Thursday, October 29, 2020

Review: Bulgari Omnialandia - Omnia Golden Citrine

 Hey guys!

     I'm finally back with a fragrance review! Well, in this gloomy year, Bulgari trying to cheer us up by launching its new Limited Edition Omnia Collection called OMNIALANDIA! Not just new amazing packaging for the previous collection, but also a new fragrance called Omnia Golden Citrine, it's in happy yellow!

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Name : Bulgari Omnia #OMNIALANDIA - Golden Citrine EDT
Content: 65ml
Made In : Italy
Price :  IDR  1.530k (around USD 150)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     As i have reviewed Omnia line several times before, this collection is already been here for quite sometimes. Bulgari Omnia is known for its gemstone with distinctive exotics plants and rare ingredients. Consisting of some variants and some still existing up until now like Omnia Pink Sapphire, Coral, Crystalline, and their best seller still; Amethyste. Now, in this Omnialandia collection, Bulgari also welcomes their new limited edition variant called Golden Citrine.

     Inspired by a full-colour fantasyland of the enchantments of the traditional Animation Park, Bulgari introduces Omnialandia to tap into a younger segment with its fun colorful packaging. In Omnialandia, joys are bigger and the thrills are more captivating. An amusement park, infused with the whimsy and exuberance of the Roman jeweler, a celebration of the outsized glamour, grandeur and pure sensation of Bulgari. Imagine this Omnialandia as the realization of childhood wishes brought to life. 

     In this magical world of #Omnialandia, Omnia Golden Citrine acts as the golden ticket - immersing guests in its warm glow. The scent is inspired by Golden Citrine, a.k.a a gemstone of light and positivity; radiant and luminous. Crafted by Master Perfumer Alberto Morrilas (i seriously almost love all of the fragrance i've tried that crafted by him), Omnia Golden Citrine reimagines a radiant, modern facet of floral femininity. Striking and delightful, it's solar character illuminates the softness, delicacy and power of the fragrance.

     As you might want to explore more about this limited edition packaging, each scent in the Omnia collection is expressed with a single amusement! How exciting right?
  • The Dazzling Wheel - Omnia Golden Citrine
  • The Swirl Swing - Omnia Cystaline
  • The Dreamy Balloons - Omnia Amethyste
  • The Jolly Tower - Omnia Coral
  • The Magical Mountain - Omnia Pink Sapphire

     Ugh, imagine having them all, it's gonna be super cute! I only have two fragrance of this Omnialandia collection; Golden Citrine and Coral. Since i already review Coral before, i will just focus in reviewing the Golden Citrine. You might want to check my previous review of the other Omnia HERE.



     First of all, as always, let's check on the packaging!

     Omg, the box is totally cute! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, so yeah, this excite me! Lol. It's eye-catching hexagonal box really make me fall in love. It has this theme park all over its hexagonal box and on the top, you can see each of the single amusement depends on which fragrance you have. Mine is The Dazzling Wheel of Omnia Golden Citrine and The Jolly Tower of Omnia Coral. The box is real cute and still looks elegant & glamorous. 

     As for the bottle, Omnia Golden Citrine has the exact same distinctive shape as the other scents in the collection. Formed by two rings flowing into each other, each flacon is meant to be displayed like a jewel - the gem. The shape mimics the symbol for infinity, representing the powerful feeling of abundance and the limitless feeling of freedom. The only difference is this Golden Citrine has a yellow color, which is really beautiful.    

     As for the scent:
  • Top notes: Sicilian Mandarin  & White Peach accord 
  • Heart notes: Ylang-ylang Essence & Jasmine Duo Absolute 
  • Base notes: Resin of Golden Benzoin & Cedarwood Essence

     Just like the yellow color it has, the scent is surely warm and freshly cheerful! At first, it's really fresh and really boost the mood. Then it change a bit deeper, but still fresh and getting more tropical. Then it settle in fresh but warm scent that last quite long. I guess from the other Omnia collection, i like this one the best, even more than the Amethyste! 

     It doesn't smell too much, quite soft, so it's prefect for daily. The scent gonna boost you with a cheerful warm summer feeling. It's not too sweet, which i like, and more into a fresh scent. I like it from the top notes to the base notes. It's soft but radiant!

Rating: 4.5/5


     If you love the previous Omnia Collection, i guess you'll gonna love this one! At least for me, this is one of the best Omnia scent yet. Plus, the packaging is really pretty, might want to collect it if you're a sucker for packaging like me, lol. Either way, you need to check this Golden Citrine Omnia! You can get it NOW at Department Stores, Bvlgari Boutiques, Zalora, or Sephora (Offline and Online). You might want to hurry as this collection is limited edition!
    I guess that's all my review for now, looking forward to share another review soon! See you guys on my next post!




  1. Pertama liat packaging parfumnya ya ampun mewah banget unik juga.

    1. hehe iyaa, bulgari parfumnya selalu kelihatan mewah :)