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Review: Sogen So...? Fragrance and Parfums Love | Lost in Love - So...? Desirable - So...? Sensual - You & Me |

Hey adorable!

     I'm back with a review! Today i'm going to make a quick review about 4 different types of fragrances that i got from Sogen, So...? Fragrance and Perfums Love! Well, i got two body mists and 2 eau de toilette. So say no more and let's check em out!

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Brand : Sogen - So...? Fragrance and  Parfums Love
Name : Body mist
            - Lost in Love
            - So...? Desirable
            Eau de Toilette
            - So...? Sensual
            - You & Me
Content: Body mist 200ml & Eau de Toilette 50ml
Made In : England
Price : Body mist for IDR 49 (or about USD 4)
           Eau de Toilette for IDR 89 (or about USD 8)
Price based on Indonesia store.

A little about this fragrance before we start:
     So...? and Parfurms Love brand are ones of the best selling fragrance in England and already been sold in more than 35 country. So...? and Parfums Love are created and design in London, but guess the great news? It's finally available in Indonesia! They have so many delicate fragrance that you will go nuts over with a very good deal of price!

So because there are 4 of them, im just going to show you one by one and it's not in order haha:

1. Perfums Love - Lost In Love
 This one is a body mist with colorful packaging. The packaging is made from plastic like normal body mist. So Lost In Love has this sweet fragrance consist of the scent of pear, raspberry, bergamot, pink grapefruit, and followed up by the scent of peony, water lily, and ended with amber and vanilla scent. 

2. So...? Desirable
     This one is also a body mist. The packaging is also made from transparent plastic. Anyway the smell is more refreshing that consist of flower fragrances, musk, freesia and magnolia with a hint of apple and orange smell. Perfect for you who doesn't really like a sweet scent. 

3. So...? Sensual
     This one is a eau de toilette. The packaging is made from glass, so it's kinda heavy like the other eau de toilette. For me the smell is too strong and i don't really like this kind of smell, but perhaps some of you like it though. The fragrance consist of english rose scent, vanilla and patchouli. It's like the sweet and fresh come together. 

4. Parfums Love - You & Me
     Last but not least, this one is an eau de toilette with a quite cute packaging made of glass also. This fragrance has this refreshing and a bit sweet tropical scent consist of mango, pineapple, papaya, red fruits, with must and sandalwood. 


       I guess this fragrance is perfect for young age who wants to get notice but still stay on minimum budget (it also apply to adult with tight budget tho hahhaa). I think it has this perfect scent for young age who are still fun and active. Because there are so many scent, you can choose your favorite one that goes along with your personality hahhaa. Anyway from all of the 4 above, my fave is Parfums Love Me & You and So...? Desirable. Idk why i choose this two, but i guess i just don't like fragrance that has strong scent or too sweet, so these both are perfect for me!

+so many scent to choose
+nice smell
+quite good packaging 
+easy to find in here

-some are just  too strong or too sweet for my liking, but that's not really a problem because they have a lot of scent to choose! hahaha

Overall Rating: 3-4/5

     In the end i quite like it and totally want to try the other scent! If you guys want to try it you can just simply get it on stores like Guardian, Hero or Indomaret.

Well, that's all for now, see you on my next post, pretty!


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