Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Event Report: Grand Opening Maison Lancome Counter at Metro Plaza Senayan, April 19th, 2014

Hey adorable angels!!

     Im back, well, it's hard to post anything since my wifi modem is broken and need to be fix (probably takes about 1-2weeks, oh god >_<). Im using portable modem right now, but the quota is too small and too expensive! Gaaahh, it's so boring! But i'll try to finish this post while i still can connect my lappy to the internet T_T
     Enough for my chit chat, now i want to share my experience attending an event from Lancome. I got my invitation from ce Ochell (polishwonderland.com) and im so happy to tell you guys i met some of beauty blogger friends, they're so lovely. Anyway it was held at Metro department store Plaza Senayan last saturday, April 19th, 2014. It's the grand opening for Maison Lancome counter. Wondering what it is??

     So recently Lancome has change their counter concept with the help of famous and professional international architect, Peter Marino. Basically Maison Lancome is counter where you can feel like home, thats why it named 'maison' which is 'home' in french, plus it focused on luxury and femininity. In one glance maybe you will not feel any different from this counter to other counter, but once you in there, you will see that the counter is full of bright light, which makes everything so clear and looks elegant. Also they placed everything in a unique way that represent the modern design. Well, the only problem is the space is way too narrow, that i personally think it's kinda hard to walk in there if there's so many people.

     I'd say it's very cool and sophisticated, too bad i didnt have time to take so many picture of the new counter and other reason was i brought my camera without the SD card, i know i was so stupid. My camera without SD card only can take less than 15pics, i hate my life.

     But if you curious enough, just go to Metro Plaza Senayan, and see it by your self, then compare it to the other counter, it might look the same at first, but once you see again, it's way looking more modern and sophisticated than other counter.
     Btw, the event is so nice! They serve food and drinks on platters while the waiters walking around to offer the treat. Then, while the opening ceremony took place, they also have musical performance to accompanied us. And the best thing is they have this illustrator, which doing life drawing of your face! Plus you can keep the illustration! Tell about it more later.

     Anyway before the grand opening, me and the other bloggers were asked to try on their newest foundation, Teint Visionnaire. It came from a few different shade, about 8 shade if im not mistaken. The brighter one is number 01, my skin is not that fair, so i tried their 03 shade. It's for neutral skin tone, not very bright or very tanned.
 Here they are, the first row.

 Closer look. I have to admit i like the design, it's simple but somehow looks elegant in my eyes. 

And on the top of the foundie, there's a concealer, which you can use after using the foundie to cover the flaws that are still visible after using foundie. Very useful and practice right.

     Here's the foundie, it's very light and blend well in my skin. And the attendant said it's not an ordinary foundie, if the normal foundie is way too thick and heavy that makes your skin tired, this Teint Visionnaire is different. This foundie is very light and can work as your skin care as well because it contains ingredients that can treat your skin. So she said, it's okay to use it everyday because it's not an ordinary foundie. But in my opinion, i wouldnt use foundie or makeup everyday, it's good to let your skin breathe once in a while :)
The other bloggers and also visitors wanted to try the Teint Visionnaire. 

While i was trying the foundie, the MC was introducing the food on the platter and also the waiter, she said both of them was imported from Paris, hahhaa of course she was joking.

Here's the food, they're all yummy!

     After done with trying the Teint Visionnaire, we were gather around to see the illustrator drawing a blogger. And of course we lined up to get our life drawing ASAP! Hahaha
 This is ms.Diani, the illustrator. She's so sweet and kind!

 One of her drawing, cool right! It makes me want to paint again, it's been a long time and i forgot how! 

 My turn! 

Tadaaaa, me! Hahaha does it looks like me enough? Or maybe the drawing is even prettier? Hehehe. Anyway i love it! I put it near my drawings at home!

     Well not so long after i got draw, the MC called all the beauty blogger to move in the front of the counter, because the grand opening was finally starting!

 First Ms. Heny gave a speech about the new Maison Lancome Counter, about the concept, the designer and else. 

This is Ms. Bety (at least i heard her name is Bety), well she's from Metro dept. store and she made a speech about how Lancome is one of the best income for the dept.store and yada-yada.

Taraaaa, Ms. Heny and Ms. Bety at the grand opening, cutting the ribbon to authorized the opening of the counter Maison Lancome at Metro dept.store.

 Yaaay! It's officially open now! Congrats for Maison Lancome! 

 They also have this musical entertainment as i told you before.

French songs, made you feel like you're in Paris, hahaha im just kidding of course not. But the music was so nice and there was a singer too after the musical performance, but i didnt take picture after that. 

     After the grand opening we got this beauty makeover game! Well they asked for volunteer who wanted to do the makeover and who's gonna get the makeover, so three pairs were chosen, i was one of the person who get the makeover. Hahaha too bad i didnt have pictures. But it was fun though. And too bad i didnt win too, but i was happy for the pair who win! That surely a nice goodie bag! Hahaha ;)
     Anyway after the makeover game, the event was closing and we took pictures with our illustration, one of Lancome photographer took the pic, so i didnt really have the picture to post it on my blog. Perhaps if i found it on Lancome page someday i will update this post again, hehhe.

Trust me, the Maison Lancome is very bright and white, thats why my picture is dark, back lighting. 

 The goodie bag! I love it how they gave an illustration instead of normal photo booth. Hahaha

Here's the product form goodie bag that i got. Not much and most of them are samples, but it's nice to try the products! And the pouch is so cheap looking, but oh well. Anyway what i got are, left to right: Teint Visionnaire sample 01 - Full size Gloss in Love - Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift Sample - Teint Visionnaire sample in jar 03 - Visionnaire Yeux Sample

My illustration made by Diani Apsari, the illustrator. 

Makeup guide from Lancome. Fill with one face chart and Lancome products range and used.  

Thats it! Im happy for Lancome and their new counter "Maison Lancome"! And im thankful for the goodie bag and also the illustration of my self. Other plus things is that the products in the goodie bag are still good and the expire date are a year or two year ahead, so they're not giving us the almost expired stuff, that's a really good thing for me.

That's a wrap! I hope you guys enjoy the post, see you on next post! :)



  1. Auzola kayanya event nya rame banget ya...sayang aku gak bisa ikut...:( btw, hasil gambar nya lucu banget!

    1. Lumayan rame (apa tempatnya yang sempit?hahhaa) Too bad ngga bisa ikut!
      Iya, ilustrasinya lucu bangeeett, jadi mau lagi hahhaha xD
      Thanks for stoping by yaaa :*

  2. Senengnya kemaren bisa kenalan sama kamu! Kapan2 ketemu lagi ngobrolnya lamaan dong hehehe.


    1. Hey, nice to me meet you too! Hehehe
      Sure! i'd love to! kalo ketemu lagi nanti kita chit-chat lagi yaaa :D

  3. Haiii Auzola, aku baru liat event report mu. Kapan2 janjian lagi dong yuk biar bisa ketemu di event lainnya. xoxo

    1. heyy!
      Hahaha, yuukk, tapi blm ada undangan evnt lagi nih, kabar2in kalo misalnya kamu mau datang ke event, kali aku ikutan juga :D
      line ke auzola ajah ehehhe :*

  4. Good to see this grand opening event. I also attended an opening ceremony and then dinner party at one of Chicago event space. I really enjoyed that event as best preparations were done there. Was very happy to attend it with friends company.