Sunday, April 19, 2020

Tutorial: Met Gala Spiked Halo Headpiece

Aloha guys!

     Like i promised, i'm going to show you how i made my easy spiked Met Gala Headpiece from Galaxy Makeup Look previously. It's not great, but good enough i guess to take pictures with. Plus, it's really easy to make! So let's just check it out :)

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     Anyway, this is just a really basic Spiked Halo Headpiece and nothing fancy. I made this just because i have this makeup collaboration and it think my whole makeup look will look better with this piece. I made it kinda quick as well, because i still have to do so many things and look after my son.

     This is simple, no exact measurement and only use materials that i have around the house. Because of Covid-19, going out without necessary reason is really not worth it. Plus i don't have time to order anything online, because the makeup deadline was like in 24hr. So i just used what i have. But if you can, use better materials to create a better headpiece!

So here's what we need:
1. Skewers (or use zip/cable tie).
2. Glue Gun.
3. Headband.
4. Acrylic Paint & Brush (or use spray paint).
5. Accessories/gems - i used my old necklace. 


  • A little tips, if you have this mannequin head, use it. You can estimate the result better with it.
  • Use spray paint, the result will look sooo much better and even.
  • You can also use zip tie/cable tie instead of skewers. Each of the spike height will be the same, unlike when using the skewers, there's 0.5-1cm different.


1. Line the skewers around the headband how you wanted them to look like before gluing them. But you actually can skip this step. I did this first to estimate how many skewers i'm gonna use. Also, if you decide to use mannequin head, you can skip this part.

2. Glue them all together one by one. Choose a good glue for this so it's not look to messy. My glue refill is not as good as the ones i had before. I used glue gun, but you can any glue you want, i just think this is simpler.

3. When you already glue all the skewers, now glue the accessories or gem as many as you want. I only put some using pieces from my old necklace.

4. Paint them. I used acrylic because i only have it at the moment. I used silver color, but you can choose whatever color you want them to be. And it's easier if you use spray paint, really. Too bad it don't have it at the moment.

5.  Dry it and done!

     See, it's super easy. You can do so much better than mine if you have more time and materials. But, as i told you, the basic Spiked Halo Headpiece that i made is super simple and doesn't take too much time.

     I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you make one, please do tag me on instagram (@auzola), i'd like to see your creation! Happy creating. See you guys on my next post!



  1. Ola... untuk urusan pernak pernik makeup emang yah kamu jagonya! keren

    1. hahaha ngga lah ernyyy, aku ngga seberapa iniii, basic banget xD

  2. wah ini keren baget dan sekereatif itu kakak pround of you bgt kak🥰🙏🏻 soal pernak pernik makeup kakak jagoan bgt emng🙏🏻

  3. Waw! I didn't expect to use skewers..
    When u used it, look so fancy. And easy to make too

  4. the best lah, selalu out of the box mau itu makeup atau pernak pernik makeupnya, kerennnn.

  5. I must say you did this so well. It does make your look more majestic. Thank you for the tips and step by step instructions. Maybe I'm gonna make another headpiece based on this post


  6. Bagus bgt kk❤️❤️ kerennnn

  7. Jadi gini tutornya :D thankyuu

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    Terima kasih udah mau berbagi ilmu kak��

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    Keren bangett parah ��������

  10. Wah keren parah ci😍 kamu kreatif bangett you’re so talented ci💕 hasilnya kece parah pulaaa

  11. enjoooy kaa auzola ,happy lihat nya 😍

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