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Review: Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion no.23

Hello guys!

      Bored with my review? I hope not yet, because i still have some products to review hahaha. But i'm not that sure as well that i'm going to be as active as last month. I'm going to finish my thesis this month hopefully, so wish me luck, because i have 5 chapters to finish in less than a month. Pleaseeee wish me luck! Anyway while i have a free time, i'm going to share a quick review of Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion!

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Blog Label: Red
Brand : Sulwhasoo
Name : Evenfair Perfecting Cushion
Content: 30gr (15gr x 2)
Made In : Korea
Price : IDR 680k (about USD65)
Price based on Indonesia store.

      Let's see the packaging, shall we.

 The box is pearly white and looks simple but still elegant.


 Contain one set of cushion (refill+puff+case) and one other refill and puff. So basically it contain two products with one case.

 This is the refill with one extra puff inside.

 The case (already with the cushion and puff inside).

 The design is simple, white case with a touch of gold which make the case looks elegant.

The puff. Soft and thin. 

 This is how the inside cushion look like. I personally think it's a bit disturbing, hahaha, idk why. 

But through that small thousand holes the content come out. So the right way to do it, is:
1. Put the puff in the top of the cushion.
2. Slightly press the center of the puff.
3. Voila, it's in your puff.

 The texture is quite light and really easy too blend. 

 In my hand the shade is perfectly fit, but let's see on my face.

 A bit too white, eh? But don't worry after a full makeup or a few moment, the color will match the skin eventually.

Sorry, my acne is still a bit annoying (still find a way to cure it, 4 months is too long already for a bad skin, it starting to stress me out). Anyway, as you can see, the coverage is medium.


     Perfectly hide the small imperfectness like uneven skin tone, dark spot, redness, etc. But not really cover the pimple perfectly. But i guess that's okay, because the texture is so light, lighter than bb cream i guess (because some of the bb cream texture is too thick, while this is just perfect). At first i'm not even sure that it can covers anything, well turns out i was wrong and it has a light to medium coverage. 
     Stays quite long as well. The last time i tried, it went for about 6hrs and still good. The longest time i used it was on a sunny hot day, i don't really remember exactly, but i guess it still good for like 8hr after (with a very little of touch up). Face is not oily, but feels like oily, because it leaves face dewy (like Korean girl). I prefer to make it a bit matte though. But if you loves dewy finish, this one is really perfect.
     Plus, it might look way too white at first, but it'll match the skin tone eventually. And if you add some shading and blush plus powder it'll also gonna look nice. The thing is, don't put it too much, because one press of it can already cover the whole face plus neck, so don't use it too much. It might turns out like a mask.
     Oh, the good thing is if you actually count the price, it'll look quite cheap for a high-end brand like Sulwhasoo. It might be IDR 680k, but it contains two refills and two puffs, plus one case, so it's just like you got two products for that price. In the end, i guess that's a bit affordable for this expensive brand.

+ light - medium coverage
+ perfect for daily use
+ light on skin
+ easy to blend
+ stays quite long
+ got plus refill and puff

- too dewy finish (i prefer matte, but if you like dewy finish, then it'll be a plus hahaha)
- too white at first, need some time to adjust with your skin color

     Well, regardless the cons, i still find this becoming my favorite for daily makeup, because it's simply easier to apply than foundation but better result than bb cream. I really recommend it more than bb cream or using foundation daily.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

      Well, this one is already full makeup, see, not that white like a mask anymore, right? Hehe. Anyway, see you on my next post!


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