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Event Report: Cosmekita Launching Party at The Akmani Hotel - April 27th, 2014

Hey adorable!

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     Im going to share my event report. Guess? This one was a super fun launching party, yep, it's Cosmekita Launching Party at The Akmani Hotel last Sunday!

P.s before we started i have to remind you that this gonna be a quite long post, since i want to share you every detail about this fun event, trust me i should told you everything that i remembered to make you feel the fun like you were there as well! (I love details haha)
Even though i wish i can provide a better quality pictures for this event report, i need a new better camera, but my mom simply ignored my plea, *sobb* brb saving money :'(

Enough of my silly chit chat, lets just check the event report! Yay!
Anyway, first of all i want to ask about something:
 do you know what COSMEKITA is? 

     Noo, it's not a cosmetic brand, and nope, also not an online shop, confused?? Well, let me tell about Cosmekita's little story for you ;)

Picture source:

     Cosmekita is a new Indonesian Beauty Community Website which supported by Beauty Blogger, User, Online Store/ Online Shop, and Vendor. Still confused? Well, have you ever feel so annoyed that you cant find the exact review or beauty products that you need on google? Or confused which beauty product to buy? Which the best eyeshadow palette? yada yada, Oh well, Cosmekita is the ANSWER!

As i quote from :
"In Cosmekita, we gather all the products catalog so it's going to be easiest for you to find a product, you can also follow your favorite blogger and follow exclusive article from Cosmekita team which is going to be very useful for you! Other than that you who registered at Cosmekita website can also give your comment and review a product, plus sharing your experience with some beauty products that you are using or used."

Cosmekita concept and tagline is "CREATE . BEAUTY . TOGETHER"
Simple and cute tagline that represented Cosmekita quite well, in my opinion.

     Okay, basically Cosmekita is going to be like a google for beauty products! If you're a beauty blogger or beauty junky, you can simply share your review or experience through Cosmekita and people can search for your review there. Or you just want to see a product review. Or you want to see a product ranking. Or you want to compare products. Or you just randomly search for a beauty article or anything about beauty, Cosmekita will have it all! AND! It's not only for user or beauty blogger, but also for you as Online Shop or Vendor! Yup, if you have an online shop or a beauty company wants to share about your product, you can just go to Cosmekita!
     One for all right? So perfect for a beauty junky, beauty blogger, seller, vendor, or anyone who interested in beauty!
Picture source:

Some features for member from Cosmekita website as i quote:
- Signup and Login - user can signup or login with user ID, then follow the his/her favorite blogger and also sharing articles or favorite products to social media. By signing up as a member, you can also gather points which can be redeem with so many prize and so many interesting event.
 - Wish List - you can add your favorite beauty products in your Wish List and share to your social media, perhaps your friends will sent it to you! OR Cosmekita randomly give you the surprise! Cosmekita will always try the best to brighter up your day!
- Photo Sharing - feeling happy or confidence with your makeup or your hairstyle? Upload and share to Cosmekita right away! Your pictures can be the good talk for the other members!

     Sound fun right??? Of course! Thats all i can share about Cosmekita right now, but i hope you got the point, i'll share some more story about Cosmekita along the way of my event report, which im going to share right now!
     So on a bright day few weeks ago i received an email from PR of Cosmekita, which was the invitation for joining their Launching Party. Wow, i was so happy to get a invitation like this, since im quite new for this beauty blogger thingy ;)
     Of course i agreed to come, because before received this invitation i already saw Cosmekita website, instagram and facebook page from the pretty beauty blogger Sanny Lie's instagram (pssstt, she's Cosmekita PR!). Of course i was interested when i got this invitation. Anyway not just beauty blogger, Cosmekita also invited other member (reader), media partner and vendors.
     Finally 27th came, the dress code was Smart Casual so i used jeans from number61, grey skull tees unbranded, blazer from Zara, and my comfy sneaker wedges from Gosh! Too bad i didnt have a full picture of me, i was so busy holding my bag and talking to new friends that i forgot to take a pic of my self full body alone.

     Anyway it was so weird that i dont really know anyone (i knew some of the beauty blogger already, but they seems too busy to talk to each other, so i dont want to intrude). So yeah, i stared blankly at the crowd and tried to relax by taking pictures, i was scared to say hi first! I WAS SUPER SHY >_<
     Well anyway after a quite sometimes i already with some company, and we were lining to registered. I got a goodie bag from Cosmekita and also a number for grand prize draw. I got number 8 btw. Not really my lucky number, but after all it quite lucky.
     After we already registered, we invited to go inside the ballroom where the event held and choose out seat. I got the second table from the front, the left side. Quite good to see all clearly. But the event wasnt starting yet, instead we asked to enjoy lunch special from Cosmekita. The food were quite tasty, i love the pudding! Too bad i havent got time to take a picture of the lunch menu. Hahhaa
 the view from my seat

All the guest enjoying their lunch.

     After lunch we gathered back in the ballroom, the event wasnt starting yet, but we had a fun challenge while waiting for the event to start! Hahhaaha a selfie contest!
     So the small contest they held before the event was so simple, all you have to do was take a picture with your goodie bag and post it on your instagram and twitter plus mention @cosmekita and hashtag #cosmekitagiveaway #cosmekitaevent
     Easy right? The three lucky winner would get a random beauty products from Cosmekita, too bad i wasnt lucky at the selfie contest, but here are my selfie! Hahahha 

     At about 2pm, finally the event started, i was amazed because there were so many beauty bloggers who came! And other things that i think was cool , was the Akmani Hotel provide a note paper, pencil and also snack for each person! I felt like attending one of my mom's meeting! Hahhaa. And the note paper was quite handy for me, i wrote some information that i got from the event (in case i forgot hahhaa)   
Adam, the MC, opened the event.

So many people right? I guess there were about 60-70 people. 

 Hihihi, see, cool right? I feel like i was on an important meeting!

Cosmekita flyer.

     This event started with a opening speech from one of Cosmekita founder, Ms. Karmila Tjahjadi. She shared about the background why Cosmekita was made.
     So, Ms. Karmila told us the reasons why they made Cosmekita was based on experience, like how hard sometimes to find the exact and fast review about a beauty product, which sometimes even google or yahoo cant help much, without us have to scrolling all the pages. So the though about something, made it, and wish that Cosmekita could make it easier for finding beauty products, or the exact review in the fast way and else. That's why Cosmekita trying to gather all the beauty products list to its website to achieve this goal.    

     After the opening speech from Ms. Karmila, the next was an opening speech from the other founder of Cosmekita, Mr. Kenny Tjahjadi.

     Before he started to explaining, he showed us two Cosmekita video which told us how it's gonna be super easy of finding and sharing something about beauty when Cosmekita website is already stabilized. From that two video, i found one on youtube! Click play and you'll see what is Cosmekita about :)
Video source: youtube

     Mr. Kenny also told us some statistical research related to beauty and also beauty blogger. Basically he told us the more scientific result and also more detail about Cosmekita, like Cosmekita will make a product ranking later to make it easier for people who wants to know what's the best beauty product available. I wouldnt say much because i think i already wrote about Cosmekita above. But here are some other Cosmekita's aim:
1. Beauty blogger - by registered as a beauty blogger in, beauty blogger can reach so much more reader and increase their traffic, a.k.a more reader, by sharing their writing (review, tutorial, and else) in Cosmekita.
2. User member (reader) - by registering in, users can explore so much more and search about beauty article and information in more easier way, plus they can also talk directly with their fave blogger! User will also able to see the online store (online shops) or vendors that are recommended.
3. Vendors - vendor will also get the benefit, like easy way to give a market testing for a new product or when they're gonna decide what gonna be the latest trend. They can also spread their product easily to the market.
4. Online stores (online shops) - many people are choosing buying online than real store lately, within Cosmekita, online store/shop can introduce their shop, get more buyers and can gain more trust from buyer.
WOW right! Cosmekita is not only for reader or beauty blogger or only for vendor/online store, but ALL!
     Other than that, Mr. Kenny also tell us a bit tips and trick for beauty blogger, since based on what he got from the statistical research, there are still less than 600 beauty blogger in Indonesia, and many of them sometime inactive. Most of them (50% more) are a new beauty blogger less than a year blogging because many of beauty blogger is come and gone. And no more than 20% (if i wasnt mistaken) that making beauty blogging as their main job. So for maintaining the blog and get readers, Mr. Kenny told us as beauty blogger a few tips, which are:
1. Personal branding - which mean you can tell more details about your self, your hobby, favorite, your self, who you are, kind of makeup do you like, your favorite brand, your uniqueness, and else in order the reader could feel close and know you well.
2. Custom URL - yeah the sooner the better, go grab your custom url. I wanted it so bad, but i havent got time yet, i guess it's so much more convenient to be instead of, such a waste of space in brain memory. Other that it gonna be so much more simple to get remembered, it also look more professional aint it?
3. Special content - once in a while you can write about something else, not only beauty, but like a bit of personal life, vacation, DIY, fun moment, or just simply chitchat! It makes your blog even colorful and not dull.
4. Timing update - go update your blog, at least one a day with pictures or something, missing in action could cause the loss of reader (since most of beauty blogger in the research said they update their blog at least once in a week, hahhaa im one of them). So at least update your blog as many as you can so the reader will not forget about you.

     After Mr. Kenny speech, our pretty senior beauty blogger, Sanny Lie as Cosmekita PR also gave speech! But too bad it was only from video, because she couldnt come, other than she's not living in Jakarta, i guess she's in her late pregnancy too (i wish the baby born safely later!). Anyway i wish i can meet her on other event though, she looks really nice :)

     Then, we had this demo from Olga Agradia D, a professional young MUA plus beautypreneur from Semarang! She's so great at makeup and even Anastasia Beverly Hills herself endorsing Olga! Cool right? Anyway she did a eyebrow demo on stage :)
     She told us the tips to make a perfect eyebrow, for more detail you can always visit and follow her instagram @olgaagradiad, she also put on eye makeup tutorial on her page, so make sure you check her out :)

     And not only a eyebrow demo by Olga, but there were also makeup and hairstyle demo!
     So the makeup demo was by Mr. Yamano Mistuo and the hair demo was by Mr. Yazawa Soichi. They are both a very famous hairdresser from Japan who own a beauty salon named Yamano Salon of Beauty. They're both very professional, even in their home town, Japan, they took care of makeup and hair for Miss Japan, amazing right?? It was so nice that i can watch their demo directly! Especially when both of them are super nice and humble! 

    So this is Mr. Yazawa told us about what he gonna do with the model's, Karina's, hair. He said that he going to make a special braid buns for long hair, since he thinks it's gonna be quite tiring to live in hot Jakarta while having a long hair, so once in a while you can buns up your hair!

     While Mr. Yazawa doing Karina's hair, Mr. Yamano was doing Rini's makeup. Ce Rini is also one of senior beauty blogger and she's so nice!

     Mr. Yamano explained what he gonna do with Rini's look. The makeup was Japanese look, natural and sweet. 

     So after Mr. Yazawa tied the side of Karina's hair, he gathered the hair into a pony tails before making the buns. While Mr. Yamano makeup demo was natural Japan fresh and light look, with pink color domination. He was putting the nice pink lipstick for ce Rini. Mr Yamano also used pink blush, and combination of brown+pink eyeshadow.

     Here some pictures of the guest's enthusiasm! They moved from their chair and went closely to the front to take pictures of the demo! Hahaha they were all look like a reporter, while i mostly just seat in my chair, because too many people in the front already, thank God i still can watch the demo clearly, hahhaa.

     Then they also introduce us to the  Nudy Aura shampoo and treatment which are very popular in Japan. Nudy Aura is so famous that more than 6 million shampoo and treatment already sold! And of course the shampoo has a great effect!

     After Mr. Yamano done with ce Rini's makeup look, he exchange with Mr. Yazawa (which also done with the braid buns for Karina). So then Mr. Yamano gave Karina a simple natural makeup look too, while Mr. Yazawa doing another trending hairstyle in Japan for ce Rini, which was a messy curly long hair with a pretty braid rose on one side. Btw unlike normal curly, in this demo, he backcombed ce Rini's hair with hand! Cool! The backcomb with hand was to make the hair look has more volume and looks thick.

     Other than makeup and hairstyle, Mr. Yamano and Mr. Yazawa also put on Aurum ( on both of the models! What is Aurum?? Aurum is a temporary body tattoo made of 99.9% pure gold! How cool is that! And it's so famous in Japan!
     Aurum can last about a week and looks very cool with so many design. Also it's so easy to use, you can just put the Aurum on your body and wet it with water so it can stick on your skin, yup, just like using any other temporary tattoo! Mr. Yazawa and Mr. Yamano also being so kind by randomly choosing 10 guests to try their tattoo! I wanted it so bad, but too bad i wasnt lucky enough to try the tattoo, but my friend, Kania was one of the guest who got to try the tattoo! Lucky :)

 They put it on her wrist, so it looked like a gold bracelets! So cute! :D

     Well, after the demo makeup and hair, both of the models and also Mr. Yamano+Mr. Yazawa came down from the stage, so the guest could see their makeup and hairstyle clearly!
      See, cute Aurum, this one is butterfly! Anyway im sorry it was hard to take a picture of Karina's braid buns, because there were so many people waiting to see them, that i cant hold them longer for sure! And my camera was just being annoying by took so long to load *cries*

      Ce Rini also have quite a lot of Aurum spotted on her body! One was in her face, near the eyes, second on the arms and third on her wrist! So cuteeeeee >_<

And this was her braid flower hair, so cute right?? And her curly hand-backcombed hair!

     After the makeup demo and also hair demo, there was Ms. Yulia as owner of online shop. She was the official distributor for Ageha Japan Softlens in Indonesia, so no doubt that her stuffs are original and in great condition!
     She shares some story of how she first building her online shop, hard times, how she became the official distributor of Japan Softlens, how to promote the first time by using helps of Beauty Blogger (Sasya is one of the first beauty blogger who helped her promoting the stuff), how to maintain the online shop, and else! Havent try Ageha Japan Softlens yet? You should try it! Because it's so nice with so many pretty colors! Dont worry, most of the people who try the softlens said that's the most comfortable softlens ever! So no doubt, just check on Ms. Yulia instagram page ASAP! Go visit her instagram here @japansoftlens or go directly to the website !

     AANNNDD Last but not least! After Ms. Yulia speech, the last event of the day was a lucky draw! So there were three guest who would get a beauty products by winning the selfie contest, one lucky draw grand prize (OPPO camera) for one of vendor/media representative and one lucky draw for beauty blogger winner (Samsung Note 8.0). My gosh! So fun right?? So many prizes!

 Here are three lucky winner for selfie contest! Jesslyn, Ochel and Raden, congrats!! :D

     After the announcement of the three selfie contest winner, they draw for vendor/media grandprize, i didnt have time to take a pic too bad, i was texting my mom. But congrats to her! (Im sorry i dont know the name too)
     After that Mr. Kenny picked one of many guests number to be the winner of the grandprize, Samsung Note 8.0.  Aaannddd.... guess who won?

     Hahahahahaha! Wohoooo! Frankly i wasnt really paying attention when Mr. Kenny picked the number, because i thought i wasnt gonna won anyway, so i kept on texting, but it surprised me so badly when the MC, said "the lucky number 8!"
     That was my number! Hahaha, i went to the front awkwardly because i couldnt really stand way too many people stared at me! Hahaha, but i was so happy! I won! Thank you Cosmekita!
Picture source: Cosmekita Facebook Page

     Hahahhaa i never thought i would win! Anyway after the grandprize draw and announcement, the event was closed. So fuuuunnnn! I really wish that Cosmekita would achieve its goal and became the most popular website for beauty ahead!

Here are some pictures from the event!!

 Me - Kania and her cute baby, Safa - Lina

 Me and Kania

 Me - Kania - Lina

 Me and Lina

 Me and Lina again haha.

 Me and Reezki

 Mr. Yamano and I

Mr. Yazawa and I

 Me and Imelda, finally we met! Hahhaa

Imelda - Sasya - Me - Nancy - Lina

And here's what i got from the event!
The first goodie bag that i got when i registered. 
 A really cute goodie bag and guess what insideeeee~

     Uh, wondering what's this?? Hahhaa i was wondering too when i first got it, turns out it was the invitation! Hahhaha! Super cute right!
 When i open the invitation, tadaaa~

      Look like a makeup palette! It supposed to be sent to our house, but because some technical problem, this invitation cannot be sent, but we still get it at the event! I love the invitation so much!

Then this is a cute small note book. 

 The design is so simple and cuteee! I love the color and also the rose!

 Next there is a cleanser from Paramarta Spa, cant wait to try it :D

     Annnnddd, Ageha Japan Softlens! Ms. Yulia gave it for free for all the beauty bloggers who came! She's so kinddd!! And beside the softlens is not really a lipstick, hahhaa gotcha! It's actually a pen! So cute right?

     Next goodie bag, i got it in the last event by redeem our number, i was number 8, so this goodie bag was the one that i got! Each goodie bag contains random and different beauty stuff, another surprise! Hahaha loving it!

      I got three beauty products! And im so happy because i have none of them yet! Hahhaaha so it's totally new stuff to try!

 Baviphat Secret Recipe Magic Girl with BB Cream (read my review HERE)

Wardah Exclusive Lipstick no.48 (review coming soon)

and last Bourjois Mascara Volumizer! (review coming soon)

Last goodie bag! Hahhaa my grand prize, yup, SAMSUNG NOTE 8.0 yay!

     So many things i got from Cosmekita Launching Event;  knowledge, new friends, goodie bag, grand prize and a wonderful experience! Im so happy and wishing all the good things in the world for Cosmekita!

     Dont forget to stop by and register at! Help Cosmekita to be a better website and wish for it to stabilized soon, because it's gonna be very useful for us as beauty junky, beauty blogger, reader, vendor and also online shop!

Let's join and let's create beauty together! :)

Well, that's a wrap! Thanks for reading and stopping by,


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