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Review: Lipaddict - 205 Sexy Seductress

Hey pretty!

     I'm back with another review! Not really a makeup review, because this one is a lip care! I got this Lipaddict when i attended the launching months ago. Wondering much what so special about this one? What makes it's different from another lip products? Check it out below!

Lihat postingan dalam Bahasa Indonesia DI SINI
Blog Label: Red
Brand : ISkin New York
Name : Lipaddict - 205 Sexy Seductress
Content: 7ml
Made In : USA
Price : about IDR 500k (around USD50), i kinda forgot the exact price.
Price based on Indonesia store.

     As we age, wrinkles around the mouth and lips develop as our skin loses collagen and elastin, the components of skin that give smooth appearance. In addition, facial fat, which needed for lips' plumpness, also reduce naturally as we age. Other reasons like genetics, smoking, sun exposure, and environmental damage could also increase wrinkles in our lips. So, Lipaddict is here to help us gain fuller, sexy, healthy lips without using any needle that hurts! !

The benefit of using this Lipaddict are:
- Increasing collagen to fight lines and wrinkles on the lips
- Restores firmness and enhances lip contour
- Instantly making the lips moist, plumped and smoother look.
- Long-lasting hydration for dry and chapped lips
- Cheaper than lips surgery or fillers
- Easy to use
- Can be used as a supporting product in conjunction with lip inject-able treatment for longer-lasting result
- Safe to use even for pregnant women 

     Lipaddict has so many useful ingredients for your lips such as: peptides, dehydrated marine collagen, vitamin C, E and K, plant and berry super extracts, castor oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, and also hyaluronic acid, which are all good to make your lips healthier and moist.

     First let's see the packaging first okay~

 The packaging is quite simple with a cool silver box. 

Here's what inside! One Lipaddict in Sexy Seductress. It has 11 another colors as well, but they said that Sexy Seductress is the best seller in Indonesia. It kinda remind me of a lipgloss for sure, but it's not a ordinary lip product because is a lip care!

     Now let's see the swatch shall we:
The color reminds me so much about my very first lipgloss back then and i like it. But of course it's not only a lipgloss, so it's even better! Hahaha.Plus i really want to try other colors as well! I've been keeping my eyes on number 206 Pink Princess and 209 Candy Swirl! Wish i could get it someday!

     You can see the color looks nice. It might look a bit bold if you see the packaging, but when used, it's just nice red-pinkish but not too much. Plus this one is a bit shimmery, so if you prefer without shimmer you can just pick another color. When used it has this cool minty feeling, i think it taste a bit like mint gum or tooth paste. It might feel tingling at first because it cool sensation. But i like it! Hahaha.
     So the first lips picture is months ago before i used this Lipaddict and the last lips is my lips recently. You see that my lips is not as pale as it's before, it's like the color of my lips is coming back. No chapped lips for sure. The lines and wrinkles are a bit reduced i guess. Plus i think my lips also looks fuller but not bigger for sure. My lips look healthier for me :)


      As you can see by your self, my lips looks healthier and fuller. The Lipaddict helps reducing or prevent lines and wrinkle on my lips. It also restore firmness and making my lips moist and smooth. It really helps with my chapped lips problem, especially when i used the wrong lipstick or matte lipstick. My lips dry so much and chapped, but thankfully, i always bring this lip care with me, so whenever my lips dry and chapped i can easily use the Lipaddict.
     Oh and it comes very handy when my lips dry plus chapped that i'm not in the mood to wear any lipstick but i need a little bit color on my lips. Because it gives my lips a nice color and also never dry my lips! It even stay quite long. Sometimes i also use Lipaddict to sleep and waking up with moist and hydrated lips. It doesn't wear off so much even after 15hrs (no food and drink for sure).
     A little advice, if you want to use it, make sure before any other lip products so the useful ingredient could absorb in your lips. But you can also use it as lipgloss after the lipstick, but why wasting all the useful ingredients? So i normally just use Lipaddict without anything else and when i want to use lipstick, i didn't use my Lipaddicts until i wash out the lipstick.

+ reducing lines and wrinkle on the lips
+ restore lips firmness
+ hydrated and moist lips
+ plumped looking lips
+ stays quite long
+ has cute colors
+ easy to use
+ get rid of dry and chapped lips
+ cool minty feeling

- pretty much expensive
- feels a bit thick in the lips

     In conclusion i love this Lipaddict! My very first lip care ever (other than lip balm i guess). It helps my lips so much and never dry out my lips (even some lip balm could dry the lips). So if you want to have a healthier lips, try to use this Lipaddict, maybe it'll work for you as well!
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

That's all my review for now! See you on my next post!


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