Friday, January 29, 2021

Review: Breylee Blackhead Mask

 Heyya guys!

     To ease the stressed caused by moving that i still re-arrange stuff up until now, i decided to spend sometimes to share a review of something i really like recently. So i've been using this product about a few months already and i'm ready to make review! It's Breylee Blackhead Mask Step 1, is this product THAT good? You might wanna scroll!

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Blog Label: green label
Brand : Breylee
Name : Breylee Blackhead Mask Step 1
Content: 17ml and already came with paper strips
Made In : China
Price : about IDR 50k (around USD 5)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     A little chat, as you might know, just a few months ago i finalized my moving from my old childhood house to new houses (yep, two houses; in laws at the moment and soon Depok, my dad's). I was kinda stressed out to move, simply because the buyer didn't really gave us much time. Imagine moving all of the stuffs in only two weeks back then! Crazay. After move out, i'm still stressed out about moving in, a.k.a i need to re-arrange all the stuffs again. Which takes a really long time and i haven't done with it yet to be honest.

     Anyway, due to that moving stuff, i really don't have the time to take care of my skin. I barely have the energy to use facial wash. Imagine where that lead my skin. So, i decided to care for my skin again and start to use this product as well again. Then i remember, i need to review this product right away! Especially after so many people ask about this every time i posted using this product on IG story.

     At first, i was hesitant to buy this Breylee product, since i don't really know the brand. And to be honest i'm kinda afraid of china's brand. I mean not all of them, but if it's from China, i need to search first whether it's a counterfeit or authentic and safe enough to use. Because if the brand is bogus, i'm afraid that the factory and the product will be not safe to use.

     Fortunately, i did find info about the brand and it looks authentic enough. Breylee came from Shenzen Yuzhiyuan Commerce and Trace Co., Ltd. Which is an original and professional manufacturer of skincare products in China. So i think it's quite safe to say that the brand is authentic enough. So i decided to try the product, yay!

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     Here goes the packaging!

     The packaging looks nice. With a kinda hologram sturdy green box, Breylee kinda surprised me with its good packaging. I mean it's quite cheap but the packaging doesn't look cheap. It's also simple but contain all the info needed like manufacturer, direction, ingredients etc. It's also stated in the packaging that the product is animals cruelty free, good for em!

     At the side of the box, you can also scan the product to see whether it's the authentic Breylee or a fake. You can scratch the sticker to check the code and put it on Breylee website to see if it's a real deal or no. If it's authentic, you will be seeing something like this:

     I think it's really cool and make customer feels a bit safer in purchasing a product. So convenient!

     Inside the box, the product packaging is made from clear green bottle, i guess it's plastic but look a lot like glass bottle. It kinda remind me of nail polish packaging, with a brush glued to its elongated cap. Then you also get a lot of paper strips inside. 

Aqua/water, polyvinyl alcohol, melaleuca alternifolia (tree tea) leaf oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, glycerin, royal jelly, parfum.

Clean the skin, place a warm towel over face to open pores. Apply a medium-to-thick layer of mask with the brush on desired area. Make sure to avoid eyebrow, hairline, eye and lips area. After that, cover the area with paper strips and press well. Wait about 3-5minutes until completely dry, then peel them off. Rinse well and follow with pores refining serum or moisturizer to shrink the pores. 
Recommended to use 1-2 times per week.

     I've been using this products A LOT of time already and i'm in love! I mean it's so easy to get rid of those nasty blackhead with this! It doesn't hurt as much as regular pore pack does, in my opinion, and it strips tons of the comedos! 

     It's really easy to use and quick to dry as well. You don't need to much time when applying the product and it works great. Really, i have stop buying pore pack because of this. And it's waaaayyy more affordable and effective than a pore pack. I used it a lot of times yet it's not even half of the product already. I really think this is a great product to snatch those comedo. Well just check out this picture. Nasty i know, but it stripped so many blackhead. Sorry the cam doesn't do justice.

    I use Breylee Black Head Mask Step 1 on basically everywhere i want. But my favorite is nose, cheek and chin area. I also love how it can strip the blackhead from my chin nicely. I tried some product before but none as good as this. I love how my nose (and other areas) feels super smooth after using this. But don't use it too often because it could irritate the skin. Don't over use it, just use it as recommended ok! 


     I LOVE IT! Really really love it lol. My pores loves this so much. It became my fave right away. My skin also doesn't react badly to this product. My skin is fine and Breylee Step 1 is fabulous at stripping blackhead. I love it!

+ nice packaging
+ works like magic
+ doesn't have a bad reaction on my skin
+ easy and quick to use
+ affordable
+ can be use in most of face area safely
+ doesn't hurt that much when stripped from the skin
+ can be check online whether the product is authentic or no
+ cruelty free

- none yet so far

Overall Rating: 4/5

      Need i say more? I LOVEEEE this! Very recommended if you need to get rid of those blackhead in much more affordable way and less pain as well. Anyway Breylee also have another products but i haven't try the other stuff. Frankly i just bought the Breylee Step 2 a few days ago, can't wait for it to arrive and try the product. Hopefully it'll be as good on my skin as well as this.

      If you want to get this product, i suggest to buy it on their website to be safe or their shopee store or trusted seller that you know.

    That's my blackhead secret for now. Don't forget to mention me if you ever want to try the product after seeing this review, i want to know how good the product on your skin as well! See you guys on my next post!



  1. Fix racjun banget ini pas banget lagi komedoan parah ini

    1. yuk dicobainnn, harganya juga affordablee :D

  2. Cocok banget nih kayanya buat yg komedonya ga ngaruh dipakein scrub 😍 -rresaecaa

  3. Cocok banget nih kayanya buat yg komedonya ga mempan dipakein scrub 😍

  4. Cocok banget nih kayanya buat komedo yg ga mempan dipakein scrub😍

    1. iyaaa bagus buat narik komedo bandel hihi, yuk cobain!

  5. Woahhh worth to try bangettt sih ini buat aku yng komedoan parahh harga nya juga ga bikin kantong meringis 😍thank u for review detail nya ka ola🤗

  6. aku kira ini dari koreaa.. tapi bener-bener sih hasilnya bikin mupeng banget

  7. Samaa mba, aku kalo udh produk dr China, bawaannya lgs curiga dulu. Cari tau dulu sampeeeee detil :D. Aman ato ga. Kalo utk skincare yg dipake harian, aku menghindari produk dari sana, LBH prefer Jepang ato Korea product.

    Tp Krn blackhead mask ini hanya dipake sesekali, aku msh mau nyobain. Td liat kertasnya, dan banyak yg kecabut, kok jd pengen cobaaaa hahahhaha. Walopun itu sebenernya kotor, nth kenapa yaa liat blackhead kecabut banyak, perasaan lgs puaaaas hihihihi...

    Ntr aku cari deh produk ini. Penasaran :D

    1. hihihi keburu suudzon ya xD
      Iya kalo yang harian juga aku ngga pakai yang brand china sih, masih banyakan brand luar lain atau brand indo skrng tuu.

      Wkwkw emang satisfying banget ya nyopot komedo ituuu, cus dicobain :D