Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review: Make Up Store Blush - Frozen Daiquiri


     I'm going to share a quick review of Make Up Store Blush today. I got it from Tante Indah (Make Up Store Indonesia owner herself!) when i pay a visit to Make Up Store counter months ago with my bloggers friend. I'm so lucky i choose this blush because it's totally my favorite blush right now, so let's just check how awesome it is, okay!

Lihat postingan dalam Bahasa Indonesia DI SINI
Blog Label: Red
Brand : Make Up Store
Name : Blush - Frozen Daiquiri
Content: 2.5gr
Made In : Canada
Price : about IDR 320k (around USD32), i forgot the exact price.
Price based on Indonesia store.

     Here goes the packaging~

Nothing special about the packaging. Just that cool transparent "M" which can reflect the shade inside.

 Here's the blush. Mine is Frozen Daiquiri and i'm loving the color!

     Let's check the swatch in my hand first.

 The closer look for the blush texture. You see, it's super pigmented.

  On my cheek, i only need one swipe to get all pigmented. So you need to be careful when applying or else it will look too much.  

Here's with full makeup on. So pigmented right? You can swipe it lightly if you want a lighter effect and make sure just to tap it really light and little from the blush pot.


      Need i say more? I totally love it. It might a bit pricey for me, but so far this is my favorite blush ever. The shade is so rich and pigmented. You need only a little tap on the blush pot to create a super cute pinky cheek. Which means this blush gonna take sometimes to touch pan. It might be a bit expensive for a last semester college girl like me, but soooo worth it. If i have more money i'll surely buy another colors. Hahaha.    

+ super pigmented
+ one tap for the whole cheek
+ rich color
+ easy to blend
+ stays quite long
+ easiest blush i ever put on

- quite expensive for me (but worth it as well *cries*)

     In conclusion i totally in love with this blush and will recommend this for anyone who has more money so spare on buying blush! So go get em, guys!

Overall Rating: 5/5
That's all the review! See you on my next post!


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