Thursday, April 16, 2020

Galaxy Makeup Look (with Tutorial)

Aloha guys!!

     Omg, finally i'm back after MIA for the whole March. Today i want to share my new makeup look and how to achieve the look; Galaxy Makeup Look in Collaboration with Beautiesquad community. Yup, it's include the picture tutorial as well, so check it out!

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     Anyway, due to corona virus (a.k.a Covid-19) and WFH a.k.a work from home, my life getting more complicated. I always WFH anyway since i'm a housewife, but the things that make my life complicated is Ichi is WFH right now. Which at first i thought it was a good thing as he can help me or whatever, but in fact it doesn't make my life simpler lol.

     For instance, usually i cook only about once a day (Ichi eat lunch & dinner at office), now due to WFH, i need to cook around 2-3 times a day. Tiring, especially for someone who doesn't really spend her time at the kitchen often like me. 

     Then, Isa is always tantrum EVERYDAY! Usually he don't, he know he can't bullshiting his mommy. So now he only wants his dad (Ichi always lose to Isa), but Ichi still has to work, so then he get mad over and over again. Imagine calming a tantrum toddler every single day, TIRING. Therefor i don't have any energy left to actually update anything. Well, fortunately now i'm trying to cope and make time for my self, hence the blog writing and the makeup time. 

      Then i tried hard to be a little productive this month other than baby sitting Isa and being a cook. That's why i join this monthly collab by Beautiesquad. The theme is Galaxy Makeup and i think 'eh, why not?'. Kinda challenging after all don't you think? 

UP (left-right): Flowrindesu - Fiarevenian - Ikadevita 
DOWN (left-right): Daisyperm - Auzola - Nadiahasyir

UP (left-right): Xllenlimx - Waly_lee
DOWN (left-right): Reginapitupulu - Yosairfiana

       Here goes our collaboration look. All of them are pretty and make good make up as well right? You can just search their IG if you want to see more :)

     Anyway, years ago i did a Galaxy Makeup as well, so to make it a little bit different, this year Galaxy Makeup only focusing on blue color. Then i kinda mix it with zodiac symbol- A libra symbol - simply because i'm a libra, to complete the look!

     Here goes the tutorial for this Galaxy Libra Makeup Look! For the libra symbol you can actually change it to any zodiac symbol you want. Mine is Libra because i'm a libra.


1. Prime your face, then use foundation and concealer as needed.
2. Use some powder to set the complexion.
3. Shading your cheek bone, forehead, jaw line, and nose.
4. Tap a little pink blush on near the cheeck bone.


1. Then focusing to the eye makeup. Shape your eyebrow using black brow pencil. At the middle of creating this look, i make the eyebrow even bolder using eyeliner. So it'll look real black.
2. Use eyelid tape if needed. Then prime your eyelid. After that use some light blue eyeshadow on your eyelid.
3. Blend it up to the brow bone and cover all of the area.
4. Use darker blue at the outer corner of your eyelid and blend toward the lighter blue.
5. Add an even more darker blue at the outer corner and blend to create more dimension.
6. To make it look even deeper, i add a little bit of black eyeshadow and blend it well.
7. Add pearl eyeshadow in the inner corner and half of your eyelid.
8. Use pearl-blue-black (in this order) from inner to outer of your lower lash line.
9. Apply the eyeliner.


1. Then back to the face. Apply light blue eyeshadow at some part of your upper face area and blend well with a darker blue.
2. Then also blend with even lightr blue and pearl eyeshadow at some other part.
3. Use darker blue and black to create dimension and blend well so there's no harsh line that you don't need.
4. Glue some stars rhinestones kinda like below the eye. But if you don't have any, you can simply skip it and draw the stars using white eyeliner/face painting instead.
5. After you done with glue-ing or drawing the big stars, then you can draw the zodiac symbol in the middle of your forehead.
6. Add some more stars. Just dotting the face to create smaller stars and draw this kinda star symbol * at places you want to put the bigger star.
7. Add some rhinestones at the zodiac symbol if you want.
8. Apply mascara and fake lashes.
9. Add grey lipstick to complete the whole look.


     Well, it may seems kinda complicated, but infact, it's kinda easy since there's no rules in applying the eyeshadow to create this look. Like just free your hand. So how's the look? I hope you like it!

     As for the headpiece, it's actually a DIY and very easy to make. Even tho mine is kinda messy since i did it real quick. You now can check the met gala spiked halo headpiece HERE! Anyway, that's all for now, i hope you enjoy this article. See you on my next post!



  1. Keren bgt nakeup galaxy nya kak ola

  2. Suka bgt kak sama hasil make up nya tuh. Mau make up natural atau make up art sllu smooth dan detail. Bener2 suka bgttttt

  3. Eyelook nya wajib d coba nih. Cantik bgtt