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Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

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     Me again, with another review product that i got from Cosmekita Launching Party last April 27th, i told you it was so much fun! Havent read about it yet? Check it out HERE
     Anyway this one is a Mascara from Bourjois Paris, i saw this a million time but never buy it, thanks to Cosmekita i can try this mascara without paying any cent! Hahhaa :)

Let's check what i like and dislike about this product!


Blog Label: Yellow
Brand : Bourjois
Name : Bourjois Volumizer Mascara
Content : 11ml/0.4fl.oz
Made In : France
Price : +/- IDR 160k (About $16)
          ( This price is based on guardian/watson)

Lets check out the packaging:
The packaging is simple, with pink and black domination. It has no box like most of mascaras. 

But no need to worry, it's sealed, so you'll know which one is new and used.

The cap is kinda weird, unlike other mascara, this mascara can be used two ways.

See, first step and second step. Whoa? What's the meaning of it? Lets check more below :)

The back side. It showed us what the step one and step two are for.
As you can see, more close up. The first step is a for more lighter eyelashes when applied, like make it longer but not thick, so it prepared your lashes for 3D volume, which to achieve the more volume on our lashes, we can simple use the second step.

Here's the other side of the back, you can see there's two pictures of the brush. The first one is not as thick as the second brush. But it's actually the same brush.

Another side.

So it said that it already tested for sensitive eyes and also eyes with contact lens, so not to worry, this is okay for you who has a sensitive eyes or wearing contact.

Lets see the first step.

It's the brush, with thin handle, its because the handle was inside the second steps handle which is bigger, so it's like handle-ception, how cool is that.

Here's the close up look of the first step brush. They claimed this first step can: "The lightly loaded brush gives you a defined volume and prepares lashes for a second stroke without clogging"

Now lets see the second steps. See the handle is a bit bigger right?

The same brush but with thicker mascara in the brush.

Close up look.  They claimed that the second step can: "The fully loaded brush will coat your lashes to boost and build maximum volume with no clumps." 

See it actually the same brush, only this one has more mascara on the bristle than the first step. Wonder how? 
Here's how:
It actually only one brush but as i said, handle-ception. See, i open the first step handle, which actually is inside the second one!

I pulled the first brush, as you can see, the excess mascara from the brush bristle is stuck in the second handle tube. 

See, the first brush is almost out. 

It leaves the excess mascara in the second handle. 

Close up. See. 

Actually the second has no brush! Only a handle tube like. 

Thats why the first one is so much more lighter than the second. Because the first one is like filtered through the second one, while the second one has no filter, so it's thicker. :)

So lets see the swatch on my lashes:
First swatch is on my right eyes, the cam is mirroring, so you should see the left one in this picture. 
 Here's my lashes before i applying any mascara: short, straight and face down,
 i dont have a curly lashes unfortunately.

So in this picture i applied Step 1 Bourjois Volumizer Mascara on the left side. See, it looks a bit longer.

This is the view of my lashes facing up. It curled my lashes a bit, but not too much, an it does makes my lashes longer but not give much volume. 

So now, i applied the Step 2 Bourjois Volumizer Mascara still on the left side. As you can see, my lashes is getting longer and thicker. But it does clump. I need to get rid the clump with my hand or cotton bud. 

 Here's the Step two if i facing up. I applied it in zig-zag motion because i think that's how i should apply it, but i was wrong, the zig-zag motion makes the lashes stick to one another, because the texture of the mascara is too thick. The result looks so fake for me, i should say i think it doesnt look natural.

     So because i think i dont have to use zig-zag motion in both time when i applying the mascara, so i tried on the other side of my eyes:

 So in this picture, the left one already applied with both Step1 and Step 2. While the right one is only step two. See the different? If you only use Step1, your lashes will not look thick, but long and quite natural. But still it's longer if you're using the Step two as well.

This is when i was facing up, you can see the quite different right? From thickness and also the length. 

This is after i applied the Step2 without doing the zig-zag motion, only from the root and up, root and up, over and over again. I didnt do it way too much though, like i told you, it leave clumps. Quite different right?

Here's the before after from the side angle:


 Left side after Step 1

Left side after Step 2

Right side after Step 2

Why different? The left is not as curl as the right side? Well, thats because i didnt curl it with my hand after applying the mascara for left eye, so because it's a bit thick, it quite weighted my lashes, so it's not as curl as if i curl it again with my hand after applying the mascara. 
Anwyay im not using curl tools for both side of the eyes, i just curl the second attempt with my hand by holding it for few seconds while the mascara half dry. Quite a different they make, but still clumps everywhere i need to fix it with the Step1 brush and my cotton bud. 

Anyway this one is epic, after 2 hours or so, i finally washed my face and this happened:

I look scary, my gosh, thank god no one outside when i leave the toilet. And thanks god i tried this at home! Bah, it's gonna be ridiculous if i was outside! I thought this one is waterproof! Because of this experience last night, later at the watson this day i asked the attendant if this mascara is waterproof or not, and she said it's waterproof, but yeah, it doesnt look waterproof in my eyes. Idk, perhaps im wrong, perhaps im right. Im going to try to use it again at my house sometimes later, not now, im not feeling so well :(

      So, like the swatch i did above, i think this mascara is good if you want to get more volume to your lashes but dont mind with cleaning the clumps. And also if you want your lashes too look not really natural. So it's quite a lie if they claimed: "build maximum volume with no clumps." Because i sure do see clumps and it doesnt leave a natural look. I guess it's because the texture it's too thick, thats why it clumps.
      First i applied the mascara  Step1, i actually like it because it makes my lashes longer and natural, even still not really thick. But when i applied the Step2, i feel my lashes looked horrible, i mean it's not bad, but it stick to one another way too much makes it doesnt look really natural. And yeah i dont like the smell, too strong, like ink perhaps. If you're sensitive about smell, better try another mascara, or at least try to smell it before you buy it, at least you'll know if you can stand it or not. I normally not too sensitive about mascara's smell, but somehow i really smelled this one. 
      Then i was surprised that it's not waterproof, it's the first time i wash my face and ended up with black mascara excess flow in my eyes. I look scary and like a panda afterward. But the positive thing is if this is not waterproof then it can save your lashes a bit, because it's easy to clean, less lashes fall out. After all, i cant really say i recommended this if you want to use it all day and if you're sweating easily, im afraid it might make you look like a panda instead of a pretty lady. But it's okay if you want to use it for party night to a place full AC and no sweat, plus no washing your face.

+ cool packaging with innovative brush
+ can make your lashes longer
+ can make your lashes thicker
+ can be used two way (light or thick)


- quite expensive
- not waterproof
- clumps
- texture so thick
- ink-like smell (i dont like it)

 Overall Rating: 3/5

      I recommended this for you guys who wants to have a not waterproof mascara and good for sensitive eyes. But i dont recommend this for you guys who hates clumps or unnatural volume lashes and looking for a waterproof one. 

     Anyway thanks for Cosmekita for letting me try this mascara, at least i know it's not a mascara for me! Hahhaa thank god i dont have to waste money for something that not suit my reference. Although it's still good for me to use at home if i want to do a makeup look though, so it's still usable :)

And thank you guys for stopping by! Dont forget to visit Cosmekita!



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