Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: LUX White Impress Collection Body Wash and Shower Serum

Hi all!

     Today i'd like to share a review and also my experience trying out shower serum for the first time! Hehehe today's it's not a makeup or skin care review, but it's shower and body related! It's LUX newest collection, which is LUX White Impress Collection, they have this Body Wash and Shower Serum! You won't be needing to use body lotion as much when using this! Hehehe. Well let's just see the review!

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Blog Label: Green
Brand : LUX
Name : White Impress Collection - Body Wash and Shower Serum
Content: 220ml for Body Wash and 180ml for Shower Serum
Made In : Thailand
Price : (i'll update it soon)

     Lets see the packaging first!
     So the left one is the Shower Serum and the right one is the Body Wash. So this LUX new collection has this WhiteLight Technology, which contains whitening, moisturizer, mineral and anti-oxidant to help your skin getting better and lighter. Oh, LUX also had this famous Nicole Mancini to get the elegant white floral scent on LUX White Impress Collection. So the scent is gonna be super nice, refreshing and iconic!

Well, this is the Whitening Body Wash.

     The packaging is actually quite simple, but the domination of white color and the pretty crystal looking flower in the packaging make it look somehow elegant.

It has a nice simple cap. 

And this is the Whitening Shower Serum.

     The packaging is also simple but looks elegant like the body shower. Only, itt looks like body lotion or conditioner packaging. But it's actually somewhere between body lotion and conditioner for skin! It's new for me, because usually i just use body wash and body lotion, but never body/shower serum.

Here's the texture:

     The upper one is body wash and the other is shower serum. Well, the body wash texture is a bit thick, just like other body wash and feels nice on skin. While the shower serum feels a bit strange at first, because it's just like body lotion that need to be wash after shower! It's very light and easy to apply and wash. Not sticky at all!

Well, if you're still confused, here's how to use them:
1. Apply body wash to your body with hand or shower puff and then rinse well.
2. Pour the shower serum directly to your palm (about half of your palm) and apply thoroughly on you entire body. You can always add more of the serum if necessary. After that rinse well and feel the different on your skin!


     Well, i tried this and i love the result! Usually body wash will leave your skin a bit tight, but with this body serum afterward the result is amazing! My skin feels lots softer and probably lighter as well. With this you won't need to put body lotion again, because the skin is already moisturized well. But you're always welcome if you want to add more moisture.
     I also love how the shower serum texture feels nice on my skin. It's light and watery, so easy to applied all over the body and also super easy to rinse. It doesn't feel sticky at all. It's really like a conditioner, but for the body! Hehehe.

+ moisturizing
+ leave the skin moist and fresh
+ smell nice
+ both of the texture are nice when applied
+ brighter my skin a bit
+ easy to find

-it needs two steps when taking a shower (well, lazy girls will know the struggle hahhaa)

Overall Rating: 4/5

     Well, in conclusion i like it and  i guess i will use it again to brighter my skin! (my skin is a bit darker this past few weeks, swimming and all, so i need a good skin brightening hahhaa).

     You can already get this at local mini market or supermarket i guess if you want to give it a try. Anyway that's all for today, see you on my next post!



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