Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Sariayu Borneo B-02 Trio Eyeshadow Palette

Hey pretty!

     Now im gonna share a review of Sariayu Borneo B-02 Eyeshadow collection! As we know, this borneo collection has so many cute colorful colors, so i decided to get one of the eyeshadow palette for my self because i was curious enough! Want to know how good the palette is?? Check out below!

Blog Label: Green
Brand : Sariayu
Name :Color Trend 2014 Inspirasi Borneo B-02 Eyeshadow
Content: 7.5gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price : around IDR 55k (About $5)

Lets move on to the packaging~
This is the front side. The packaging is quite simple with transparent hard plastic materials sized 8cm x 4.5cm x 1cm. Of course with pretty design and also the tittle of the palette.

The back side. Contains the ingredients, caution, and else.

This is the close up.

Tadaaa, inside of the eyeshadow palette.

As you can see, it has a small mirror inside, so it's pretty useful if you bring it outside and no mirror available around you.

It also has this small two ended brush. Pretty useful if you forgot to bring your brushes. But i prefer not to use the brush, as i prefer my other bristle brush than this, it's more delicate.

Three beautiful vibrant colors. Soft pink, blue and yellow stabilo (i name it yellow stabilo because it has the color resemble to yellow color in my highlighter, haha).

Let's move to the swatch!
Three pretty vibrant colors with shimmer.

As you can see the yellow and the pink one is so soft that it looks like less pigmented, even with primer. But i guess not because it's not pigmented, but the color is too soft perhaps.

This is the swatch of pink color on my eyes.

The blue color.

The yellow color.

All of them arent too bright and easily disappear from my lid without primer because my lid is way too oily. Actually no eyeshadow lass than 15 minutes without primer on my lid. But once i apply the primer the colors from this palette are more vibrant and could last for hours.

Check out my Eye Makeup Tutorial Using this palette HERE and HERE

     Despite that the yellow and the pink one are so soft that may look not that pigmented, i actually love this palette. The colors are nice and vibrant and i actually love how the pink and the yellow one arent that pop out when i apply it on my eyes, because they look nice like this. Plus three of them making a really nice combination according to me.
     Also this palette is travel easy with little mirror and two ended brush inside, very nice if you dont want to bring many eyeshadow but in need for colorful eyeshadow. And once again, i really really really like the colors! Hahaha it even look nice to just use single color from this palette, not too much but pretty colorful.

+ Quite vibrant
+ Pretty simple packaging with pretty ethnic design
+ I love the colors combination
+ Not that expensive
+ Travel friendly

- Maybe the pink and yellow could be a little more vibrant

So in conclusion i like this palette and the colors are pretty! :)

Overall Rating: 4/5

And done! Thanks for reading and i hope this review helps!



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