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Even Report: Fashion and Beauty Class by TLTSN Metrox ft. Makeover (Plus Shoppicnic) - April 30th 2014

Hey girls!

     Im catching up to post this event report, hahaha so many things to write! (even my skripsi is one of 'so many things to write'). Anyway, i attended a fashion and beauty class by TLTSN Metrox and Makeover (plus Shop Picnic) last weekend.

     Actually it was a paid event, but i got my invitation for free from IBB twitter. I won a really simple quiz from IBB by answering what is my fashion and makeup style. Well here was my answer "sexy and sophisticated style+smokey look or sweet and adorable style+natural look, i cant stick to one style!"
     Duh, because i really cant stick to one style, im a wierdo :)  Anyway IBB choose two winners, one was me and the other one was Raden. Well, i was running late, i made it to the Central Park right on 2pm. Actually the class supposed to start already, but thank God, the class hasnt starting yet because still so many participants werent there yet. So i got time to take some pictures!
     It was held on TLTSD store Central Park btw, so the seats for participants were in the middle of the store, here's the setting of the class:
 I just got here! Taraaa, the little things she needs store at Central Park

Their new spring-summer collection by TLTSN

 Photo booth and goodie bags on the other side of the outer store!

Wohooo, so many goodie bags right!

Registration booth.

Some of TLTSN collections

Another collections. 2 for 269! Cheap price for a good quality shoes!

Close up for a cute shoes :)

Other than shoes, you can also find a tote bag like and accessories!

See, still pretty much empty, only about 5-6 participants who already there when i arrived

I sit on this side, on the front, so i could look at the demo closely. 

The ladies in black are the attendant from Makeover, we called them 'Miss'. 

This was where i sit, and hey, there's me on the mirror! Hehe also here's my goodie bag!

Another mirror selfie ;)

This was the makeup case for the beauty guru. 

Complete brush on a brush belt and so many makeover products!

Seee, i wish i have all of it! Hahaha

Makeup supply for participant. 

They didnt put the products for each participants, but you should share with the one or two more participants near you. I shared with Raden and my other new friend, Metha.

The small brush set, well i brought my own brushes since this brushes cant be that hygienic (actually i even afraid to use the makeup supply, because they're samples and yeah bacteria everywhere, but at least my own brushes help)

False eyelashes for the makeup look.

 More participants as the time goes by.

Almost all the seat were full before the event started, but there were one or two participants who came when the event was already start.

     Anyway, finally the event started! After about 1 hour delay. So this event has two main event, first fashion and beauty class for comfy look, then second was fashion and beauty class for edgy look. That's why the theme was "from comfy to edgy". 
 The event was finally starting~

The MC opened the fashion and beauty class (Im so sorry i forgot her name)

 So in the opening for fashion class, these three beautiful ladies explained a bit about spring summer trend. From left to right: Lulut from TLTSN - Atjil from Shoppicnic - Media from Gogirl

 So they were educated us with spring summer trend, which is not really different from last year. 

     Lulut told us that the spring-summer trend for shoes are wedges and flat shoes with pointed tip. While Atjil told us that mostly trend clothes for spring-summer are the one with backless or sleeveless top, short, simple dress, anything comfy for summer. And Media told us that trending mostly on spring-summer other than what Lulut and Atjil told us, are pastel color and denim. 
     Media also share some tips how to look stylish but still comfy, she said the key to achieve the stylish-comfy look mostly is by mix three pair of clothes, which consist of outer, inner tees/shirt, and skirt/denim. With this you will look stylish but still comfy.

Look at the participants enthusiasm :D

After the fashion class, we move to the first beauty class, yup, comfy look :)
The lady in the front with black dress is Ms. Muti. She was the beauty guru for the beauty class and she's from Makeover. 

And this is Ms. Mutiara, she's PR from Makeover, and she was the MC for beauty class. 

Ms. Muti shared some tips before applying makeup, these are the tips that i remembered:
- You must first clean up your face. Cleaning up the face intended so that the makeup could last longer and look more natural. By cleaning up your face before put on makeup could help your makeup stick to your face better, which leads makeup to stay even longer.
- When cleaning up your face with cleansing, you can separated the cleansing to 5 main point (forehead, nose, both of your cheek and chin), then clean it by rubbing in upward rotation, like my mom always told me. Why upward rotation? Yeah so your skin wont get pulled down by your hand (i mean come of gravity enough to make your skin slack in time), this mean so your face will not slack quickly, so your skin elasticity can stay much longer.
- Use makeup base or primer before applying makeup, so your foundation and all could last longer.
- As base, you can use a product from Makeover called Hydration Serum, it's for moisturized your face so the makeup could stick better. No matter if your skin dry or oily, you need to moisturized your face before applying makeup. Not because you have oily face you think you dont need to moisturized your face, because moisture and oily are quite a two different things. If you're scared, you can find prime or base with oil control to help your oily face.

 Ms. Muti also have some tips for foundation:
- If you want to try a foundation, try it on your face directly not in your hand, because texture and color of your hand and face are different.
- And if you used foundie, dont separated it on five different point, instead use blend it each side before move to other side. As i told you in post about Baviphat BB cream review, foundation or BB cream dry up quite fast, if you put it on few points of your face before blending it, the foundie might not blend well of your face because it already dry up in some point.
- When applying foudie with hand, please use your ring and middle finger, not your index finger. Why? because index finger have a quite pressure and if you use it too much while putting something on your face, this might cause your face to slacking early. Ring and middle finger have the light pressure thats why they're recommended for face (this tips also applied on using daily cream or concealer).
- And as for applying powder with sponge, dont swipe it, but just give it a pat-pat all over your face, so the powder will stick better.  If you're using brush, just simply rotate the brush outer to inner lightly.

     Move on to eyes, Ms. Muti also gave us some tips while we tried the eye makeup too! Here are some other tips that i remembered:
- Before applying your eyeshadow, to secure your flawless face from the eyeshadow excess without have to use scotch, you can apply a quite thick loose powder on your cheek below your eyes to secure your makeup setting, but dont apply by swipe it, you can pat-pat the loose powder, so the excess will fall to it. After you done with the eyeshadow you can simply swipe them all from inner to outer face once and for all, the excess eyeshadow will go away with the loose powder. Quite a trick right?
- Before applying any eyeshadow make sure to prime your lid, so the eyeshadow will stay longer, especially if you have an oily lid, prime is a must! (at least that's my experience with oily lid)
- Anyway Makeover lip balm also can be eye primer, how cool is that? Almost all Makeover product could be use in a few different way from it's real aim. Like eyeshadow trivia could be for eyebrow too. Or their foundation also can be for eye primer, just put lighter foundie from your skin tone on your eyelid by tapping it, then put the loose powder after that and you're ready to put your eyeshadow!

      For comfy look, we're not gonna put a shimmer eyeshadow because it's gonna look too much and shimmer eyeshadow tend you make you look older she said. And because this comfy look is going to look natural (no makeup-makeup), we were using three base color, all brown. We were using Makeover Trivia Eyeshadow which all brown to create this look. The tip is, apply the most lighter color on the lid, medium color on the crease and dark in the outer v to make your eyes pop up and looks a bit bigger.

     Another tips:
- When drawing eyebrow, make sure you measure it first with three points, first point for the begin brow is lining up with each side of your nostril. Second your middle brow (point of arch) is line up from you outer nostril through your middle eyes. And last outer nostril line up with your outer eyes for your end brow. Let me give you pic from what i found on google:

  Picture source: Google
 - If you dont want to look too fierce or old, dont use black for eyebrow, instead you can use dark brown or lighter brown.
- For mascara, if you want to make your eyelashes longer, swipe the mascara from inner eyelashes, drag it to outer a few times. And for thickness, you can swipe it with zig-zag motion.
- As for shading, for chubby cheek, you can apply the shading from near your ear and swipe it to your cheek bone. For nose shading, to not make the nose looks so fake, you can shading the nose start from middle part to nostril and skip the near eyebrow part.
- For lipstick, to make it last longer, dont apply it from inner to outer side, instead apply it from outer to inner a few swipe until your lips full.

     And tadaaa we're done with the first look, here's my comfy look! So natural right! I posted it on my facebook and one of my friend's asked me what's the different from my before after! Mission complete then, my no makeup-makeup is success :P Hahhaa

     That one is from my instagram, i took the pic with my samsung front camera so the picture is not really good, here's for the better quality:
But still looks so natural right! I used brown eyeliner to make it even more soft :)

what a mess we made!

     After we were done with the comfy look, we move to the second event, yup, edgy look! But before the beauty class started, first there was fashion class for edgy look!
The first MC was back and reviewed what we just learned from Ms. Muti before starting the next fashion class.

     As for the edgy fashion class, we were told that basically that from comfy to edgy you can just add some darker color, mostly by adding black color to your fashion style. Why? because dark color or black gave the bold statement from your look. So you're gonna look more eye catching, it's different from comfy look which is more to simple style. 

 Lulut also gave us some samples for edgy shoes. Like this marmalade Wedges in black from TLTSN. The wedges actually is so simple, but the zig-zag pattern on the wedges gave an edgy and bold style.

You can also match this black wedges from TLTSN to make your edgy look even more eye catching and complete. 

After the edgy fashion class, we moved to the next event, yes, the edgy beauty class!
     So Ms. Muti told us that we dont have to erase the comfy makeup because it's already base for our edgy look. Yes, the edgy look we can achieve by simply adding more bold color to our comfy makeup! Like if i was using this subtle brown winged liner, i can put on the bold black winged liner. Then for the eye makeup, we can add more shimmer eyeshadow with even bolder color. I used a bit of gold eyeshadow for my lid, for crease i put on a medium mate brown and for the outer v i used dark brown with a bit shimmer, last i used a gold eyeliner pencil for the below waterline. And for this edgy makeup we can contour our face even more specifically, like adding more contour the the cheek and nose. As for the cheek i used pink-peach blush and last i used red lipstick to even give more statement to my edgy bold look!  

 And dont forget to put of your false lashes if necessary. 

 Me working with my eyeshadow for edgy look. 

Add a bit more contour because i only apply a subtle contour on my comfy look. 

 I was done with my edgy look! Tadaaaa. More bold and sexy right! Hahaha :)

     After the fashion and beauty class, there was also a fashion competition from TLTSN and Shoppicnic. So 5 participants were choose by the TLTSN representation before the event. And this 5 participant must rush into the changing room where the attendant had put pile of clothes, they must mix and match the clothes by themselves in five minutes!
So here they are with their own mix and match style. Some of them choose comfy look and the other choose the edgy look. But they were all look amazing!

Btw Raden was one of the participant, too bad she didnt win though. The winner is the one in blue if i wasnt mistaken. 

     Other than fashion competition they also have this selfie photo competition, so what you have to do is take selfie at the booth after you makeup done and share it in twitter+instagram! Anyway they havent choose the winner yet, i hope it's gonna be me :P

     After the event was done and closed, each of the participants get to choose a free shoes from TLTSN. They already put three different style of flat shoes and the participants must choose by themselves. It was super crowded, and because i was the last, with Raden and Metha, we cant really choose, because what was left were big size. Metha got her size and so do i, but the flat shoes is not really match my feet, because it's has a tip point, my feet are big in the front, so yeah, it looks weird when i use it. But too bad that Raden couldnt even get her size, because size that left were only 39 and upper, thank god i still can get 38 size.

Anyway the even was fun! Here are some other pictures :)

And these are what i got from this event!

 Tadaaa, first i got goodie bag from Gogirl! 
Up from left to right: small pouch - phone pouch 
Down from left to right: Gogilr! Magazine Des'13 - Journal book - Skipping rope

Second goodie bag is from Makeover! Well i got two Makeover catalog, voucher IDR 50k for every purchase of IDR 150, Makeover Liquid Lip Color Pink Punch and Makeover Liquid Eye Liner. 

 Last but not least, goodie bag from TLTSN, one voucher Metrox (online shop) and TLTSN flat shoes. 

Here are all the goodie bag in one picture!

Thats a wrap! Thanks for IBB for giving me chance to attend this fun fashion and makeup class! Also thanks for TLTSN and Makeover for having me :)

As for you my lovely readers, thanks for coming by! See you ;)



  1. Edgy looknya cantik amaaaat! Hihihi. Totally agree with you, you look sexy with red lipstick ^^

    1. the power of red lipstick itu hihihi, emang bisa bikin lebih kece n sexy kalo pake red :D
      thanks for stopping by ya say :*

  2. aku suka hairdo dan red lippie nya! :D

    1. hehhee itu hair do ngasal main cepol aja padahal :P
      thanks uda mampirr <3

  3. Ah senangnya bisa ikutan kaya gini..
    Lbh suka rambut km di iket. Cantik ^^

    1. hahhaha kebetulan dapet gratisan dr IBB :P
      Iya kalo diiket kesannya beda soalnya hahhaa, tapi kalo kelamaan diiket suka migren hahhaa >_<
      thanks uda mampid :D