Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reine Doll Shop's (I AM A QUEEN) IBB Makeup Challenge

Hey adorable!

     Me again and of course with another MUC from Reine Doll Shop! And these are my submission for the contest!

     Wondering what is Reine Doll Shop? Well let me update you, Reine Doll Shop is an online shop that sells so many range of branded cosmetics! No worry it's a trusted online shop, all the products are authentic! So you can shop peacefully without worry and doubt!
     Anyway they held a makeup contest now, the theme is "i am a queen", so all you have to do is simple, do a makeup like a queen! I made a few looks and a have a bit story in my mind right now. Hahaha i love making up weird love story. And well sometimes it gets a bit sadistic, but yeah, it's just my dark part taking control ;)
     Actually im a bit in a last minute, i actually made the looks few days ago, but since im quite busy with this and that, i only got time to write it right now, mobile, on my samsung device, it's a bit tricky, i never write blog on my smart phone.

okay skip my chitchat, lets move on the look and of course the story,

 Dolly Heart Queen and Queen of Darkness

 it starts with Once Upon A Time...

      Far far away there was a kingdom named Dollycenea which ruled by a fair and beautiful queen, named Queen Koukla. She was loved by all of her subject. She was kind, caring and soft hearted, no one could ever hurt her.

     Her skin was pale with a hint of pinkish on her cheek. Her lips was pink, fulled and shapped like a heart. Her hair was long and shine like a ray of sunshine. She was sure looked like a doll, no wonder her name was Koukla, which means a beautiful doll in Greek.
     As year passed by, she fell in love with a King across the sea, named King Sevo. He was charming for sure, and not only the face, but also with a charming atittude, everyone fell easily for him, included Queen Koukla.

     It started because he made the first move first, he was flirting a lot with Queen Koukla using his charm. She, in the other hand was paying no attention at first, but then again, he looked as caring as a sweet person ever, she fell hard for him.
     She thought his love was real, he was just messing around, well hewas the first person ever who dare to broke her heart. Knowing she was just a helpless Queen and full of forgiveness, he thought he can play with her, just like that.

     The Queen was so heart broken when she knew that her King was flirting with other maiden, even her sister! Yes, Queen Koukla has a weird sister who loves darkness, she was Queen Hellenia. She lived not far from Dollycenea Kingdom, she has her own Kingdom, named Kingdom of Erebus. She has the same pale skin as Queen Koukla, but, her lips was as red as dark wine, with a sharp eyes that could mesmerized everyone that look at it. Her hair was long and as brown as the oaken tree.

     She might looked scary, but dont get her wrong, she just love the eccentric style and yeah her favorite colors were black and red. She dicided to make her own Kingdom to gather people who couldnt really fit in to a glory world like in Dolycenea. She was a actually as kind as Queen Koukla, she just rarely show it because she wouldnt want bad people to take advantage.

     And she was really protective of her sister, Queen Koukla. So if someone ever hurt her sister, they were going to have to face her. When she knew that King Sevo broke Queen Koukla's heart she got very mad! Even though she was nice and humble, she was quite hard when it comes to bad people and punishment. She could be very cruel.

     Without a doubt, Queen Hellenia invited King Sevo to her kingdom Erebus. The playboy king was so happy to get invited by her without even thinking that she had plans. One gloomy afternoon the King arrived and the Queen approach him with a sinister grin that could make you shiver.

     The king started to have a bad feeling, but he was too as they entered her tortured room. She looked her in a dungeon, for no one knows how long and sent her army to take down his Kingdom. The poor unprepared Kingdom was surprised by the war and they messed up. Erebus won, but no harm was to be done to the subject, she treted them really nicely and the subject of King Sevo's kingdom learned to love her as soon as she arrived there, not only make the kingdom better, she even gave the homeless a nice warm home. Every people lived happily and easily forgot of King Sevo, because he was pretty much reckless about her Kingdom, and his subject doesnt really like him.
     Pitty for King Sevo, he was still in the dungeon when Queen Hellenia arrived. Knowing this Queen Koukla was a bit shocked, but she loved her sister more than King Sevo and she started to thinking that King Sevo deserve his faith, so she just came by to say his goodbye for King Sevo before Queen Hellenia ended his life with a single poisonous kiss.
     Queen Koukla actually feeling better after the death of scumbag King Sevo, later in a few years she finally getting married with a kind and caring King of far far away. Queen Hellenia was so happy for her sister happiness. Sister's love is always there.

The end.

      Im really sorry for the bad story, it was actually more cruel and sadistic than this version, but i dont think you're up to reading a scary story, hahhaaa so i just make it simple.

Anyway i have another look, yes, my favorite Queen from Disney, i bet you guys are familiar with her and her story already, but let me write it in my own word :)

Queen Elsa of Arendelle

     Hey, im Elsa, as you know i recently have to rule the Kingdom because of my parents died years ago when they attended my cousin's wedding. Actually im scared, my dad always here to help me conceal my feeling to overcome my fear, now i have nobody, im afraid im going to do something bad with my sister, Anna, like perhaps struck her with another ice magic of mine.

     So the freakiest day finally arrived, my coronation day. Okay i freaked out. I hate i have to open my gloves, i cant control it very well without gloves. But yeah it went amazingly well! But nothing last forever, up until the ball moment happened, when my sister presented a scumbag covered with charmed and asked for my blessing of their marriage! I mean, hello! YOU CANT JUST MARRY SOMEONE YOU JUST MET!

      Well, one thing to another, we went on a viral fight, i tried to stop her by went out the other way and ended the party, but Anna kept on pushed me so hard, she even grabbed my gloves! With sadness and fear, plus without my gloves, i couldnt conceal my power, i snapped at her and made a scary sharp ice around me accidentally. Well everyone freaked out! I was even more scared, I didnt mean to :((

     So i decided to went away to the mountain! Im so sad that everyone thinks i am a freak and a monster. I am no monster, i just have a special ability which well, not everyone can accept just yet. So when i went to the mountain suddenly it snow, and i thought why i need to always conceal? Then i tried out my power, freely. It felt amazing and im so happy! I even build a snowman like i build when i was a kid!

So i decided to not stay in the past, goodbye for the old me!

     So i got rid of my coronation dress and changed it to something even better that suit me as a snow queen! I feel free! I feel the icy power everywhere and it's GREAT.

well, cold never bothered me anyway ;)

It's a wrap!

 Thats all for my submission post! My queen looks! I hope you enjoy the story and also the photos!
 wish me luck! ♥

Here's last picture of me as Elsa with my Elsa doll! :D


p.s the wig is messed up for elsa one, i need to re-style my old wig which is way too blond and not really with a hint of white and it was super hard to make the wig look like Elsa's hair! Plus the clothes is actually some fabric i put together, since my Elsa dress isnt done yet. Hahaha, i hope i can do better next time. :)


  1. wowww totalitas bgt <3
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    1. hehhee, kebetulan lagi pengen xD
      thanks yaa dear :D :D

  2. keren-keren semua, bagus, paling suka yang Elsa, makeup matanya cantik

    1. hehehe yang elsa makeup matanya cuma warna pink sm ungu doang buru2 mixnya xD
      thanks yaaa :)

  3. aku baca story yg dolly queen sampe abis kak hahaha aku suka elsa yg longhair sma dolly heart queennya >.< gud luck ya ;)

    1. itu ceritanya sumpah ngarang banget gaje hahaha, makasih dear :*

  4. Woooowww propertynya lengkap banget deh. Barusan nonton Frozen, wuihhh jadi inget lagi lihat makeupmu hihihi
    Good luck ^_^

    1. hehehee itu yang elsa dua2nya kain belum jadi ku iket2 di badan hahhaha, ini bikin makeup nya juga sambil nonton frozen hahhaa :D
      thank you yaaa :)

  5. Keren bangeett, semuanya keren hehe <3