Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: Viva Moisturizing Eye Base Gel

Hey pretty!

     Finally i come back with a cheap but good product review (yay, green label alert!). It's Viva Moisturizing Eye Base Gel for Perfect Eyeshadow! One of the eyeshadow base i love, to be truth my favorite so far because it's cheap hahaha. Let's see the review shall we!

Lihat postingan dalam Bahasa Indonesia DI SINI

Blog Label: Green
Brand : Viva
Name : Moisturizing Eye Base Gel
Content: 15gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : about IDR 10k (around USD1), the price might vary.
Price based on Indonesia store.

     Let's see the packing.

The packaging is really simple, not really eye catching to tell you the truth. It's a small tube with white-cream color. Noting special, the only good thing about the package is, it's small and easy to bring.

     Now let's see how good this eye base is!
 The texture is like gel but really watery. It might be white, but it gonna turn out transparent when used. It has this cool sensation and leave your eyelid moisturized but not oily. 

It's also doing a great job with bringing eyeshadow color to life. See the huge different? And i only use a really small amount of it. 


      I love it! It helps to bring eyeshadow color even more, even with a really small amount. It seriously could last more than a year. When used, it has a cool sensation because it's gel like, but also watery so it's super easy to blend in the eyes. It could make eyeshadow last longer, way longer, eyeshadow in my eyes without a eye primer could not last more than 15 minutes. But with viva eye base gel, it could last for like more than 15hr. No more oily eyelid. 
+ cheap!
+ bringing out the colors of eyeshadow
+ only need a small amount for both eyes
+ moisturizing the eyelid
+ eyeshadow last longer
+ no more oily eyelid
+ cool sensation when applied
+ easy to blend eyeshadow afterward
+ easy to apply

- none

     Nothing more to say, i love this! I love the quality so far and i surely love the price! Guess what, i bought it less than a dollar! Mwahaha. Because it's cheap and so far so good, i prefer not to try other eye base (until i get one for free haha). Totally recommended it for you guys!
Overall Rating: 5/5
     Here some of the pictures of my EOTD using Viva Eye Base Gel. The eyeshadow colors are pop out, even under the camera flash!

That's all for now, see you!



  1. This is a really good review. Seneng deh kosmetik Indonesia mengalami kebangkitan yahhh. Produknya mulai bagus-bagus kualitasnya. Hihihihihi....

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    1. thanks for stopping by! iya, ini murah tapi bagus deh hasilnya :D

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