Thursday, February 27, 2014



My adorable angels, it's 27th! My blog is officially open, hahahaa, i will write new post soon!

Of course first im gonna post my event report from Estee Lauder event with William Kim last friday and also Makeover makeup class with Lizzie Parra! Yuhuu, im so happy that i finally have a official blogspot hahhaa, i still love my tumblr though (pss visit it at but im going to be happy posting about beauty things in here, because it's not gonna messed up with my daily life problems hahhaaha.

Well, but still, im not promised that i can write everyday, i have this thesis to be done and yeah it kinda makes me lazy to do anything else while thinking about it, it stressing me enough, so im so sorry the post is only once in a while or the event report is on after a week etc, sadly being a beauty blogger is not my only thing to do right now, i have tons of activity (gym, thesis, rest, checking my costume, etc). But still, i will try my best to make this blog fun and keep update!

Hehehe, you can follow my instagram too!  That's the easiest way to updating something, i sometimes post my eye makeup tutorial there or anything beauty related or simply daily life events, which sometimes not going to be posted in blog, so follow me there! And if you are a beauty blogger too, you can ask me to follow you back, i will be glad! It's always nice to make new friends :)

Okay, for those who asking deep in the heart, why have to be 27th? you can just make it official since yesterday or a week ago? blablabla

well, the answer is because 27th is a special date for me, so i want to make this blog to be something special too, and that's why i choose 27th and didnt make it official since days ago, thats all.


Okay enough of the official thingy, i writing a post right now, stay tuned!


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