Friday, July 25, 2014

Sweet Kyun Makeup for Pixy Tokyo Beauty Trip (With Tutorial)

Hey guys!

     So right now im participating for a makeup contest held by Pixy Indonesia. In this post i want to show you my makeup look for this contest!

     Trust me the prize is soooo AMAZING! A Tokyo Beauty Trip with Sasyachi and Patricia ex Princess! I really wish i can get it! Hahaha. Im dying to get this amazing tripppp, mostly because i never go to Japan before and i quite have a big crush on Japan. So by winning this event, it surely makes one of my dream comes true ;)

     So the contest is simple, all you have to do is make a make up look based on one from four themes they provided. The themes are: Sweet Kyun, Active Kawaii, Doki-Doki Party and Lovely Shikku.

The first one is Sweet Kyun, this look is for romantic date with your love one.

Then Active Kawaii, is a daily look for hangout, shopping and else.

Third we have Doki-Doki Party, this is a cute and sassy party look.

Last is Lovely Shikku, this look is for working day.

     Based on the four themes i finally choose Sweet Kyun. Hahaaha. Idk why i choose Sweet Kyun, maybe i like the cute date ideas, how Japan girl tries hard to look AWESOME and SUPER CUTE on their date. So yeah i choose this and i used all Pixy Makeup Collection to achieve this look (except for concealer). So here goes my Sweet Kyun Makeup Look!

      Hahaha, am i cute enough? Blah! Hahaha, my bf gonna freak out though if i date him while using makeup. Well, not because he doesnt like it, but he just like to see my ugly no makeup face better. So this massive gyaru dolly eyelashes style is gonna be too much for him! Hahaha. But maybe next time im gonna do a makeup look like this for a date with him xD

      Anyway i also have a tutorial for this look, in case you want to know how i achieve this look ;)

     For the face, i used the blush on and shading last after eye makeup, but foundation before eye makeup. But actually it's up to you which part do you want to finish first, i just find that finishing my face before eye makeup sometimes makes me have to work twice :)

Product Used:
- Pixy UV Whitening Stick Foundation - Natural Beige
- Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake - Natural White 
- Missha Under Eye Brightener - Natural Beige
- Pixy Eyeshadow - Bronze Delight 05
- Pixy Blush On - Brown Tea 02 
- Pixy Blush On - Carnation Bloom 06

- Pixy Eyebrow Pencil - Brown

- Pixy Eyeshadow - Romantic Poem 01
- Pixy Eyeshadow - Bronze Delight 05
- Pixy Line & Shadow - White
- Pixy Perfect Eyeliner - Black 
- Pixy Waterproof Mascara - Black.
- Yukkiyuna Eyelash -  Upper Dolly Charm and Lower Perfect Joyful
- Exoticon X2 Fame -Brown

- Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick Satin - Strawberry Milk Satin 106

Thats all! What do you think? Am i kawaii enough?? Hahaha! Here are some other pictures :)

     Hehehehe, i hope you enjoy my makeup look and also the tutorial! It's simple to be kawaii right? 
     Anyway if you dont mind i really appreciate if you would spare your few minutes to vote for me (if you think my make up look is good enough of course). I really wish i could win (of course) and by that i need quite a lot of votes hahhaa, and i really really thankful if you want to vote for me! :D

Thats a wrap! Wish me luck! :)