Sunday, July 20, 2014

EOTD: Friday Gothic (With Tutorial)

Heyaa guys!

     Im back with my Friday EOTD! The theme is actually my favorite! Friday Gothic! Yippie, like i have mention several times (if you notice) that i love gothic makeup since i was in high school. Of course my makeup was messier than today, but i learn. Lets check out!

     So, instead of making a super dark gothic eye makeup, i ended up making a cut crease one. Black and white, but it's not as dark as my usual gothic look. But, i never do a cut crease before and idk why that night i was curious about it. So i tried my best and i should say im quite proud of my achievement that night hahhaha. It's quite neat and tidy, hehehe, but not perfect, still far from perfect and as always, practice makes perfect!

     Tadaaaa~~ Not bad, eh? Hahaha im just trying to make my self happy here. Anddddd i also got the tutorial! Yippie! It actually annoyed me back then while i was taking the pictures for the tutorial since my cam just wont cooperate nicely! It kept on blurry and i was like "GRAAAOOOO". But oh well, finally it's done ;)

1. Draw line directly onto your natural crease creating almost half circle.
2. Smudge the liner up to your crease. If the color is not intense enough you can blend it with eyeshadow as well.
3. Add white to your brow bone and blend it with the black.
4. Apply white pencil eyeliner throughout your lid.
5. Apply white eyeshadow on the top of that and fill all the gap.
6. Draw winged eyeliner and drag the tip of the eyeliner to almost near your outer eyebrow. And if you want your cut crease to look more intense, draw a thin line in your crease with eyeliner.
7. Add eyeliner as well for you lower lash and waterline, then connect it with the tip of your upper eyeliner.
8. Apply mascara and add your favorite falsies.

Product used:
-The Balm Nude 'tude

-Viva Eye Base Gel
-Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V1
-The Balm Nude 'tude
-Mizzu Eyeliner Pen - Black
-Mizzu Chrome Eyeliner Gel - Black
-Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
-Lavie Lash - Hepburn
-Omega Funky Tones - Grey

 Thats all! I hope you enjoy my first cut crease trial ever hahhaa!


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