Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chit chat about: Bra Size

Hey guys,

     im back, but with no makeup or review related. I just want to share about what i've been thinking in the past several days, yep, BRA. Hahaha, why bra? to tell you guy the truth, i love buying cute bras with cute motive and all. But the problem is, sometimes it doesnt match me perfectly well and i wont try the bra on the store just because of hygienic matter. So basically i need to measure it on my own, i found some on the internet and i just want to share with you guys! :)

     It might not gonna be a perfect measurement for some type of new bras because it's the old measurement (or so i read), but it helps me to get as nearly as possible to my size. Anyway lets just move on how to measure your bra size :)

Btw this measurement using INCH.

1. Measure your band size

     Without using bra, measure around the bottom of the band, right under your bust. Make sure that the measuring tape is level and very snug. Because you might not get integer while measuring, just round the measuring tape to the nearest whole number. When you already got your number, if the number is even add 4 inches and if it's odd number add 5.
     For example: if your whole number is 32 inches, then you add 4 inches, which make your band size is 32+4= 36. If your whole number is odd like 31 inches perhaps, then you add 5 inches, which make your band size is 31+5= 36.

2. Measure your bust and determine your cup

     Wrap the measuring tape on your bust, around the fullest part of your chest (at nipple level). Round the measurement tape somewhat loosely and not very snug. Measure it to the nearest whole number as well.

After you got the bust size, now it's time to match your cup. How to get your cup size is by subtract your band size from your bust measurement and then refer your result to the chart below:

0  = AA
1  = A
2  = B
3  = C
4  = D
5  = DD
6  = DDD, F
7  = G

     For example if your bust measurement is 37 inches and your band measurement is 36 then you can just subtract them; 37 - 36 = 1 inches.
Your result is 1 and then refer to the chart above, means your cup is A. So your bra size is 36 A.

     Thats how to measure the bra size, but still it might not be applicable for some new bra, but at least it gives you enlightenment right? Hehehe. Anyway these are some few tips that i found to make sure the bra is fit (but this is applicable when you try the bra on):

- The back of the bra should be level with the front side, if the back band is slightly raised and not level, it means that the bra doesnt fit.

- Try to slip one or two fingers underneath the band. It's best that you can still slip one or two fingers to make sure it's not loose and not too tight. But if you can slip more than 2 fingers, it kinda means that the bra is kinda loose.

- Try to put on the bra while you bend forward at the waist. With this you can ensure that your breast are place naturally in the cup. If it's loose or your breast spill out of the cup, it looks like you may need a smaller size or bigger one.

- If you need to go down a cup size for fit, just go up one band size and down one cup size. Example: if 34B is too big, just move to 36A.

     Thats how to choose the size of bra! Hahhaa i guess that helped me a lot because i kinda lazy to buy bra to the store and find the attendant stares all the time (i mean hello, im choosing bra, not stealing one, i dont need eyes 24/7! It makes me a bit shy). But by knowing the almost exact bra size of mine, i can buy it online without worry!

      And i actually doing my searching right now where to buy a nice bra with a nice price too of course, and i stumble upon ZALORA website. Actually ZALORA is one of my favorite place to buy online, hahaha thats why i search there first, not really stumble i guess hahha ;)
     Anyway they have so many kind of bras! Hahhaha i never knew, since mostly i search for makeup or dresses on the site. Its amazing that they have huge collections of my favorite bra's brand. They have the cute one, the sexy one, the sport one and else. Well well, i already keep my eyes on 3 or 4 bras in the site hahhahaa.
      Psstt, some of them are on discount as well! No need to go to the store then, hahaha lazy me.


Thats all a little chit chat about bra. I hope you also enjoy the article! :)



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  2. I am wearing the wrong bra right now. and I hate it! I also have gotten bigger ones after I had my son. I need to definitely get new bras...