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Event Report: Beauty Box ft. Bo.ho Make-up Beauty Class, May 24th, 2014

Aloha adorable angels~

     Sorry i have been missing for a quite sometimes, well im not really in the mood to write anything, but i do keep updating my instagram :P
     Anyway im back with a event report from a beauty class i attended more than 7 days ago, it was held by Beauty Box and Bo.ho Makeup with MUA Ms. Agustin Puji. The beauty class was on May 24th, 2014, at Kota Kasablanka Mall, at Beauty Box store to be exact.
     I got my invitation from Utotia. At first it was only for 10 person, but then because so many people who wants to attend this beauty class, they have the second session. I got the first session which started at 10a.m.

I was so exciting to try new products!
Lets start with the venue setting:

 So as you can see, they placed the seats in the middle of the store. 

It was a quite a small table with 8 mirrors and 8 seats. I was quite confused since i thought the participants were 10 people, but only 8 came thankfully. 

It was nice because each participant got quite a big mirror, so it made it easier to put on makeup 

And we also got the makeup supply to do the makeup as well, so it became easier, but still sometimes you still need to match the shades, which gonna ended up sharing with other participant because the one you get wasnt really match your shade. 

Here are some of the makeup supply from bo.ho, their packaging is super cute and nice. There were lipstick, eyeshadow, liner, concealer, pressed powder and foundation on a jar. 

They also have the brushes and i love how they cleaned the brush first. I always check on the brush before using them, while most of the beauty class i attended had a dirty brushes, this bo.ho brushes quite clean.

Close up for some bo.ho products. Cute packaging right.

Then these are some bo.ho products they sell.

This is so cute, like they have an organic recycled shelves for the products.

Here are some of the products, they have concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, powder, blush on, foundation and else. 

You can get the eyeshadow for IDR 175k/each. They have a super cute range of colors and very pigmented too! Im in love with the eyeshadow!

These are the eyeliner if im not mistaken. They also sell the brushes!

     But i have to admit even though im in love with the eyeshadow, im not very fond of their eyeliner; liquid or the pencils, i have my own reasons though. It's just not suitable for my eyes, since every time i blink the excess left on my crease, no matter how long i waited for it to dry. It simply ruined my eyeshadow. Maybe i put to much of it, idk, i guess it was normal since it was okay with other eyeliner. And oh, they're not waterproof i guess since it was easy for me to rub it with or without water (but it stays long enough if you dont touch it).

     I woke up late that day, i already felt unwell since a few days back, idk why, it getting worst now. Anyway i managed to arrived perfectly on time, yep at 10 a.m straight. I thought i was late, but nope, there were about 5 people only. Anyway Utotia also came late, she was the model for the makeup and also she has to made the opening for the event. She came at about 11.30 i guess, and then the beauty class begin.

 Ms. Puji and Utotia opened the beauty class.

  And so it begins, here was Utotia fresh face before the makeup. 

     AND of course i took a pic of my bare face before the beauty class started as well. Um, actually i came without any makeup, totally barefaced so i dont have to clean my face actually. Hahha.

Here was my face, before the beauty class start. I looked sleepy and i felt sleepy, lack of sleep the other night, so please ignore my puffy eyes and dark circle. 

Even thought i came in bare face, i still clean up my face before applying the makeup, because who knows what bacteria has stop by at my face since the last time i put on my moisturizer before i went to the beauty class. So this is what i used, it's for the face cleanser, they also offered eye makeup cleanser, but since i dont use any eye makeup product yet, i skipped it and only used this.  

Then after we were done cleaning our faces, next step was to put the moisturizer. This felt nice on the face and of course made face moist. 

This was kinda different, because the products suggested to put the moisturizer first then serum, in which normally we put the serum before moisturizer. Maybe they work out differently.

     After it was all done, we move on to applying the foundation. They have this cute pressed foundation, like the one The Balm has. It was smooth and very easy to apply, but the coverage is sheer to medium. It covered the blemish and redness quite well, but you still need concealer for some acne, dark spots and also dark circle. Anyway it leaves a oily feeling and glowing, i prefer matte foundation because my skin is oily, so i might not really love this one, even thought i love how it can easily blend to my skin.

     After that i didnt have time to take any pictures of the product i used because i was way too concentrate following the directions. Hahaha. After i put the foundation, i used bo.ho stick concealer for some of my acne and also to covered my dark circle. Well the concealer had a quite good coverage.

     Then we moved on to eyebrow, Ms. Puji taught us how to draw the eyebrow, she said we should frame the eyebrow first. We can start from the middle of our eyebrow. After framing, we can fill the brow from middle to outer eyebrow and brush from the inner eyebrow to make it looks more natural, then put some concealer to define the eyebrow.
     She was very helpful, not just showing us, she also offered help to some of the participant who was so confused with it. And she also gave a direction for each participant who asked. I didnt asked her though, because my eyebrow is full and i still dont want to shave or pluck it, so i just reshape it a bit, fill my eyebrow and conceal the excess eyebrow with concealer. She did asked though whether i want to shave my eyebrow or not, she really gave the attention to the participant, she was so nice!

Ms. Puji helped on of the participant, Meylisa, to fixing her brow and explained how to achieve the arched eyebrow.

Me with my always messy and thick eyebrow :)

With Putri and Imelda when we were just done with our eyebrow.

     Then we move on to the eye makeup! She said because the theme was spring-summer makeup look, so we can choose a bright pastel eyeshadow to make our eyes pop. She choose green eyeshadow for Utotia. It was looking nice on Utotia, she looks even more fresh!
     She said we can choose any color we want, so i decided to used yellow and green! Nice right! Like i told you the eyeshadow was super nice! It was very pigmented that i only have to do few swipes to make it look nice on my eyes :D
     I put the yellow all over my lid and also in my inner crease and i used the green as the eye contour. I applied the green on my outer v and blended it with the yellow. Then i used black eyeliner pencils to define my eyes even more. And yeah it kept on leave an excess every time i blink, and then i thought i was because my oily lid. So i tried the liquid eye liner, i waited for a couple second for it to dry (like i waited normally for any liquid eyeliner i had used), but still, everytime i blinked it left a excess, i have to re-touch my eyeshadow colors again.
     I guess it was never dry on my eyes, because after the event was done and i picked up my bf like 3hrs after it the eyeliner still leave an excess on my lid that i have to clean up my whole eye makeup because it was ruined *cry*.
     Anyway after we applied the mascara, we move on to our face again, applied the powder, contour and also blush on. I like the contour pressed powder and also love the color of the blush on, it was fresh pink. Then after done with our face, we applied the lipstick of our choice, i choose the pink-nude one. It was nice thought, if i wasnt mistaken the color number was 306. It looks dark but once you applied it, it was pink-nude.
 Look the mess we made! Hahaha

Just done with my makeup, im sorry the picture isnt really clear, but my eyeshadow was yellow and green! I feel fresh! Hehehe

Here are some other pictures!

Yay! Overall the event was fun, i got to know new friends and try this cool bo.ho products. I really enjoy that day! Oh! I also got a mini goodie bag from the beauty class~

 Sampar Paris Vivid Radiance Serum (Sample 2.5ml)

Glamglow Youthmud (Sample 5g)

JF Paris Yin-Yang Eau de Parfum (mini size 7ml)

 Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Serum (Sample 4ml)

Thats a wrap! I hope you enjoy reading my event report! See you on next post!



  1. Yin Yangnya dapet yang Pink!!
    Aku dapet yang putih T_T

    Thanks for coming ya Ola :)

    1. hehhee iya, wanginya enak yg pink!
      Sama2 kak tia~~ Thanks juga invitationnya :3

  2. aku suka sama cleanser nya, aku juga dateng tapi yang jam 2 :D

    1. hihihi beda sesi, jadi ngga bisa bertemu deh, but perhaps next event ;)