sunshine at the photo booth :)

     Im quite surprise they gave quite a lot of stuff. From left to right: Revlon Nail Art Neon - Revlon Color Stay Nail Enamel - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 050 - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 075 - Revlon New Complexion Foundation - Revlon Photoready BB cream. What even more surprising, the expiry date is still a year or 4 years ahead for each products! Wow right?

Super cute golden glittery makeup bag!

Three little cute cakes, i dont know the taste unfortunately, because my bothers ate them all.

Last but not least, picture of my sunshine and i <3

     So, thats a wrap! Overall the event was fun and enjoyable! And what i love the most about the goodie bag (other than it contains so many things of course), is that the expiry date of each stuff is still a year ahead or even four years ahead. The event and the company totally gain my respect because some of the company who make an event, sometimes give almost expire stuff to the participant and that's really annoying because we are not their personal trash can for sure! Thats why this goodie bag from Revlon is super lovely according to me!

That's all my journey that day! I hope you enjoy reading this and find this article useful :)



  1. asik bangett...goodie bag nya bikin mupeng :D aku juga ingin banget ikut event ini sebenernya, tapi kalo gak salah ada batasan umur, jadi batal ikutan deh :/

    1. iyaaa goodie nya oke punya :D
      Oh ya?? emang ada batasan umurnya ya? mungkin krn ini dr majalah remaja kali ya makanya di batesin umurnya? aku ngga ngeh sih, sayang bangeet, moga2 next time bisa ikut ya kalo ada acara oke lagi kaya gini :D

  2. auzola... sayang yaa kemaren belum kenalan. kalo udah bisa ngobrol-ngobrol, hehheee...
    iya quite surprise goodie bagsnya banyakk banget isinya. tapi mupeng juga pengen dapet yg doorprize itu, hihihii :D

    1. iyaa nihh, hehhee, gpp nanti next even kita bercakap2 hehhe :D
      Hihihi mupeng sih, tapi pas dipikir2 kalopun aku dapet ga bakal ku pake itu, aku ada tedensi alergi sama revlon gr2 nyokap n nenek ku alergi, ini juga baru nyobain revlon seminggu ini, kl muncul alergi n kalo g cocok palingan isi goodie bag nya harus di serahkan pada yg lain hehe >_<

  3. masih mending ada bangku, pas lipart competition, ga disediain bangku sampe numpang duduk di counter kosmetik lain -_-
    goodiebagnya bikin ngiler, banget!!

    1. waduuh, lebih parah lagi g ada bangku >__<
      Emang kalo event lama gini g ada bangku nyiksa bangeett, kalo pake sendal jepit mah mending, yang uda dandan cakep2 pake heels gimana g merana tuh bediri lama hahhaa
      Iya, goodie bag nya okeee xD

  4. Ahhhh pacarnya baik sekali.. hihihi...
    Aku juga dapet undangan ini, tapi nggak keburu karena ada kerjaan lain. hiks...

    Salam kenal yah..
    Baru pertama kesini, dan langsung memfollowmu...
    Mari bertemannn.. :)

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


    1. Hehehe iya, dia terlalu sweet.
      Waah sayang g bisa dateng, padahal goodie bag nya lumayan n tips2 nya juga lumayan lah :D

      Iya salam kenal juga! Cuss langsung stop by at your blog! :D

  5. wah isi goodie bag nya bagus2 banget. dapet BB cream juga ^^


    1. Iyaa, goodie bag nya bagus dan cukup banyak juga, the company is so kind^^

  6. Auzola dear, udah aku setting ulang nih biar bisa follow blog ku. mampir yaaa http://magnificomaquillaje.blogspot.com

    1. hehehe, uda ku follow ya GFC mu~~ dan sudah mampir juga tentunya hehehe, enjoying your blog^^

  7. hai auzola! salam kenal :)
    Isi goodie bag-nya banyak banget yah :D anyway so sweet banget pacar kamu, sabar gitu nungguin :")

    Lova // clovers and carousel blog