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Review: Amethyst Lippy Scrub Cocoa & Creme Brulee

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     I'm going to share a review of another sugar lip scrub that i tried! This one is from Amethyst and they have a loooott of flavor! I got Creme Brulee and Cocoa flavor! Yumm! Anyway i love to scrub my lips, because for me covering your lips with lipstick is not enough, you still need to take care of your lippy as well! So here goes my review:

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Blog Label: Green
Brand : Amethyst
Name : Lippy Scrub (in Cocoa and Creme Brulee)
Content: 15gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 40k (around USD 4)
Price based on Indonesia store.

     Let's move on to the packaging~

     Well, the packaging is quite simple with plastic jar. The design on the cap is cute but the one in the body quite so-so. It's really small, that i can easily put this on my bag or on my purse for chapped lips emergency. Anyway the creme brulee one has yellow color domination, while cocoa ones is brown.

     Here you can see the ingredients, which are natural and safe!
Creme brulee ingredients: sugar, extra virgin olive oil infused with organic vanilla bean, virgin coconut oil, beeswax, honey, walnut shell powder, lip safe flavor oil and vitamin E.
Cocoa ingredients: sugar, extra virgin olive oil infused with organic vanilla bean, virgin coconut oil, beeswax, honey, walnut shell powder, cocoa powder and vitamin E.

     Here's the texture. It's thick and not easily fall when you scrub your lips. I like it, normally the sugar scrub easily falling down and create such a mess that attract ants on my room, i hate it. But these have good texture. See on the picture right. Plus, the sugar scrub particle is not too big or too small, i guess it's perfect for getting rid of the dead lip cells.

And here's while im using the lippy scrub!

     See the particle of the scrub? I like it, it's the perfect size for me. Since too small cannot really scrub the lips well, too big is not going do any good either. When i use it, i just massage the lips in circular motion for like a couple minutes to make sure that the chapped lips is gone. Anyway i clean it with tissue after that and massage it a little bit more with the tissue and lippy scrub excess.

     Here's the result, it maybe doesn't look too different in the camera, but i feel it. My lips is smoother and of course no more dead cells. Plus it also became a bit more pinkish than before. Too bad the cam doesn't capture it well. But you can see on the picture that my after lips was a looking a looott softer (see the lines are looking less visible right) and also more plumed!


     After trying this scrub for a couple a time, i could i say i like it! I guess i don't have to say much since i already say quite much above. The lippy scrub does work well getting rid my chapped lips and leaving it smooth and more pinkish. I use the lip scrub anytime i want, sometimes twice a day, depends on the lips condition (if i wore too much matte lipstick usually my lips get too dry that this lippy scrub and lip balm at the end would feel lovely). 
     Oh, but let me add it, i prefer the cocoa flavor since the creme brulee smells too sweet for me. I tend to have this headache when i smell something too sweet or eating something too sweet, so i prefer the cocoa one. Plus, the cocoa one smell niceeee and yummy! But if i got a chance, i would really like to try the matcha one or bubble gum or coffee! 

+so many flavor to choose
+nice smell (especially the cocoa, quite relaxing haha)
+quite good packaging 
+travel friendly
+perfect sugar particle size
+not too messy

-umm, i guess nothing yet

Overall Rating: 4/5

     In conclusion i like ittt! Well, one more thing, because it's quite natural, it only last about 6 months or until it smells. So don't be afraid to use it daily!
"You'll love.. 
The Mixture
The Texture
The Flavor" :)

     Where to get it?? If you want to buy and try this Amethyst Lippy Scrub you can just contact them!

Facebook: Amethyst
Ph: 085727545488

See you on my next post, pretty!


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