Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chit chat about why i Blogged and stuff

Dear lovely readers,

     Im back with new post. Im not gonna review a product, share an event report or makeup tutorial, im gonna share about me and my blog, why i blogged, when, how and stuffs :)

Lets start!
How it even started?

     It's actually a really new blog, i started to update it no longer than 3 months, since before this i had another blog, and it's my lovely auzola.tumblr.com, where i write to my heart content.

     First when i started to share topics about beauty and makeup, i still used my tumblr, until i realize i cant really build a new beauty blog from my old tumblr, since it was first build to share a personal stuff and pictures (i even shared my feeling there once in a while, it's more like a online diary of me). Other than that, my fellow beauty blogger friends are mostly use blogger to interact, and i think, 'man, i cant use my tumblr for beauty blog, people even confused how to leave a comment there!'. 

     So i decided to make a new blog. Well why? Simply because i quite like the idea of writing, i can write so much sometimes, even sometimes it's hard to start it. And why i choose to create a beauty blog?

     I choose to share more about beauty because i want to share my experience about it and hoping to be useful. I love how people read what i wrote and find it useful. If you're asking again 'why, a lot of people already share the review blabla', i just want to say that i wanted to buy a skin care product year ago, i tried to google the review and nada, nothing. It confused me whether to buy it or no, but in the end i bought it and have a nice experience with it.

      Then i said to my self, 'well, i guess it's nice if i can share my point of view about some stuff that works for me or no, and beside if someone already review the stuff i want to review, thats okay too, because my review is going to help people deciding with so many reviews available, they can choose the review/blogger who match themselves (skin type, hair type etc)'.
     So, with that reason; about sharing knowledge about some brands or some products, i decided to enter the world of beauty blogger.

     Also i have this interest to makeup stuff, well, i rarely want to go outside with too much makeup, it makes my face itch, but i like to put on makeup at home and taking pictures since i was in highschool.

     And as i said at home, i mostly like to do a little makeover alone at night. Hahaha, when i was in high school i like to put on gothic makeup look and took pictures, then share the pictures on my facebook. Although im not really good at makeup, but i love how it can change the way look. Back then it was a messy smokey eyes and else, i even use my mom's lipstick, compact powder and her pencil eyeliner from arab! Hahhaa all because i dont have my own makeup yet. My mom would allow me to put on makeup when i was young because she said it can leave a bad effect when i get older.
     She's quite strict about what im gonna use, especially chemical stuff, because she's an apothecary and she's working at health department, so yeah, so many "no you cant use it, it's dangerous". But when i finally entered college few years ago, hmm, i guess i was about on my third semester, finally i got my very first lipstick and lipgloss. The lipstick was Maybelline and the lipgloss was Oriflame. Hahaha. And now i do all of my night makeover using my very own makeup stuffs :D
And i can share the result in my blog! More fun rather than only share it on my facebook album ;)

Thats the history of why Bowbowdorable.blogspot.com exist :)

Anyway the header is way to weird because i draw it by myself on my galaxy note and i did it really quick so i can start my blog, perhaps im gonna change it later on, and of course my bf help me with the blog making progress hahhaa, i love him.

How i choose the name for my blog?

     I actually i already told the reason why i choose the name for my blog in the very first post of my blog, but let me tell you guys again. Wonder why bowbowdorable?
Hahaha it's all because my lovely partner.

Here's the suspect of this case

     First let me explain that im his 'rainbow', he gave me this nickname because he said i make his days colorful and i am colorful (i can be cheerful and as bright as yellow, i can be sad and be blue, i can be mad and be red, i can be black on my gloomy mood, so he said i consist of so many colors and somehow it brighten his life). And also i cant stick to one style, i can be cute, fierce, sexy, and else, im changing everyday and he likes it, he said it makes him happy, he cant get tired of me. Okay, that's where the Rainbow come from.
    Now how about Bowbow? well, it's kinda embarrassing to tell, but it came few years after we first dating; first i called him sunshine (he totally brighter my days), but sunshine is too long sometimes, so i called him sun only. Then i ofter call or say his nickname "Sun" and when i call his name, i will do it more than just once, so it became "suuunnsuuuun" and now it Sunsun. Because he heard me saying sunsun and he said it sounded cute, he started to call me "Bowbow" in return.
    See, stupid right, but yeah, it's Bowbow, and why dorable? It's from adorable, as you know it. He always think im adorable. But full story? Maybe it embarrassed him, but let me tell you where this name came from. One day, he wanted to text me (he was at work and suddenly missed me), so he text something like this:

"Boowboowdorableee :* :* :* Stay cuutee until foreveer :* "

   And the best part is, he sent it to the wrong person, so usually my name is in the top of his chat list, but not that day, his friend was. So he sent it to his friend (a man) and his friend was laughing so hard because of this. Later on that night he told me this silly story hahhaa. But then i thought, hey "bowbowdorable" is actually kinda cute. Since i've been confused about the name im gonna put at my blog. I saved it in my mind and told him my idea, he loved it! And i choose it because i think it fits me so well and also fits my blog, because my blog is me. I mean i share so many things in here and of course it's gonna be colorful, because it's different and of thing to another, so then it's Bowbowdorable!

Benefit from blogging?

Well i should say a lot!
I have so many things in mind about the benefit of blogging, but i guess it will take a quite long time to write all of them, so im just gonna share you the 5 biggest benefit that i felt. 

1. Getting know new friends - im actually shy when talking to stranger and i usually wait for they to approach me first because im scared to say hi first and then they ignore me like "who the hell are you?", but most of the beauty bloggers friends are very humble and it's easy for me to interact with them once we acquainted. In fact i love making new friends, even though im quite shy at first hahaha. But once you know me, hahaha im crazy.
2. Fun - it's so much fun when i can share what im thinking or it's fun when i got an invitation to attend a launching or makeup demo or whatever. I like to learn new things actually, so this blogging this is real fun because i love it.
3. Experience - back then i have no experience of this beauty stuff at all or i dont even know how it feels to come to a beauty event and have to get to know each other. It gave me lots of experience and of course sharpen my social skill, im quite a social impaired as i told you in the point 2. Hahaha. I learned how to write a blog, detail about something and do my makeup better than before!
4. Relaxing - why i said it relaxing? because when it's a hectic day (or tired of writing thesis), writing blog is quite relaxing because i can share my feeling, my thought, my complain and else. So just think of it as a self counseling hahaha.
5. Goodie bag and free stuff - yup, i wont get hypocrite by saying i dont like it, i do love getting a free stuff (who doesnt?).

Blogging Tips and Trick?
     As a new blogger in beauty blog, i could say much, but this few point is what i think is the most important (at least for me).

 1. Write what you LOVE - why? because come on you're not gonna do best at something you dont like, so stay for something that you love, it's the most important thing. Right now i love blogging about beauty, thats why i do it, perhaps in few months or years my hobby is gonna change, but i do what i love right now, in my present time, which is about beauty.
2.  Eye catching page - hahaha it's true, people will attract to something attractive, so make your blog look as eye catching as possible (even though mine is still on progress, somehow i still think my blog isnt eye catching enough). You can choose the template that you love or reflect what are you gonna blogged about. But please, NO pop up music, at least in my opinion it's quite disturbing and shocking, mostly when the reader use headset with volume up. You can put on music, but let them (a.k.a the reader) play it by themselves, not all people want to hear something noisy when opening something. Also make your blog tidy and in order. Well, just dont put too much something that annoyed you when you open some page, because people will annoyed too when you do it on your page. Just not too much.
3. Do it best - if you gonna write a review, write a full review, the benefit, the contra, the detail, how to use it, when you use it, not just some review blabla but in the end you said "but i havent try it though", i mean its not really a review. Just do it the best you can.
4. Put pictures - pictures are important so people will not get bored of reading your page (i guess my pictures isnt enough because i like write in detail), but pictures is gonna really help, you doesnt have to take a high grade picture, just one that clear enough or at least people still can see what pictures you post. And post pictures that match, dont write about makeup if you're gonna put picture of something else.
5. Make it fun - you can put a little bit joke or sharing funny story or just relax. I mean dont write like you're writing a thesis, of course it's good, neat and all, but dont you think its gonna be a bit boring without slang word and else? So dont be too stiff. ;)
6. DO IT - thats the freaking hard thing to do, yep, do it. It always hard for me to start writing a blog because im too lazy. So yeah get rid of your laziness (dont be like me hahaha), and start doing it! :)

Thanks for reading my chitchat! Let's blog!



  1. good luck for the contest! your doodles are so cute! I have galaxy note too but I never tried stuff like this, what app do you use?


    1. Thanks! Hehehe yeah that's Aza-chan, mini cartoon of myself^^
      Anyway i used the "S Note" app, every samsung galaxy note has the that app i guess