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Event Report: IASO Beauty Blogger Gathering - 26 October 2014

Hallo all!

     So i attended IASO beauty blogger gathering on 26 October 2014 ago. Right now i want to share the event report with you guys and how the event was simple but so much fun! Plus there was also an activity which makes us felt like a little kindergarten girl one more time, but it was fun! Hahaha.

Check the Indonesian version HERE
     So i came right on time and registered in the front. I received the goodie bag which contains some samples and also one full size product of IASO famous lip crayon! Not so long after that, the event was finally starting.

 This is Ms. Dea, she explain all about IASO. 

     IASO's name came from the daughter of Greek god, which is Asclepius, the god of medicine. Iaso was the goddess of recuperation from illness. The name also explain IASO concept about treatment and healing. The company started in 2001 in Korea by a dermatologist who successfully combined the natural ingredient with advance technology to create skin care and cosmetics with premium quality. 
     IASO contains so many natural ingredient, mostly such as Centella Asiatica, Arbutin, and Sericoside Phytosome, which believe could help your skin to get better. IASO also has three concept which are, peeling, filling, and healing.

     Then we were asked to open our goodie bag to find a sample peeling from IASO inside and try it on our skin. Once rubbed, you can see the dead skin cells starting to go off from your skin leave it feeling smooth and nice. I had try it on my face once i got home and i love it, my skin feel so fresh afterward! (I kinda wish i got a full size product of this peeling, not just the sample hahahahahhaha).
     They also explained that peeling is so important to get rid of dead skin cells and make your new cells back to the surface naturally. Then we also tried the foam cleanser from IASO which is come in handy (i also got a small size of the products from the goodie bag). The foam cleanser can clean the light makeup perfectly well. Like when Ms. Dea put on the lipstick on her hand and then clean it easily with IASO foam cleanser.

This is Ms. Iis, she's the apothecary and she's also help with skin check in IASO.

     Then they also explain about the BB cream, which happen to look so nice once applied on skin (luckily i also got the small size of it). And Ms. Dea also explain about DR. IASO, which is the sister of IASO, a.k.a the same but with target market of middle class. DR. IASO also has this famous BB cream kinda like (UV total base) which also work nicely in asian skin. After that the presentation over and they have this little game for us!
     So each of the blogger get a IASO cover veil pact and we asked to decorate them to our heart content and the best two will get prizes from IASO that worth dying for! Hahaha, thats why i said it looks like we were back to the kindergarten age, with glue, accessories, scissor fighting and stuff.

This was the product before we decorate it. Me myself actually prefer this without any decorate, because i already like the golden packaging, looks high class, so it's kinda a shame that i have to ruin it with glue hahaha.

This was us, while busy finding out the right accessories to put on our veil pact from IASO. It was fun though, even i didn't really know what i was making hahaha.

This is mine after i decorated it. Hahaha i know it's bad, i didn't even know what im doing hahaha.

     After that we collected the compact that we just decorate and the juries (Ms. Dea and friends) starting to judging the compact. They said it was so hard to choose because they love all of them. While they were choosing, we tried on our lip crayon that we just got from the goodie bag, unfortunately i got a really pale pink which i dont like. I like pink, but darker one, pale pink only making me look like a sick person.
     So, i didn't try it, instead i started to check on the other blogger's lip crayon, no one got as pale as mine, but then i asked if anyone wants to exchange their lip crayon with mine. Luckily, ci Rini also got the one that she doesnt really like, she got orange, but i prefer orange better that pale pink, so after tried the sample orang lip crayon from IASO, i finally decided to exchange the lipstick with ci Rini!
     Yes it's way a bit too orange and i havent really got the actual courage to wear it daily, but it's better than pale pink (which probably never gonna get to use at all). But everybody think it suit me perfectly, the orange color, so yeah it boost up my confidence a bit and i kept on using the color till i get home.

     After that the winners were finally chosen! The second winner was Kania and the first winner was ci Irene! Congrats to you both! After that the event was done and we could also check our skin condition with Ms. Iis. I got a terrible result though, even i wasnt surprised by it remembering my skin condition is worth this past months. 

     Well, my skin got two year and a half older that my real age. Hahahaha, i was lack of collagen, elasticity and deeper pigmented. Ms. Iis said my real skin tone is actually white hahaha. She said my lack of collagen and elasticity can be caused by my acne attack, because she said my sebum and moisture are actually in a good condition. 
     She said if i treated my acne well, there's a big possibility that my collagen and elasticity are going back to normal or at least better that now, because i seriously lack of both. And yep, i know that perfectly, those acne is seriously disturbing lately. She said it could be virus or hormone, but i think it's because im stress, i gain lots of weight and acne starts to appear on my cheek and neck, it stressing me even more though hahaha. Goodluck for me!

Last but not least, these are the stuff i got from the gathering! Yuhuuu, lucky!

Thats all! I hope you enjoy my event report, see you on my next post!



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