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Experience: Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Hey girls!

     or boys! Today i want to share my experience using eyelash extension for the first time! I got the invitation to try this eyelash extension from Kawaii Beauty Japan and Tokyo Belle. Lucky! Well to tell you the truth i quite worried at first because i never done this before and i afraid it might hurt or disturbing the eyes. Plus usually i just use false eyelashes and even sometimes it's not heavy, it still doesn't feel natural. But let's see about this eyelash extension shall we!

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Blog Label: Red
Experience : Eyelash Extension
Place : Tokyo Belle (Pacific Place)
Price : IDR 1.000k - 1.200k (around USD 100)
Price based on Indonesia store.


     So i came to Tokyo Belle on May 10th, 2015. Before i had to make a reservation first because normally it's always full, so i made my reservation 3 days before. When i got there i know why it's always full, it's simply because the place is soooo small! They only has one room for the treatment for this moment. Even though it's small, the place is so nice, clean and pretty. But if you want to go with your friend and doing the treatment at the same time, you might want to come to the other branches like the one in Panglima Polim, i heard it's huge.

    See, it's sooo small right? Hahaha, but it's really cozy and i got a warm welcome from the attendants, they're really nice and hospitable! And oh, that man is my boyfriend, he always helping me (a.k.a accompany me). Anyway first i need to register first and choose the lashes i want!

This is my registration sheet. 

     Then i had to choose my lashes, like i mention before. Frankly i was confused about which one will suit me well, because i never done this before! But luckily, the attendant helping me choosing the right one! Unfortunately i don't remember her name (sooorrryy, i'm suck with names). I said i don't want to look too much or too fake and then she said, i probably gonna look good with the natural one (the lashes on the upper left picture). She added, it's going to be nice with my small monolid eyes. So that's it, i choose that one!

Well, then it's time for me to get the eyelash extension!
 So this is the room, it's so small, but quite tidy and clean. The right one is the eyelashes and stuff they use to put on this extension. There are a lot of little eyelashes! Anyway it's from mink hair if im not mistaken, so it's not as soft as our natural eyelashes, but still comfortable when being used.

     First she put on the tape below my eyes and then tried the lashes before i can choose which number i want. She offered no.11 or no.12 for my eyelashes, no.12 is longer than my natural lashes and no.11 is almost the same with my longest lashes (seems that my eyelashes is quite long despite it doesn't flicks well). She said if i choose below no.11, the result can look fake since the extension and my natural lashes is not going to blend well. It's quite confusing for me at first, but my boyfriend said i need to choose no.11, because no.12 is waaay too long for my eyes. Luckily, he was right! Thank God, he accompanied me, i always find it hard to decide hahaha.

     This is the process, it took about 1-2 hours. I seriously got bored and keep on moving my hand, legs and everything i could without disturbing the process hahaha. The attendant attached the eyelash one by one, ugh it's gonna be so tiring to be her! But she did it carefully for the last 1,5 hours.

 Yuhuuu, it's almost done! Look at those lashes, i never had that much before hahaha!

Then before i open my eyes she fan the eyelash first to make sure that the glue had dry or else the eyes will get irritated or at least hurt.  

     And taraaaaaa, first time i open my eyes with my brand new eyelashes! Hahaha, sorry for the derp face ;)

     Frankly i feel pretty when i open my eyes even though i'm not using any eye makeup at all! I feel my eyes look bigger! Hahhaa so happy! First time it my life i have a full, long and curly lashes. It seriously boost my confident hahhaa.

     Here's the detail of my new eyelash. I guess i don't have to show the before since it's tottally different! Hahaha, but fine, i upload one of my eye picture before the eyelash extension. It barely there hahaha.

this is my before

and after!

Done done done! Posing with the super humble attendant! Thanks you so much for doing my lashes well!


       Like i said all over again, this is my first time and i'm loving it! Anyway before that, i need to tell you that this only last like 3-4 weeks with a really good care. Do not swim or wash it with too much water at least 24hr after the extension, it can weaken the glue. Make sure you choose the one that look best for your eyes or it's gonna look too much, but again, if you want it too look full, just do it girls!
      Well, unfortunately, i loooooveee to rub my eyes so much that it weaken the glue faster. Frankly i'm not really good taking care of this extension that it only last about a week or so.....Guilty. But don't worry, i know you can do better than me, it all depends on how you take care of it. Me?? I'm careless. I rub it too much, i swim too long (and rub it again while it wet), so yeah don't blame the extension because it's totally my fault hahaha. 
     Anyway while i have this eyelash extension, i feel like i wont be needing any eye makeup because my eyes already pop just that! Soooo happy! But if you want to put on makeup, especially mascara, make sure it's not waterproof, because you're not allowed to clean your eye makeup with oil remover, instead, you can use something like Bioderma. It won't harm the lashes.

+my eyes looks adorable!!!
+many type of extension you can choose
+nice cozy place
+no need to put eye makeup and feel adorable already
+waking up pretty with no effort (trust me i have proof hahhaa)
+boost my confidence (hahaha i'm serious)
+feels light
+quite natural
+doesn't feel uncomfortable, unlike if you're wearing a fake eyelashes (sometimes it makes me forgot and i rub it hahaha)

-i like to rub my eyes so much that it's hard for me to take care of the lashes hahhaa
-takes a quite sometimes to put (it's simply because i'm bored easily
-expensive for me

     Overall i love, love, love it! I would like to do it again if i have any chance hahhahaa

Overall Rating: 4/5

i woke up like this. I'm serious. Hahaha.
     If you want to try this extension, you can just go to Tokyo Belle store or call them in advance! Ps. they also have this slimming and IPL treatment! (me my self, i would love to try em all actually! hahhaa)

That's all my post for now, i really hope you find this useful! And oh, one more thing, don't be afraid to try this extension because it doesn't hurt at all!


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