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Review: POND's Glitter Glow Limited Edition

Aloha pretty!

     I'm back with a new review of a new products from Pond's! At least they're just launched here in Indonesia and i'm super duper excited because of the packaging is way too cute! I'm a sucker for packaging and the whole reason I decided to buy these products is because of the damn cute unicorn hologram packaging. Hahahaha. So what do I think of the products? Are they good enough? Check it below!

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Brand : POND's

     So Pond's finally launched another decorative makeup + skincare products and it called Glitter Glow. I think it's pretty much still limited (at least here), since they put "Limited Edition" in the tittle. But who knows maybe it'll be regular if there're many enthusiasm (?). 

     The limited Glitter Glow consist of 4 products actually, they are:

1. Glitter Cream: moisturizer to make your skin glowing.
2. Glitter Peel-off Mask: mask that will nourish your skin and make it glowing.
3. Glitter Moisture Stick: blush on with holographic effect.
4. Glitter Duo Powder: powder to highlight your face or eyes consist of two colors, Purple and Yellow. 

    But in this review I will just review 3 of the products above. Minus the Glitter Cream, since I don't buy it. So let's get on with the review shall we!


Content: 30gr
Price: IDR 55k (around USD 5)
Price based on stores in Indonesia. But I bought it on discount for IDR 45k.


The packaging:

     Well, as you can see, the whole reason I bought the products are because of the cute, adorable, shiny unicorn packaging hahaha. The box is hologram and the tube inside is white. Both with the cute unicorn logo. Pretty isn't it?

      Anyway, the tube used flip cap, so it's easy to open and close. The size is pretty small, only 30gr. I kinda wish they also sell a bigger version even though this one is nice for travelling as it doesn't take too much space.

How to use:
     Paint your face with the glitter mask and let dry for around 20 minutes. Gently peel it off after it dries and rinse face with water.

How I feel after using it?
     I love how it glitters on my face! Even though at first the smell, which kinda smell strong like alcohol, feels a bit stingy in the nose. But only for a while, after that the smell turns quite okay and not disturbing, at least for me.

     When used it has this cool tingling feeling on my face, nice and weird at the same time. While using the mask, i surely enjoy staring at myself because it blinks! After it dries, it can easily be peeled off without feeling hurt. The result? I feel my face is glowing! Seriously tho, like dewy glowing nicely. Plus I also notice there're subtle glitter blink traces all over my face, not too showing, but surely add more glow! I like it!

     Other than that, face feels refreshed, maybe because of the cool sensation it gives. Skin also feels bouncier, moisturized and smooth. So, I pretty like the mask, especially since I quite like peel off mask. The glitter surely adds enjoyable experience for me, the glitter sucker. Hahaha.


     I love how it blinks on my face!!  Well, I'm a sucker for something that blink nicely. Plus i love how it makes my face dewy and glowing afterward! I like it, I might buy some more :)

+ it does leave my skin glowing after using
+ not only glowing, you'll notice a reallllyyyy subtle glitter blink as well (how exciting!)
+ love how it blinks on my skin when I use the mask
+ easy too peel without pulling the skin too much
+ the size is not too big, so it's quite travel friendly
+ skin also feels moisturized and a bit tighter

- the smell (like alcohol) kinda strong at first, but in a few moment it'll okay

Overall Rating: 4/5


Content: 11gr
Price: IDR 100k (around USD 10)
Price based on stores in Indonesia. But I bought it on discount for IDR 82k.


The packaging:

    The box is the same with the mask, holographic packaging with unicorn logo. Inside, the packaging is like small tube of stick blush on with silver cap that can be use as mirror. Simple open the cap and twist the packaging to use this glitter stick.

How to use:
     Use it on your cheek, nose or around eyes area, and blend it with the tip of your fingers. 

How I feel after using it?
     I should say i love the holographic shiny pink color from this Glitter Glow Stick. But for me, it's still a bit too light for a blush on, making me look pale. So i prefer to blend it with other darker blush on or using this stick as highlighter. 

    Yes, it's pink. But it's okay to have a pink highlight on your face sometimes, because it's quite subtle and pretty. The only i'm still not feeling sure whether i really like this thing or no, it's because i feel the product is kinda patchy if you don't blend it well. Which is quite tricky not to ruin the complexion. But maybe it's me not really good with applying this kind of product. In the other hand, i love how it shines and surely adds glow to my complexion.


     Not exactly my cup of tea. To be truth, it's pretty exciting to use this kinda blush on stick and I quite like it in the end. But since I think it's kinda patchy, so when applying just kinda dab it on your skin and blend with finger. Still, I found this a bit too expensive somehow. 

    Anyway, i quite like the holographic effect it gave, but i still kinda think it's tricky to use without messing my complexion (foundie etc) a bit. Then again, maybe just me not really good at applying this kind of product (?). I still have a mixed feeling about this product up until now.

+ shiny! 
+ can be use for blush on or highlighter only
+ it can be use as base eyeshadow as well, to make your eyes even more shinny
+ it looks dewy
+ the packaging is super cute

- a little patchy

Overall Rating: 3/5


Content: 5gr
Price: sekitar IDR 60k (around USD 6)
Price based on stores in Indonesia. But I bought it on discount for IDR 49k.


The packaging: 

     Same with the other two, this one also has this holographic box packaging. Inside consist of two different powder eyeshadow in one tiny jar. The cap is silver and you can see your reflection real well in there, so you can use it as mirror. When you open the cap, there's another cap that can be open in one flip away. Making it really easy and does not leave the powder all over the place like most loose powder product packaging.

How to use:
     Pour the powder of your choice (yellow/purple/mix) onto your face or use a powder brush. Use it on your cheek, chin, forehead or around eye area.

     p.s my cam is literally doesn't do any justice with the swatch, in real life both of the powder is super shinny and glittery. Totally loving it!

How I feel after using it?
     I love how it shines!! It gives a really great glittery shine without feeling too much. Quite blinding and i love to use it as highlighter. Just a dab and it shines prettily. Not much to tell other that i love this, especially the yellow powder ones. 


     I love it! It's quite pigmented and quite blinding if used as highlighter, especially the yellow powder ones! I totally love to use it as highlighter, giving the quite right amount of shines and sparkle. Surely, it also can be use as eyeshadow. I like to use it on my browbone or inner corner of the eyes as it adds nice sparks.  

+ blink!!
+ it's super shiny as highlight (the golden one especially)
+ can be use as eyeshadow/highlighter
+ small packaging, easy to bring
+ cute packaging
+ it has flip lid inside, easy to close/open, so it's really convenience 

- size is pretty small

Overall Rating: 4/5

    So, i should say i quite like the products, minus the Glitter Moisture Stick that i still have a mix feeling with. But i have a crush for the mask and especially the Glitter Glow Powder. For someone who loves shiny things like me, the product is a must have. Especially since it's not too expensive i think.

    Have you guys try this? What is your thoughts? Please do share! If you're curious and want to try, you can buy it at Shopee (i guess they only sell the products there right now), well you can check Pond's' IG directly yes. Anyway that's all my review for now. I hope you see you guys later!



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