Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review: Armando Caruso Makeup Powder Jar

Hey adorable angels~~

     Im here for another review! Today's gonna be about a travel friendly makeup powder jar from Armando Caruso! I got it from Beauty Blogger Meet Up last september, exactly from AYOU Beauty as one of the sponsor at that gathering. Yippiee, lucky, i always wanted to try one of these!

Check the Indonesian version HERE
Blog Label: Green
Brand : Armando Caruso
Name : Makeup Powder Jar
Content: 1pcs
Made In : Korea
Price : about IDR 97k (around USD 9.5)

     As usual, let's start with the packaging~
 The packaging is very simple and not that interesting as well, with only transparent plastic box kinda like.

Back side, contain about details of the powder jar, which consist of: outer cap with mirror, inner cap with puff and bottle in powder.

 Bottom part. 

 And here's what inside, a small powder jar with mirror at the top of the cap! The size is pretty small with height 5cm and diameter 4.5cm.

The inner cap with a soft and nice puff inside. 

Bottle part, which gonna be fill with powder. See that perforated part? Thats where the powder goes and through the puff.

How to use: just simply put on your favorite powder inside the jar and poof! You can use it like normal puff, only you don't have to smack it to the powder all over again as the powder goes under the puff and leave a nice smooth coverage in your skin.  

 see, very smooth coverage, i like it!

 Don't forget to close the cap when you're done!


     Ohhh! I dont have to say much because i simply love this makeup powder jar! It's small, but not that small, very travel friendly. With 3 in 1: jar, puff and mirror, i think it's already perfect to bring. I dont have to smack my puff all over again to the powder (which tends to get messy) while using this powder jar because the powder goes under the puff and making me easy to control how thick i want my powder in my face. Plus the puff is so soft too!

     Plus it's very handy when i go out, like when cosplay for example (i actually bring it when i cosplay as snow white few weeks ago), i can always touch up some shinny part with it, because it's compact and small, easy to bring!

+ not messy
+ easy to use
+ travel friendly
+ soft puff
+ mirror attached

- i havent figure it out yet how to change the puff when if it's broken

In conclusion i still love this makeup powder jar from Armando Caruso! Very travel friendly even though im still trying to figuring out how to change the puff, you know in case it's torn and broken.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
     Thats all! If you want to buy this makeup powder jar you can just go to any mall or department store, but if you're lazy enough, just simply order it from AYOU Beauty online store! A little about AYOU Beauty:

"Founded in the 1960s, AYOU Beauty has been the first pioneer for beauty care accessories products in Indonesia. Our company is specialised in the lines of business such as Hair Products, Beauty Care Products, Bath Accessories Products, Manicure Pedicure Products and similar related products. We have wide scales of marketing outlets through common market sales and are spread within Supermarkets, Department Stores, Mall Squares, Chain Stores, Wholesalers and along with other available market channels which consist of customers covering all walks of lives."

     So they're not just an online shop, they bring all those high quality brushes and other beauty care accessories to Indonesia, so you can order directly from their website! :)

Tel: +62 21 6230 2121
Email: | BB PIN: 73E131CF
Whatsapp +62 813 1102 0323 | LINE & KakaoTalk: ayoubeauty
Instagram @ayoubeauty

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  1. Ah.. Lubang bedaknya lbh merata yaa..
    Kalau yg masami, lubangnya cuma 4 ditengah aja.. -_-

    1. iya lubang nya lebih merata emang.. hahaha ganti aja ke yg armando caruso ini :P

  2. aaaa pengen belii...!! biar bisa aku bawa2 powder kesukaan..!! thx buat reviewnya cantik =*

    1. beliii, hahhaa, aku juga suka banget gara2 bisa bawa fave powder aku :D

  3. Replies
    1. di berbagai dept store yang jualan Armando Caruso ada kok dear, kaya sogo, seibu, central dll.. atau bisa cek juga itu yg website-nya yang aku mention kali ada di jual online :)