Friday, November 28, 2014

Review: Makeover Liquid Lip Color - Red Temptation


     So im going to review few more things in this couple days, i just want this review bundle end before i step on December, so bear with me! Hahhaa, this time im going to review a liquid lip color from Makeover. It's a local product, which has a good quality. I also got this from Beauty Blogger Meet Up. Let's just check it out!

Check the Indonesian version HERE
Blog Label: Green
Brand : Makeover
Name :Liquid Lip Color - Red Temtation
Content: 5ml
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 75k (arround USD 7.5)

     Lets see the packaging first!
The packaging is simple yet still looking classy with transparent thick plastic bottle and black cap. It's thin so easy to stored and easy to bring also.

Bottom part, you can see the color type of this liquid lip color. Mine is Red Temptation.

Twist the cap to open and you can see it looks totally like lipgloss applicator.

 Here's the closer look of the applicator.

     Now let's see the swatch~
Here's the swatch in my hand. The color is bright red. The consistency is nice, not too watery nor thick. I can easily spread it all over my lips. It feels like wearing lip gloss but full color you know. Check on below for the swatch in my lips.

Maybe my ugly camera doesnt really do justice about the color, but i can say that this is bright red and way more red that my camera think it is. It's like a red chili you know, more or less. Plus it looks glossy in my lips (at least thats what i think). And because it's really like a lip gloss be careful it might stain your teeth, so make sure no lips biting while using this. 

As i told you, it stains, much. 


     Well, im not a fan of lipgloss and any kind of this, but from the color this lippy is good. I like the color, bright red. The texture is also quite good, not that thick and not watery as well, making is easier when applied. But like any other lipgloss it might make your lips look wet and appear fuller, at least for a couple hours until it starts to fade. To be truth, i prefer matte.
     Plus it stain, so it's gonna be gone if you eat or drink or kiss. So dont kiss while using this, you might leave a bad stain on your man's shirt or face hahaha. Staying power is quite good, up to 4hr or more if you're not eating, drink right from the cup, kiss, or pucker your lips every 15 minutes.

+ does not drying the lips
+ quite easy to use
+ pretty bright red color
+ texture is okay
+ last quite long without eating, drinking and stuff
+ quite affordable
+ i started to like it when the glossy effect starting to fading out after a few hours

- a bit too glossy for me
- stains

     In conclusion this liquid lip color is actually good, but i can't really give a high rating as well, because of my preference, i dont really like lippy that glossy or look wet. I can give it 4 stars, but because of my preference of more semi-matte or matte lipstick, im gonna give only 3.5 stars. But if you like this kinda lipstick, glossy and stuff, this one is worth trying for! It got more than 10 colors to try!
Overall Rating: 3.5-4 /5

Thats all my review, i hope it helpful!


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